The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Toys, Games, Collectibles and Gift Ideas for All Ages

Friday, November 24, 2023
Are you looking for holiday gift ideas? Do you need to find gifts for boys, girls, tweens, teens, babies, or even the special adults in your life? Well, look no further! The Jersey Momma Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide is here!! This guide features over 100 gift ideas in 14 different categories with something for everyone. Every item in this guide is hand-picked by me and comes with helpful links and photos. Be sure to read my shopping tips at the end of the post and visit my previous holiday gift guides, too.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Some toys and gift suggestions were sent to me as samples, but I promise you I wouldn't feature items in my guide if I didn't totally love them myself! So rest assured, these items all have The Jersey Momma stamp of approval! 

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Every year I put a great deal of thought into my Holiday Gift Guide. I strive to create a guide that is helpful to shoppers and honest with buyers. I only include items that I actually like, enjoy, and have seen in person - not just items I received for free or was paid to feature. I know what's popular and what's advertised on TV, but sometimes those "hot items" are not my favorites for various reasons (feel free to email me if you have a question about a toy's worth that is or isn't featured here). And here's a repeat message from last year's guide: Don't believe every influencer or blogger you see on social media, sharing toys they received for free from companies and marketing firms. Just because they're featuring them doesn't mean they're great toys. Most influencers feature toys so they can get more free toys, plain and simple. And I can't tell you how many emails I get from PR and toy companies that say, "Will you include our toy in your gift guide?" but refuse to send samples, even when I ask. I'm certainly not going to recommend something to you if I've never even held it in my hands. That being said...

Here's what you'll find in my guide:

- 9 toy suggestions in 14 different categories (that's over 100 suggestions! WOW!)
- photos that you can click on to enlarge or screenshot to your phone for shopping references. 
- quick shopping links that mostly lead to Amazon, but I wholeheartedly support local business, so if you want to find these toys at your favorite local shop, go for it.* 
- a Jersey Momma Favorite Pick in each category, so you know which one I absolutely loved (although I love everything I picked in each category, truthfully)
*Quick reminder that I cannot price shop for you. Toy prices fluctuate so be sure to price compare before making your final purchase.

For more detailed toy suggestions, reviews and round-up posts, be sure to visit my Toys & Gift Guides Page, as well as The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2022.

Lastly, I use bold headlines for easy scrolling. I apologize for the ads in between, but a blogger's gotta pay the bills somehow!

STEM and Building Gift Ideas

Here are 9 ideas for kids who enjoy Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or kids who just like to build. 
Jersey Momma Top Pick: Magna Tiles Downhill Duo is so cute! You can even buy extra track pieces and extra cars for added fun. They are a recent TOTY (Toy of the Year) winner, too.

1. GEOMAG Glow and GEOMAG Glitter (set sizes vary)
9. Magna Tiles Downhill Duo (Target exclusive) You can buy the add-ons on Amazon here.

Plush, Character and Stuffed Animal Gift Ideas

Everybody loves a 'stuffie' (even you, teenagers, admit it!). I consider myself a plushie expert so rest assured I only chose the best. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I love all of these guys but I adore AniRollz and some of their collaborations (like Hershey, Crayola, ICEE and more). So creative and cute!

1. Zuru Snackles (styles and sizes vary - the one pictured is mini, but they have larger sizes)
2. Squishmallows (styles and sizes vary)
3. Snuggle Puppy HERO for Kids (great for anxiety and kids with sensory issues)
4. Pinata Smashlings Plush Buddies (various styles available)
5. AniRollz (various styles available, especially on their direct website)
6. Ami Ami plush (various styles and sizes available)
7. Aurora Palm Pals (styles vary, many more available on the Palm Pals website)
8. Bum Bumz Plush (sizes and styles vary)
9. PMI Toys Pudgy Penguins Plush (various styles available)

Playset and Dollhouse Gifts

This category is a combo of regular dollhouses and playsets that vary in size. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Hape's Bamboo Panda House is really amazing and has such a great message for kids about recycling and living in a "green" home. Plus, it's super cute and made of wood and eco-friendly materials.

