Hersheypark Announces Expansion: Hershey's Chocolatetown Opening 2020!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018
Hersheypark is expanding! The plans for Hershey's Chocolatetown were unveiled today in a fun social media reveal by Hersheypark. What can you expect from this expansion, happening in 2020? Read on for more details!

Hersheypark is near and dear to my heart, as is all of Hershey, Pennsylvania. This is not a sponsored post and Hershey did not ask me to report for them. I'm just really, really excited for them!  So please check out all of my Hershey posts here if you'd like to plan a visit.

What to Expect for the Hersheypark Expansion

Hersheypark is toting their expansion as one where 'fun meets chocolate.' They hope to continue Milton Hershey's legacy of cultivating community while also creating a love for yummy chocolate. Hersheypark has always taken great pride in creating positive family memories and living up to what Milton Hershey envisioned for them. Here's what we know so far:

-Hershey's Chocolatetown will be  completely new area at Hersheypark where guests can eat, play, shop, and gather

-There will be dedicated gates for season pass holders and guests of The Official Resorts Of Hersheypark®.

-You'll be able to take a memorable photo by the 'world's sweetest fountain.' The Kisses Fountain will also be a gathering place for the Hershey's Characters.

-There will be a 15th (15! Wow!!) roller coaster to thrill guests called CANDYMONIUM (you can read all about it here)

-The Carrousel (one of Hersheypark's most historic rides) will be getting a new home in the park. According to their website, "it will reflect the personality of its new setting while still preserving its original charm."

-Hershey's Chocolatetown will create a passageway between Hersheypark and Hershey's Chocolate World Attraction. Chocolate World will continue to remain open all year long.

-There will be a restaurant, ice cream parlor, and confectionary kitchen that will be accessible both inside and outside of the front gate, and open all year long. Read on for more info about these culinary and retail additions!

Photos below are from the Hersheypark website.

5+ New Locations to Eat  

According to their website, "Hershey's Chocolatetown will be home to the largest themed restaurant, bar & patio in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The innovative fare, craft cocktails, fun atmosphere, and one-of-a-kind views of Hersheypark all continue the exciting story of our newest chapter." This will include:

-a themed, full-service restaurant & bar
-a second story patio & bar with panoramic views
-innovative menu with hints of chocolate
-open year-round
-an ice cream parlor, confectionary kitchen, Starbucks and kettle corn area are just a few of the areas you can expect to find here
Here's some info on the newest eateries coming to Hershey's Chocolatetown!

The Chocolatier will be Hershey’s largest full-service restaurant and bar with seating for approximately 300 indoors and approximately 100 outdoors. Innovative fare with hints of chocolate will be served from an open kitchen while bartenders craft cocktails behind a Carrousel-themed bar. A restaurant that can only exist in Hersheypark, the decor of The Chocolatier will feature past and present pieces from the Hersheypark ride collection, one-of-a-kind views of neighboring attractions, dining with Hershey Character breakfast options and a second-story patio and bar.

On the first floor of the building, Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor is a nod to one of Milton S. Hershey’s earliest ventures in sweetness - a malt shop on Philadelphia’s Spring Garden Street. The vintage-style ice cream parlor will serve up scooped-to-order sundaes and shakes with a new-fashioned spin with seating for approximately 60 indoors and 90 outdoors. Expert Ice Creamologists will craft custom creations from more than 12 rotating flavors of house-made ice cream, an impressive selection of Hershey’s candy toppings, decadent sauces, and more with a sharables menu featuring classic snacks.

Located next door, The Sweeterie will be a scratch confectionery kitchen led by Chef Cher Harris, the Corporate Pastry Chef at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. Guests are invited to watch as the team of Confectioners creates mouth-watering sweets right before their eyes. More than 50 hand-crafted confections including chocolate-dipped treats, artisan baked goods, signature hand-crafted fudge, and more will be made with love in Hershey’s Chocolatetown.

For more details about the expansion, check out my post about the latest Hershey's Chocolatetown News!

Photo from Hersheypark.com

New Flagship Store Coming to Hersheypark

Another change coming with the expansion is the addition of a 10,000-square-foot Flagship Store featuring the largest collection of apparel, personalized souvenirs, toys, and more items exclusive to Hersheypark. Then there will also be a collection of shops and interactive experiences in an all-new boutique.

Photo from Hersheypark.com

Jersey Momma Thoughts

I know, I know, change is hard, right? Die-hard Hersheypark fans might have mixed feelings about all of the changes coming, especially moving that carousel! I love the old-timey feel of Hersheypark and seeing everything that Milton Hershey worked so hard to create. But times change, and generations change. Change is important to keep that legacy flowing!  I am confident that Hersheypark will continue to work its sweet magic and make something that guests will love and Milton himself would be proud of. Cheers to a sweet future, Hersheypark!

For more info about Hershey, PA, Hershey resorts, and basically all things Hershey, check out my Hershey Insider page by clicking the photo below.

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