Alternatives to Pumpkin and Apple Picking This Fall

Thursday, September 21, 2023
I hate to admit it, but I am not a fan of apple picking in the Fall. Well, that's not exactly true. I am not a fan of apple and pumpkin picking during the weekend in the Fall. Why, you ask?  Because everyone and their mother is in those apple orchards on a sunny day in the Fall!  And I know some people don't mind the crowds, but I can't take it. I'd rather hit the local orchard after school with the Jersey Momma's Boy if I can (that does exclude Mr. Jersey Momma, but he's okay with that). Or I'd rather find an alternative. So here are some ideas for fun things to do besides apple and pumpkin picking this Fall.

The Great Big List of Fall Day Trips in New Jersey and Beyond!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023
It's finally here, and it's updated for 2023 - my great big list of fall day trip ideas in New Jersey (and some beyond, too)! Fall is such a great time to get out and explore. There are so many things to do and places to visit. I've compiled this list of handy links, and I've included an interactive Google map, too. You can zoom in on it and click on each destination for more details. The map is printable, too!

Hersheypark Halloween and Dark Nights Expand Offerings in 2023!

Monday, September 18, 2023
Hersheypark just announced the expansion of its Hersheypark Halloween seasonal event and Dark Nights immersive haunt experience with more days and hours, a new fifth haunted house, enhanced scares and exclusive food over seven weekends from Sept. 15th through Oct. 29, 2023. Read on for more details and an exclusive first look at what's coming!


Sunday, September 17, 2023
Spookley the Square Pumpkin is all ready for school! This all new Back-to-School themed book by Spookley creator and award-winning children’s author Joe Troiano is ideal for early learners adjusting to the classroom environment. It would be a great gift for the little learners in your life! Read on for more details about the story and see where you can buy it. 

Autumn Review of Sesame Place: The Count's Hello Halloween Spooktacular

Monday, September 11, 2023
Wondering if Sesame Place is right for your child? Looking for a review, tips, suggestions, and advice about visiting Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania this Fall? Well, you've come to the right place! Langhorne is not a far ride from New Jersey and is definitely worth seeing if you have little Sesame Street fans at home! Fall is one of the best times to be at Sesame Place!

*This post has been freshly updated for 2023! The Count's Halloween Spooktacular is taking place from Sept. 16th-Nov. 5th 

PLANET SNOOPY and The Great Pumpkin Fest at Dorney Park - Allentown, PA

Friday, September 8, 2023
Wondering if Planet Snoopy is worth the money, or if it's right for your little one? We're venturing out of the Garden State again, this time to explore Planet Snoopy inside of Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Who doesn't love Snoopy? The absolute cuteness of this park will make your heart melt.

*this post as been updated for 2023, including new info about The Great Pumpkin Fest!

Adventure Academy Review: One Mom's Honest Opinion

Adventure Academy is a brand new online learning platform from Age of Learning (the experts who brought you ABCmouse and ReadingIQ). I was given the opportunity to beta-test it, and I have the scoop for ya! It's geared towards kids ages 8-13 (so for all of you who loved ABCmouse but felt your kids 'grew out of it,' this one's especially for you!). Read on and I'll tell you what you can expect, and if it's even worth your time and money.

*Note that this post is continuously updated and I try my best to respond to all comments in the comment section! 

**I always update this post with the most recent sale links, which usually happen around the holidays. Most current sale: Labor Day sale, $45 for one year of Adventure Academy (then $12.99 a month until canceled), plus 1 year of ReadingIQ included for free. Running now through 9/11/23. You must use a sale link to access this price or find the sale through the sidebar ads. 

Why Your Classroom Needs a Magic Sticker Box

Wednesday, September 6, 2023
If you've read the About Me section of this site, then you know I used to be an elementary school teacher. And I loved my classroom. It was like my second home and I filled it with as many fun things as I could, for my students and for myself  (I am still a kid at heart, you know). A friend of mine recently mentioned how much her 8 year old boys love stickers as incentives, and it made me remember my Magic Sticker Box. Do you have a Magic Sticker Box at home or in your classroom? If you don't, let me show you how easy it is to make one, and why you need to have one!

Back to School Night: Tips for Teachers and Parents

Tuesday, September 5, 2023
If you've read the About Me section of this blog, then you know I used to be a teacher. Back to School Night (also known as Open House), is a teacher's chance to tell you all about the school year. It's also a parent or caregiver's chance to learn about their child's teacher and classroom.  I thought I'd share some tips for both teachers and parents for this important evening, since I've learned some things about holding a successful Back to School Night over the years,  If you're scrolling, you'll find the teacher section here at the top, and the parent section towards the bottom. Happy reading!

The Benefits of a Swimming Pool for Your Kids

Swimming pools are a luxury that many households have on their property. Some prefer having inground, permanent pools, while others opt for plastic or temporary pools. Here are some of the benefits that come with having a swimming pool in your backyard. 

Educational Activities at Home: Homeschooling Ideas at Your Fingertips

Thursday, August 31, 2023
Are you looking for fun, easy, educational ideas to do with kids at home, during school breaks, or for homeschooling lessons? I've got you covered! I've gathered up some of my favorite posts and ideas (from here at The Jersey Momma and from my blogging friends), so start making some plans and get excited about learning!  I even organized them into handy subject areas for you.

10 Fun School Supplies You'll Want to Add to Your List

Sunday, August 27, 2023
It's hard to believe that it's Back to School time again. Many of us already have huge supply lists from our school districts to contend with, but let's not forget about the fun stuff! Let's bring the joy back to school supply shopping! Take a look at some of these cute, unique, silly, or just plain fun items to add to your back to school agenda. And guess what? You can buy most of them (if not all) online! So you don't even need to leave your house. Do I have you covered or what?

Easing First Day Jitters: Back to School with Mac Book Review

Thursday, August 24, 2023
Heading back to school is an exciting time for kids. There are new friends to make, new routines to try, and plenty of new facts to learn. But for some kids, the idea of heading back to school in the Fall causes anxiety and stress. Whether your child is excited or anxious about the first day of school, Mac the Apple is here to help with a brand new family tradition called Back to School with Mac! Read on to see how this cute plush apple and matching storybook by Kim DiLoreto can help ease first day jitters and put the cool back in school. 

Tips for Getting the Best Discounted Rates at The Hotel Hershey, Hershey Lodge and Hershey Resorts

Tuesday, August 22, 2023
How do you get the best rates at The Hotel Hershey? Let me tell ya- The Hotel Hershey is one of my favorite places on earth. I have visited so many times, and I feel like it's my second home. Whenever someone asks me about visiting Hershey, PA or Hersheypark, it's one of the first places I recommend staying. But I know what you're thinking- it ain't cheap! No, it's not. But I do have some tips and suggestions for getting better rates at The Hotel Hershey (or any of the Hershey Resorts), as well as tips to help you plan. So read on!

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