1. Calico Critters Baby Mermaid Castle
8. LEGO Storybook Playsets (styles vary - Little Mermaid pictured)

Doll Gift Ideas

Rag dolls, cloth dolls, collectible dolls, and even fidget dolls made my list this year! There are always so many fun dolls to choose from.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: The Triple F Dolls are unique and have such a great message for kids. A portion of the proceeds go to the Triple F Foundation- a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity to help firefighters who are battling cancer and on the job injuries.

1. Style Bae Dylan (other styles available)
2. American Girl Truly Me Dolls (other styles available)
3. ily Disney 100 Dolls (styles vary - Bambi pictured)
4. Madame Alexander Kindness Club Dolls (styles vary, Avi pictured)
9. Fidgie Friends Dolls (styles vary, Faerie Garden pictured)

Craft, Art and Fashion Gift Ideas

Here are some perfect gifts are for kids who like art, fashion and creating. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I love, love, love anything by Tiger Tribe so I choose the How to Watercolor kit as my favorite! Their artwork is beautiful and their kits are so creative and well made. They're also great for on-the-go.

2. FAO Schwarz Sketch ad Glow Easel (Target exclusive)

Board Games, Puzzles and Family Gift Ideas

Even if you don't love board games, you can check out some of the card games, puzzles or family games that I found for this category. Fun for all!
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Shashibo is very unique and comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can even use it as a stocking stuffer. 

4. Shashibo Shape Shifting Box (various styles available)
5. Spin Flip fidget puzzle (various styles available)
6. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (8-Bit Edition) - other editions available
9. Guess Who? Animal Friends Edition (Amazon exclusive)

Collectibles, Figurines and Blind Boxes

Many of these are miniature and can be great ideas for stocking stuffers, but they can be given as regular gifts, too. I noted which ones might fit in a stocking. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I actually love the Harry Potter Micro Magical Moments. They have unique packaging and the character faces are adorable. You can collect several and their boxes stack, which is great for storing and displaying.

1. Lil' Woodzeez: Lil' Bobbleez Rainbow Collection* 
2. Fisher Price Little People Friends (other movie and TV shows available)
4. Worlds Smallest Barbie (TONS of other Worlds Smallest choices available)*
5. Pop Taters Bob Ross (other styles available)
9. Pudgy Penguins Figures (various styles available)
*Stocking Stuffer Size!

Gifts for Gamers, YouTubers and Tech Enthusiasts

These gift ideas are for gamers of all ages and kids who love YouTube, video games and technology in general.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Dog-E is absolutely amazing. Check out my instagram videos of him and see hin in action.

9. Fingerlings Monkey (other colors available) and Lulu Unicorn (be sure to look for the 2023 versions- they have fuzzy heads and a glowing heart)

Gifts for Teens and Tweens

It's not always easy to shop for teens and tweens, so hopefully these ideas will help. Also check out my post, Great Gift Ideas for Teens and Tweens.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: the Nee-Doh Nice Cube is super cool and very different from other fidgets. I haven't met an adult or teen yet who doesn't like it!

2. Nee-Doh Nice Cube (these sell out quickly- beware of fakes)
5. Schylling Lava Lamps (different styles available)
6. Shashibo Shape Shifting Box (different styles available)
7. Buena Onda Maya Flya (many styles available)
8. Warmies slippers  (microwaveable!)
9. Beats Studio Buds (various colors available)

Outdoor, Sports and Ride-On Gifts

These choices are for use outdoors or even for some physical activity inside. Some can be played both indoors and outdoors, and some are perfect for summer (something to look forward to). 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Two thumbs up for the Big Wheel Speedster from Schylling. It's about as close to the original that I have seen yet!

