Meet the New LEGOLAND New York Kid Reporters!

Thursday, February 28, 2019
The wait is over! After a month long search, LEGOLAND New York Resort has chosen five lucky kids to join their 'Kiditor-in-Chief,' Waverly Winchester, as part of the official Kid Reporter team. Come read all about these fabulous kiddos and what their duties will entail! Plus, find out more about LEGOLAND New York Resort and its projected opening date!

Have you been following along with my posts about LEGOLAND New York? It's coming to Goshen in 2020, and it's less than 2 hours away from most areas of New Jersey! I told you all about LEGOLAND New York's Kid Reporter search last month, and the lucky winners have finally been chosen!

Here's a blurb from their press release about the chosen 6 (5 from video applications, and the 6th is Waverly Winchester, LEGOLAND New York's Kiditor-in-Chief):

The Kid Reporter Search began in January with a call for inquisitive kids ages six through 12 who live within 100 miles of the Park. Each child shared a video explaining why they wanted the job, and the final five stand out stars were chosen from a pool of more than 450 outstanding submissions. Demonstrating enthusiasm for LEGOLAND New York and natural charisma, the following kids
were hand selected to share their passion with fellow children throughout the U.S. while honing their craft as aspiring reporters:

Matt of Mahwah, NJ, Age 6: An avid outdoorsman, Matt loves all outdoor sports including soccer and golf.
Amelia of Middletown, NY, Age 7: With a passion for science, dance and drama class, Amelia – MiMi for short – can be found playing games with her cousins.
Julio of Chester, NJ, Age 9: Recently earning a junior black belt in Taekwondo, Julio enjoys camping with his fellow cubscouts, fishing with his dad, playing chess and is interested in coding and robotics.
Daniel of Brooklyn, NY, Age 10: When Daniel isn’t building with his favorite LEGO® Ninjago City set, he is practicing his trumpet or playing with his two younger siblings.
Abigail of Mamaroneck, NY Age 11: A Fortnite fanatic, Abigail has a penchant for singing, acting and musical theater.

“As a seasoned kid news reporter, I’m looking forward to helping my fellow junior journalists spread the news of LEGOLAND New York,” said Kiditor-in-Chief Waverly Winchester. “I’ve been telling my classmates about the Park since I first heard it was opening, and now I get to share my excitement with kids from all over the country!” In addition to exclusive behind-the-scenes access and ongoing published stories on the dedicated LEGOLAND New York microsite, the six kid reporters will receive four complimentary annual passes to use with their family once the Park opens, official LEGOLAND New York branded swag and a commemorative one-of-a-kind LEGO® built microphone.

Lucky ducks! I've been faithfully following along since my first report about this search, and I am so happy for the winners. Congratulations, kiddos! I hope to meet you all soon!

The Jersey Momma's Note to the Kids Who Didn't Get Chosen

Hey gang, you're all winners in my book! I watched so many videos on social media, and I know it must have been really hard for LEGOLAND New York to choose just 5 kids. I'm proud of each and every one of you who applied and tried out. What rising stars you all are!! Never give up on your dreams and your love of LEGO!!

More Info About LEGOLAND New York Resort

LEGOLAND New York Resort will be the largest LEGOLAND park ever built by Merlin Entertainments, with more than 50 interactive rides, shows and attractions on 150 acres in Goshen, NY. The family theme park will be open seasonally from spring through fall. The Resort will also feature a 250-room LEGOLAND Hotel, which will be open year-round. You can read more about LEGOLAND New York and even see a projected park map in my blog post here.

For more information about LEGOLAND New York Resort, visit, or follow LEGOLAND New York on Facebook.

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