Who is The Jersey Momma?

I was a school teacher for over fifteen years before becoming a stay-at-home mom, blogger and freelance writer. I spend my days searching for fun, creative, and educational things to do. I love chronicling my family's fun experiences in and around The Garden State. Despite crossing over to 'the other side,' I will always be a teacher at heart, and I still love the world of elementary education. Outside of children and education, the other pieces of my heart belong to my family (lovingly nicknamed The Jersey Momma's Boy and Mr. Jersey Momma), my beloved dog, Milo, who passed away in July of 2013, and our new rescue puppy, Spot, who rescued us right back, in February of 2014.

What is the Purpose of The Jersey Momma Blog?

I know time is precious, so I designed my blog for easy reading. You can skim to find the information you are looking for, and most posts are broken up into short paragraphs with bold headings so you can locate information quickly. I created this site because I think details are worth sharing: is it worth the money? Is it easy to get to? Are the bathrooms clean? Where do I park? What can I eat there? Should I buy that? I hope my posts assist others with plans and decisions in every day life. Plus, I just love to share awesome stuff!  I mean, if I find a cool, new local business, or a product I totally love, I'm going to tell the world! 

And if you would like to read some of the more personal reasons about why (and how) I started this blog, you can read my post entitled, Why I Started The Jersey Momma Blog.

My blog is not run by a team of moms. My posts are not written by various contributors and I am not the brand ambassador for a million different corporations. I am just a mom who wants to share ideas and experiences with you. I am honest and will not try to sell something to my readers that I don't love myself. My followers on social media are real human beings, not faceless numbers purchased to boost my standing.

That being said, I always appreciate comments and shares, so please feel free to add me to your Facebook pages, Twitter feed, or Pinterest boards! You can also follow me on Bloglovin and Instagram.

Where Else Can I Find The Jersey Momma?

Besides The Jersey Momma website, I also run a dog lovers site called The Jersey Doggy, (which covers pet loss and grief, too). You can also find my writing in The Mailbox Magazine, and on the delicious blog of Pink Cake Box. I recently started blogging for the fabulous Shore Cake Supply, too!

One Last Thing

And on a personal note, I truly believe that all of us are connected, even those silent people that you see every day at the bus stop, or that guy you smile and nod to each morning when you walk your dog. There is a reason why we meet each other, and why our paths cross, even if we don't know what that reason is. So I urge you to smile and say hello to the people that you meet, and share conversations with them instead of scrolling through your phone. And since I can't meet you all personally, I hope this blog can be my connection to you instead.

Thank you for reading, for visiting, and hopefully, for sharing. Carry on!

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