6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit RiseNY : All About New York's Amazing Museum and Ride

Monday, February 26, 2024
Have you heard of RiseNY?  RiseNY is one of the best attractions in New York City, in my opinion. It’s part film, part museum and part thrilling ride all rolled into one. I have never experienced anything quite like this in New York City (and I’ve seen and done a lot, believe me). Read on because I’m going to tell you all about it. It’s time to get out of the house and have some fun- and this is the perfect place to take the plunge. Literally! 

Disclosure: RiseNY provided me with tickets in order to share a review with you, but all opinions are my own. We paid for our own parking, tolls, gas, meals (and souvenirs! Ha ha!) so believe me, I'm not going to steer you wrong here. 

Disclosure: RiseNY provided us with tickets in order to share a review with you, but all opinions are my own. We paid for our own parking, tolls, gas, meals (and souvenirs! Ha ha!) so believe me, I'm not going to steer you wrong here. 

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What is RiseNY?

Before we get to my 6 reasons, let me quickly explain what RiseNY is. Billed as "part ride, part museum, all New York," this really sums it up quite perfectly. For the price of one ticket you get a museum gallery, a mini documentary, and an awesome ride that suspends you 30 feet in the air and takes you soaring over New York City (simulated, of course - and no, it doesn't go upside down, don't worry). 

*Also, please note that there are influencers out there who have literally filmed every section of this museum, walked through it all and shared the entire ride (and you are actually not supposed to bring your phone on the ride with you, just sayin). You will not find spoilers like that here. I have shared some of my photos and video of our experience, but there is so much more to see and I leave it up to you to experience it with your own two eyes. Don't let social media spoil it for you!

Anyway, without further ado, here are my 6 reasons why you need to visit, in no particular order!

6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit RiseNY

1. The Film (and Jeff Goldblum)

Your experience at RiseNY begins with a cool film about the history of New York. They make it seem like you are getting into a subway car and you watch via an arch-shaped screen in front of you that looks like a subway tunnel. Jeff Goldblum (who doesn't love him, seriously?) narrates and it's a fun romp through New York City's decades. *Fun fact: Jeff Goldblum actually visited RiseNY and tried the ride himself! Check out footage from his visit here

2. Television Set Props

Okay, call me corny but I loved, loved, loved the television set props that you could pose with here!! This was a total surprise and I could barely contain myself when I saw the plethora of cool photo ops! You can pose on the Friends couch, in The Honeymooners kitchen (it's black and white!!), alongside Carrie Bradshaw's perfect mannequin, or (gasp!) on stage at The Tonight Show!! Even more exciting, you can see an actual moving replica of Oscar the Grouch. I am such a huge Muppets fan, I just about peed 'ma pants when I saw him.  

3. Pop Culture Memorabilia 

I've always been fascinated by museum memorabilia, so RiseNY's collection of pop culture memorabilia just had me squealing. I was obsessed with Madonna's actual jacket (painted by Keith Haring, y'all!!!) and Bob Dylan's handwritten song lyrics. You could also see guitars that belonged to David Byrne, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, as well as a bustier that Cardi B wore. There were also handwritten lyrics from Public Enemy and outfits from The Village People. The 90's hip hop replica room was a true blast from the past, too, complete with spin table and Sanyo boom box.

4. The Costumes and Fashion

Even if you've never seen a Broadway play or musical, you're bound to appreciate some of the stunning costumes on display, as well as the different fashion outfits from various decades. There are clips of Broadway musicals playing, and a very cool mini documentary about fashion. 

5. The Galleries

There are about 7 different galleries leading up to the RiseNY ride, and they're all so fun to see. You'll walk through displays about finance, the skyline, radio/TV, fashion, music, film and Broadway. There's something to learn and love about each of these galleries, and from what I hear, they will be adding even more to them as time goes by. 

6. The Ride, the Ride, the Riiiiiiide!!!

I saved this part for last but this is really the main reason that you NEED to go to RiseNY. This ride, although only a little over 5 minutes, is incredible. You sit in a giant swing (similar to EPCOT's Soarin) and are lifted 30 feet in the air, where a giant screen simulates your flight over New York. You will see, feel, hear and smell all of the most amazing sights and scenes in The Big Apple. It was so much fun. The first few seconds are a little intense on screen as you take off, but it quickly levels off and you can enjoy a gorgeous ride over the most beautiful city. It also features some of the best songs about New York, like Taylor Swift's "Welcome to New York," Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" and of course, "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra. You won't be upside down or put in danger, so don't fret- you're always sitting comfortably and buckled in securely. 

And Don't Forget the Torch

The iconic Statue of Liberty torch sits above the entrance of RiseNY, and it's actually a small balcony. You can step outside, weather permitting, to take a photo. If the door isn't open when you visit, be sure to ask an attendant if you can peek outside. This is a photo op that you won't want to miss! It's worth inquiring about when you visit. 

The Jersey Momma's Review of RiseNY

I always try to keep it real here at The Jersey Momma and tell it like it is. So believe me when I say that you need to try this one out. It was unlike anything we had ever experienced in New York and definitely worth the price and the trip. Is it just for tourists? Hell, no!! I've heard RiseNY described as "a love letter to New York City" and it's so true- it really is a celebration of what (and who) makes New York so beautiful and amazing. So even if you're a native New Yorker (especially if you're a native New Yorker!) go see what I'm fussing about. It's time for you to get out of the house and start visiting some new places, and I urge you to start with RiseNY. You won't be disappointed!! 

Besides the 6 points I mentioned above, I also loved:

-friendly, knowledgeable and courteous staff
-clean venue with hand sanitizers stationed around the attraction
-something for all ages to love (even if your little ones don't understand the value in the galleries, they'll LOVE the ride, trust me)
-proximity to Times Square, restaurants, parking, pretty much anything you need
-timed entry to space guests apart

This is also the type of trip that's awesome for celebrations. Bring your teens here to celebrate their birthdays, bring a group of friends (ask about their group prices) for a get together, or gift tickets to someone you love. 

How to Visit and Where to Buy Tickets

RiseNY is located at: 160 West 45th Street New York, NY (On Broadway). Check their "Visit" page for directions, mass transit info, hours, ticket info and more. Questions? Visit their FAQ page for everything you want to know. 

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