LEGOLAND New York Update! Opening Soon - Four Themed Lands Revealed

Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Alert! Alert! I have LEGOLAND New York updates for you! As you know, I have been covering the construction and opening details of LEGOLAND New York since 2017. The project is near and dear to my heart and I can't wait to see them open their gates. I remember wearing my hard hat and standing in an area that was just dirt, listening to the team of LEGOLAND New York talk about what would someday stand in that very spot. It's hard to believe that the opening day is almost here! So read on for new information, and see some fun photos and videos of what's to come.

I have a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the LEGOLAND New York theme park for you, and information about how the park will be opening in phases this summer. I'll also go through some of the new policies for guest health and safety that were shared.

photo via Merlin Entertainment

Quick Highlights About LEGOLAND New York

Here are some quick highlights about LEGOLAND New York: 

-LEGOLAND New York is located in New York’s Hudson Valley, just 60 miles from NYC. Guests will experience a journey across seven themed lands and is geared towards families with children ages 2-12.

-LEGOLAND New York Resort will be the third in the U.S., along with LEGOLAND Resort California
and Florida. It will be the ninth LEGOLAND in the world.

-LEGOLAND New York Resort will feature 15,000 LEGO models, containing 30 million LEGO bricks.

-LEGOLAND New York Resort will offer a 250-room hotel, also opening in 2021, giving families the
ultimate immersive multi-day LEGO experience.

-LEGOLAND New York Resort will occupy 150 acres of a more than 500-acre site. A further 150 acres
will be permanently preserved to create a natural buffer around the Resort, giving guests the
experience of a “Park within a park.”

--LEGOLAND New York Resort will offer a 250-room hotel, also opening in 2021, giving families the
ultimate immersive multi-day LEGO experience.

-Following CDC and local guidelines, health and safety policies include contactless booking, temperature screenings, masking and distancing. 

photo via Merlin Entertainment

Why Visit LEGOLAND New York Resort?

I asked Matt Besterman, Public Relations Manager for LEGOLAND New York Resort an important question. If families had to choose one vacation this Summer, why should it be LEGOLAND New York? Here's what Matt replied:  "LEGOLAND New York is the ultimate multi-day destination for families with children ages 2-12. If you want to choose one place to visit this summer where children are playing from the moment they wake up in one of the Resort’s themed hotel rooms until the moment they go to bed, LEGOLAND New York Resort is the place to be. Our entire experience is designed for kids to be the ones in control, and at LEGOLAND New York, they’ll have the chance to live out their wildest and most whimsical fantasies in the world’s biggest LEGO toy box!"

Honestly, he had me at 'world's biggest LEGO toy box.' Right?

More About LEGOLAND New York's Themed Lands

LEGOLAND New York Resort will take guests on a journey through seven LEGO themed lands. Here's a sneak peek of the lands, according to Merlin Entertainment:

-Brick Street is the beginning of the LEGOLAND New York experience. Guests pass under the
iconic arch and into a world that appears to be built of LEGO bricks!

-Bricktopia is the land with no rules, where guests can build anything they can imagine. Here,
guests can experience the brand-new LEGO Factory Adventure Ride, exclusive to
LEGOLAND New York! Professor Brick’s latest “experiment” will take riders on a madcap
journey through a fantastical LEGO factory – and transform them into Minifigures.
o LEGO NINJAGO® World – In this land, aspiring ninjas can master the ancient art of Spinjitzu.
Guests start in Training Camp, and progress to LEGO NINJAGO: The Ride, where they can
help defeat the Great Devourer using only their hands as weapons!

-LEGO Castle is the home of the LEGO Castle! This land features the Dragon, LEGOLAND’s signature roller coaster, which is sized for a child’s first coaster experience. For younger
riders, Dragon’s Apprentice offers the chance to help a flock of baby dragons learn to fly.

-LEGO City is a bustling metropolis of Minifigures, LEGO City features Driving School, one of
LEGOLAND Park’s most popular rides, where kids can receive their official LEGOLAND driver license.

-LEGO Pirates is the place for young buccaneers to find adventure! With Splash Battle,
Anchors Away! and Rogue Riders, LEGO® Pirates is the perfect place to cool off and get wet.

-Miniland is the heart of every LEGOLAND® theme park, Miniland contains a massive panorama
of animated, interactive LEGO built cities from across the country. LEGOLAND New York’s
Miniland will spotlight New York City, with landmarks including the Statue of Liberty, the
Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium and Citifield.

photo via Merlin Entertainment

photo via Merlin Entertainment

A Cashless Resort

One of the most amazing things about LEGOLAND New York is that it will be a cashless resort – all transactions will occur via credit/debit card, or other contactless payment options.

photo via Merlin Entertainment

photo via Merlin Entertainment

photo via Merlin Entertainment

LEGOLAND Resort - A Jersey Momma Timeline 

Want to see all of my LEGOLAND New York posts, right from the very beginning? You can see shots of the first hard-hat tour, artist renditions, projected park maps, the search for LEGOLAND New York kid reporters, the debut of First to Play Passes and so much more! I told you I was invested in this one!

I hope you'll continue to follow all of my updates and posts about LEGOLAND New York Resort. Thank you for sticking with me through the years and following its progress. I can't tell you how many emails, messages and notes I get about LEGOLAND NewYork. I love reading all of your questions and excited comments. I'm excited, too!

Stay Connected

For more information about LEGOLAND New York Resort, visit their website 

photo via Merlin Entertainment

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