All About Hersheypark's Newest Rollercoaster CANDYMONIUM: A Hypercoaster with Speeds of 76mph!

Thursday, July 25, 2019
Hold onto your hats, roller coaster fans, because Hersheypark just announced the name and details of their 15th coaster, debuting in 2020! Read on to see what it will be like, and hear more about Hershey's Chocolatetown, the mega expansion which is already a work in progress. Be sure to watch the 2 minute video from the media event, too!

Disclosure: I am a proud member of the Hershey's Sweetest Families panel, which enables me to bring you info and posts all about Hersheypark and Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Properties. I was invited to a press event that announced the new coaster, so I'm excited to share this with you. You can read all of my Hershey posts here.


Here's some fun info about Candymonium, straight from Hersheypark's press announcement:

Hersheypark finally unwrapped the details of the Candymonium hypercoaster yesterday, which will be its 15th coaster. The hypercoaster will feature a lift height of 210 feet, maximum speed of 76 mph and track length of 4,636 feet, making it the tallest, fastest, longest, and sweetest coaster in Hersheypark!

Candymonium will open in summer 2020 as part of the all-new Hershey’s Chocolatetown region, Hersheypark’s $150 million transformational expansion. The addition of this 15th coaster also means Hersheypark will have the most coasters of any park in the Northeast in 2020! You can read more about Hershey's Chocolatetown in my update post here.

Candymonium will span 7 acres at the new entrance of Hershey’s Chocolatetown, a new region at Hersheypark where guests can play, eat, shop and gather year round. Guests will be welcomed by the signature milk chocolate-colored track and candy-themed trains representing the world-renowned Hershey Company brands of Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Twizzlers.

The thrilling 2 minute and 26 second ride experience on Candymonium will begin as soon as guests 54” and taller (Twizzlers height requirement and above) enter the Park’s most immersive coaster station to date with extensive theming.

Riders will embark on a heart-pounding, 210-foot ascent up the tallest hill in Hersheypark before dipping into thrilling drops, including seven camelback hills and a 123-degree hammerhead curve that serve up the ultimate feeling of freedom with the most airtime in Hersheypark. The finishing touch is an impressive panoramic banked curve that wraps around the new iconic Kisses Fountain.

Guests can experience a thrilling point of view video of Candymonium and learn more about the next chapter of Hersheypark at

Candymonium will join other marquee elements of Hershey’s Chocolatetown in 2020, including a new arrival experience and front gate; restaurant, bar and patio; ice cream parlor and confectionary scratch kitchen; a Starbucks® store; and a flagship retail store with the largest collection of Hersheypark merchandise. For more information on this transformational expansion, explore and follow along using #HPChocolatetown.

To celebrate the announcement of Candymonium, Hersheypark also announced new programs and perks for 2020 Season Passes. For the first time, guests can choose between three all-new programs - King Size, Full Size and Bite Size - with 12-month payment plans starting at $11 a month. New King Size perks like being the first to ride Candymonium, free Season Pass Drink Plan and free Hersheypark tickets join current popular benefits like unlimited visits, one-hour early access and free parking for Season Pass holders. Limited time offers and more information are available at

Candymonium Media Event and Video

Hersheypark did a wonderful job getting us excited for the arrival of their newest coaster. They know how to celebrate in SWEET style! We were able to watch a POV video of their current coasters with plenty of cool facts about them (scroll down to see my mash-up video of the event).

Then we heard from the president and CEO of Hershey Entertainment and Resorts about what's to come! So exciting being a part of history in the making!  Don't you feel that way, too? Your children may someday take their own children on this coaster!

We were fortunate to receive some fun parting souvenirs, too, like these Candymonium wrapped Hershey bars...

...and awesome mini King Shakes!

What do you think of Hersheypark's newest coaster? Do you think you'll go for a sweet ride when it's finished? I know I will!

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