The Great Big List of Summer Day Trip Ideas in New Jersey and Beyond!

Friday, July 19, 2024
Looking for Summer day trip ideas in and around New Jersey? I got ya covered!! Here's my great big list of over 100 fun places to visit with your family this Summer, as well as an interactive map to help you find what you're looking for.

**This post has been updated for 2024! HAPPY SUMMER!

Why I Started The Jersey Momma Blog

Tuesday, July 16, 2024
This year marks my 11th year blogging (give or take). So I thought I'd republish this post about how The Jersey Momma was born. And if you're so inclined, you can follow up by reading Beyond Momma, to see where The Jersey Momma is going next! 

Why start a blog? I hear this question often, and many people are curious about how I started the blog and why. So here's the story about why I do what I do, and how The Jersey Momma was born. Sometimes I still can't believe it myself!

New Jersey Boardwalk Bucket List: 10 Boardwalk Treats to Try Before Summer Ends

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
One of the best things about visiting the Jersey Shore is hitting up one of its many fabulous boardwalks. Rides, games, entertainment,!!  So many snacks, treats and specialties to choose from! Everything just seems to taste better at the shore. So I'm making my own 'Boardwalk Bucket List.' This includes some of the best boardwalk treats to try before summer ends. I realize the list could be infinite, so I've tried to narrow it down to ten of the most scrumptious goodies I could find from boardwalks along the shore. Are you ready?

LEGOLAND New York Guide to Visiting: Reviews, Tips, Advice and Suggestions

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
If you're headed to LEGOLAND New York, don't go without reading my review first! We just returned from our park visit and I have plenty of tips and suggestions for you. These are things I wish someone had told me before I visited, too, so be sure to read to the end for all of my advice.

*This post has been freshly updated for 2024!

How to Make Red, White and Blue Patriotic Cupcakes DIY

Thursday, July 4, 2024
If you're in charge of bringing the dessert to a Memorial Day picnic or a 4th of July bash, then check out these patriotic cupcakes, which are actually super easy to make!

Tips for Getting the Best Discounted Rates at The Hotel Hershey, Hershey Lodge and Hershey Resorts

Tuesday, July 2, 2024
How do you get the best rates at The Hotel Hershey? Let me tell ya- The Hotel Hershey is one of my favorite places on earth. I have visited so many times, and I feel like it's my second home. Whenever someone asks me about visiting Hershey, PA or Hersheypark, it's one of the first places I recommend staying. But I know what you're thinking- it ain't cheap! No, it's not. But I do have some tips and suggestions for getting better rates at The Hotel Hershey (or any of the Hershey Resorts), as well as tips to help you plan. So read on!

Summer Reading Suggestions for Kids

Sunday, June 23, 2024
Summer is almost here and that means you might be looking for some great summer reading suggestions for kids! Each year I pick fun titles for eager (and not-so-eager) readers, so be sure to check out my previous reading lists, too.

Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue, an In-Person Immersive Adventure Opening this September

Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Block your calendars! Mine, Craft, and Battle Through Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue, an In-Person, Immersive Minecraft Adventure is going to be touring cities around the world. Dallas, Texas, you're up first! Tickets are now on sale for the Texas debut. Read on for more info and to see when this first of its kind experience is coming to you. 

DIY: Nutter Butter Ice Cream Cone Cookies

Monday, June 17, 2024
If you're looking for a fun dessert to bring to a barbecue but can't spend hours in the kitchen baking up treats from scratch, The Nutter Butter Ice Cream Cone Cookie is a sure hit!

Time for a Change: Beyond Momma

Friday, June 14, 2024
The Jersey Momma is changing. Truth is, she's been changing for a long time now, but I just haven't acknowledged it much here 'on the blog,' as I've come to say. I started The Jersey Momma way back in 2013 (and you can read about that here), when I was a new mom with no friends (but I had my wonderful parents who went on tons of adventures with me). Back then I was working through so much, from leaving a career in teaching to grieving over personal losses. The Jersey Momma was new and exciting and fresh. 

Sugar Crusted Raspberry Muffins

Raspberry muffin recipes are easy to find on Pinterest, but this one is especially good because of its sugar crusted top- and you can use fresh raspberries! Read on for the simple recipe!

Is the Dream Wheel at American Dream Worth the Ride?

Wednesday, June 12, 2024
I hear this question often as a New Jersey-based travel writer: Have you been to the Dream Wheel yet? Is Dream Wheel worth it? How long is the Dream Wheel ride? And sometimes even, Is the Dream Wheel scary? Well, we visited the Dream Wheel at American Dream twice already, so I have the answers to all of your questions and more in this quick-read blog post. Check it out!

Dear Grandmas Everywhere...This One's for You

Monday, June 10, 2024
Dear Grandmas Everywhere,
I just wanted to say that I finally understand. Now that my little boy is growing into a teenager/man, I finally think I get where you are all coming from. Now I know why you cry when you see babies. I understand why you want to hold them and kiss them and smell their little baby heads. I understand why you sometimes wander up to stranger's babies and ask to touch their silky soft hair or coo at their pudgy cheeks. I finally understand...

Mountain Creek Waterpark Review: What to Bring, Where to Eat, What to Do

Thursday, June 6, 2024
Summer is almost here and I am READY! Are you? Mountain Creek Waterpark in Vernon, New Jersey, was an affordable, fun-filled day for our family. But don't go until you read my review and tips for visiting! No time? Scroll straight to the bottom to read my important advice and suggestions for visiting, and watch a 2 minute walkthrough video of our day. 

*this post has been updated for 2024! Mountain Creek Waterpark opens for the season on June 22, 2024.

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