10 Favorite Finds from Toy Fair New York 2023

Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Another Toy Fair New York is in the books! This was my seventh year visiting Toy Fair New York, and I have some fun new finds to share with you. Read on for my personal picks for the holiday season, gift giving, and just overall favorites in general. And, as always, I assure you that this is NOT a sponsored  post. I personally chose what to to feature here. I would never suggest you buy something if I didn't totally love it myself.

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. I attended TFNY as a member of the media, and all opinions here are my own. No one paid me to feature their items, and if you see multiple recommendations from one company, it's just because I loved them. This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which you can read more about on my Disclosure page. 

An Important Note About Toy Fair from The Jersey Momma

2023 marked my seventh year attending Toy Fair New York. So much has changed since my early days of visiting the fair, especially post-pandemic (Toy Fair was actually on hiatus for three years- their last show was 2020, right before the world shut down, so this event of 2023 was a "comeback," of sorts). When I first started attending TFNY, the majority of booths were open and welcoming, and most were eager to share their toys for the season and their newest releases. I loved composing my gift guides and review posts for parents everywhere, based on what I saw at the show. Over the years, many companies put up walls (literally- actual walls around their booths) and required appointments due to industry fears of corporate spies

I am a mom, former elementary school educator, entertainment writer, blog owner, social media manager, Ambassador of Play for The Toy Association, and former Parent Panelist for The Toy Insider (you can still read my Toy Insider articles here).  My goal at Toy Fair is to share my finds with thousands of parents, kids, kidults, collectors, and FUN humans all over the world. I compose round-up blog posts and Holiday Gift Guides that help bring traffic to my site and even boost my Amazon affiliate sales. This year I was surprised to find that many booths would only offer me an "influencer tour" (and you know how I feel about being called an influencer). This mostly included photo ops, character meet and greets, and only specific toys on display, some of which they were not even willing to demo ('Watch the video to see how it works!'). I know vendors have their reasons for this line drawn in the sand, but as a representative of the toy-purchasing community, I found this quite sad. Maybe they were afraid of their toy ideas being stolen, maybe they were afraid of actual products being stolen, maybe I just wasn't important enough (gasp!). But when the 'hot toys' are behind closed doors, that means I can't share my honest opinion with you about many of these products- because I'm not going to tell you to go buy something for your kids or your collection if I never actually saw it work, or if I never held it in my own two hands. 

That being said, THANK YOU to the amazing companies who stood behind their products and demonstrated their best and greatest with me, knowing I'd share what I love with unabashed enthusiasm, like the true kidult that I am. Never underestimate the value of a kidult blogger parent! Stepping down from my toy soapbox now. On with the round-up!

Favorite Finds from Toy Fair New York 2023

1. Dog-E

When I saw Dog-E the Interactive Robot Dog at The Toy Insider's Holiday of Play, I knew it was going to be a hit. I have seen a lot of tech toys in my day and many remote controlled robots, but this one really took the cake. Why? First, it's cute. Yes, they managed to make a cute robot dog! But what really sets it apart is the 'mintid' technology. As soon as you cut the strap on your Dog-E's ears, he starts to bond with you. Each Dog-E is unique- from foot color to eye shape/color and ear shape, too. You can use an app to play with him, feed him, name him, even tell fortunes. His tail wags with special messages (you can even program your own messages). He comes with a special magnetic bone that he "plays" with, too. He has over 200 sounds and reactions.

2. Fingerlings

I've always loved Fingerlings but the new version is adorable- with their fuzzy little heads and over 70 sound reactions, they interact with you and even have a little glowing heart. Plus, there's a unicorn now (and her name is Lulu)! What more can you ask for?

3. LEGO Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

I know LEGO is always coming out with new products and by the time you read this, they'll have even more new sets on the market. But I really loved the Hogwarts Castle and Grounds. With 2660 pieces and superb detail, I think even non-Harry Potter fans will love it. It's also a great choice for adults or teens. 

4. Big Wheel Big Spin and Big Wheel Speedster

The iconic Big Wheel is back in two styles: the Big Wheel Spin and the Big Wheel Speedster. The Spin has the classic hand brake, while the Speedster does not (seriously, though, the whole fun of a Big Wheel is the hand brake, just sayin'). Schylling is also on a quest to create an adult-sized Big Wheel, which you can learn about from their Kickstarter. *Note that Big Wheel has come and gone through the years but Schylling recently acquired the Big Wheel brand and released it again- I can attest that it's pretty close to the original! So, when shopping for yours, be sure to look for the Schylling brand.

5. Schylling Lava Lamps

The array of fun lava lamps from Schylling was enough to make my head spin. Such bright colors! Such movement! Such fun! Great gifts for everyone, even for adults to keep in their offices (talk about a focal piece!). Also look for their Lava Lamp STEM kits, where kids can experiment with their own lava lamp ingredients and styles. Beware of imposters. I've seen some crummy knock-off lava lamps out there. You can see Schylling's versions here or find them on Amazon here.  

6. Calico Critters Baby Mermaid Castle

The Calico Critters world is extraordinary and the Baby Mermaid Castle is a beautiful set that could even remain as a display piece years after your kids are done playing with it. Also coming soon is the Calico Critters Water Park- I love the crystal-looking water that they added to these sets, and the fun collectible doll figures you can add in (like the penguin family or the seal family, coming soon). 

7. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Jumbo

Scribble Scrubbies are so fun, but let's be honest, they're small and it can be challenging to color their small size. Be on the lookout for Crayola's latest JUMBO Scribble Scrubbie, like Wilbur the French Bulldog! And just like the regular Scribble Scrubbies, you can color him in, wash him off and start all over again. Genius. 

8. Harry Potter Micro Magical Moments

I loved these Harry Potter Micro Magical Moments from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter because of their cute little faces- but also because they come in these perfect little display boxes that actually connect together.

9.  Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe is an Australian brand that I came across in the Schylling booth. I absolutely LOVED everything they had to offer. From baby toys to craft books and kits, they were high quality, adorable and 'artsy.' I just loved their illustrations and packaging artwork. You can visit the Tiger Tribe site, find their items in specialty stores, or find some of their items on Amazon here.

10. Disney Doorables Movie Moments

There's a new trend of selling mini collectibles in their own little boxes and I just love it! Disney Doorables Movie Moments come with their own little display/storage boxes and feature two figures in classic movie moments. NEED!! 

Stay tuned for my ULTIMATE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2023, coming soon! In the meantime, you can check out 2022's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide here, and view all of my past Toy Fair favorites and moments here

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