End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas: 'Orange You Glad it's Summer?'

Monday, June 5, 2023
Are you searching for an easy end of the year teacher gift?  Do you need ideas for a special teacher gift but you're not sure where to start? Well, look no further! This 'Orange You Glad it's Summer?' gift pack is so easy to make, and it's super-cute, too! All you need is a soda bottle and some goodies and you're all set!

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It's so easy to make your own inexpensive (yet special!) teacher's gift. Here's what you'll need to make your 'Orange You Glad' gift bottle.

You Will Need:

-a clean, empty 2 liter bottle from any soda (save the cap, too)
-a utility knife or something sharp to cut the bottle with
-clear packing tape (to reseal the bottle)
-curling ribbon
-cardstock paper for the label
-an assortment of 'orange themed' goodies
-orange tissue paper or confetti to pack in the bottom of the bottle

How to Make It

Wash and dry an empty soda bottle.  Use a utility knife to cut the bottle in half, near the top. If you don't have a utility knife (but you should- I use it for so many things!) you can also use a very sharp scissor, but it's not as easy to cut the bottle.

It's best to do this when your bottle is totally dry after washing. I was rushing this one a bit for the photo, which is why it still looks wet.

I did not separate the bottle completely, I just cut it enough to lift open and fit things inside. In fact, I cut part of it with the utility knife and part with the scissors just so I could get a more exact cut.

I used colored crinkle confetti at the bottom. Fill it up at least half way, if not more. For this photo I used brown crinkle paper, but it looks best with orange (to go with the 'orange you glad' theme).

Then, fill the bottle with your gifts! You can put anything you want in there, but orange themed gifts are the cutest!  My orange gifts were:

-Crystal Light drink mix
-a kitchen towel
-Orbit gum
-Sunny Delight juice pops (I bought a box and opened them up)
-Dunkin Donuts gift card

I resealed the bottle with clear packing tape (it helps if you can have someone hold the bottle in place while you tape it). Then put the cap back on.

I added some easy decorations- curly ribbon and some citrus stickers that I got at Target last year. The Jersey Momma's Boy helped me make the orange tag, and I added another one that said "Bottled especially for..." I could put a label on there that says Orange You Glad It's Summer, but I don't want to cover up the visual of the goodies.

Jersey Momma Tips

The perfectionist in me sees room for improvement.  The next time I make one of these I will maybe cut the bottle up a little higher so I can fit the goodies in easier.  I'd also like to put the confetti ribbon at the top AND the bottom of the bottle to get rid of some of that empty space that you see at the top of the bottle now.  Too bad I didn't figure that out before I sealed it!

My son enjoyed putting the gifts together with me, which was kind of neat, too, because I think he'll be excited to present them to his teachers.

*Check out the FunFamilyCrafts page, where I originally found the idea for an orange tag, and the quote, Orange you glad it's summer?  You can get a free printable tag from Coley's Corner, too!

If you have trouble finding orange gifts or need them in a jiffy, try using my handy affiliate links from Amazon below!


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