9. Monopoly Splash Mega Bouncer Inflatable Waterpark

Gifts for Book Lovers

As usual, there are so many great book titles for 2023. I chose some of my absolute favorites, but be sure to check out my other book suggestions, too. Books don't have to be "recently published" to make great gifts. Even older (or classic) titles are fun choices.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: As an Animal Crossing fan I have to pick that Ultimate Guidebook. It's amazing! But if you're not an ACNH fan, then I'd pick the Minecraft cookbook, which is so fun and creative with beautiful color photos.

1. 96 Facts About Taylor Swift by Arie Kaplan 
4. The Tale of Despereaux Deluxe Anniversary Edition by Kate DiCamillo (Barnes & Noble exclusive)
6. Knight Owl by Christopher Denise

Cars, Trucks and RC Gifts

As a kid, I loved my Hot Wheels and Matchbox playsets (and no lie- I still have most of them). I'm excited to include car and truck recommendations for my little auto lovers, as well as fun remote control (RC) options. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: The Little Tikes Metal Detector truck has a working metal detector and rock tumbler included. You can drive, explore, inspect, and collect. I love it!

Baby, Toddler and Preschool Gifts

Babies and toddlers are easy to buy gifts for because they usually love everything! But here are some of my favorites, just in case you need some hints.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Inklings are even cuter in person and I love the set that's offered with a book and plush. Makes a great baby shower gift! 

2. Inklings Baby Plush & Board Book (various styles available - Ollie the Oddball pictured) 

Gifts for Adults (Treat Yo'Self!)

Finally, some gift suggestions just for US! Treat yourself after all of that shopping - you deserve it.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick(s): I will never not pick the MetaQuest. I use my VR every night. But I also love that scarf, which I wore with a dress to a wedding. It's soft, warm and high quality. I love the red rose (pink) color. And my fab ladies out there, please check out Lisa Niver's book! It will give you a whole new perspective on traveling and finding yourself when you least expect it. 

1. DASH mini waffle maker (other colors available)
2. OLLY gummy ring supplements (different varieties but metabolism pictured)
3. Pashmina Scarf Cover Up in Rose Red (many colors available but I recommend this one!)
5. MetaQuest 3 VR Headset (not ready for the latest model? Save a few bucks & get MetaQuest 2)
7. TeeTurtle Plushie Tote Bags (different styles available)

Jersey Momma Toy Shopping Tips

I copied and pasted many of these tips from last year's guide because they still hold true.

-I can't stress it enough - SHOP EARLY. If you see it, buy it. Don't wait. 

-Beware of fakes, especially on Amazon and especially from well known brands like LEGO and Squishmallows. I don't recommend buying those from third party sellers. Beware of price gouging, especially on Amazon. Know your toy's value and don't overpay.

-Check all of your sources. Don't just rely on Amazon. Some toys are exclusive to Target, Walmart, or even Costco. Search multiple sources, especially your local mom and pop shops. Learning Express, Walgreens, Fat Brain Toys, Walgreens/CVS, and even Shop Rite all carry toy selections.

-Another tip is to buy straight from the manufacturer. Some toy companies actually sell their items directly from their own sites or their own e-shops. This is true for Playmonster, Calico Critters (Epoch Toys), Squishmallows, and many others.

-Take advantage of pre-ordering. I know it stinks, but get the order in while you can- the earlier the better. This especially holds true for popular video game titles. 

-Reach out to friends and family in other states for help. Different states have different stock, so it's possible someone else can find what you're looking for and ship it to you (but remember, the USPS recommended send-by date, regular first class mail is 12/16)

So there you have it! As always, I poured so much heart and soul into this gift guide. I hope you find it useful and that it helps you with all of your holiday shopping needs. If you have  a question about any of the toys on this list, drop me an email, I'd be happy to help! And trust me, I'm honest about toys.

I am so grateful to each and every person who takes the time to read and share this gift guide. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Holidays!

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