Why Self-Storage is Useful for Growing Families

Tuesday, October 4, 2022
Are you tired of the clutter in your home? Sometimes your own belongings can become overwhelming - the amount of 'stuff' we accumulate over time can easily become too much for some households. Sure, some of this clutter can be cleaned out, but some of it holds sentimental value or holds special purpose during parties or holidays. But where does all of our excess 'stuff' go? Self-storage has quickly become popular for many households as a way to keep their many belongings without the clutter. Let's take a look at even more reasons why self-storage is useful for growing families.

photo via Unsplash, A. Winger

Self-Storage is Accessible to Many Households 

Self-storage is easily accessible for many growing families. Places like storagearea.com offer great rates to suit everyone’s budget. Locations and styles of self storage units vary, so research what you need before choosing your location. Some may be in climate-controlled buildings and others may be in garage-style lots. It’s worth looking around to find what's right for your household’s needs and requirements. According to statistics, 10.6% of the US population rents a storage unit. That’s over 35 million people, and proves you're not the only one with an abundance of belongings! Storage units are clearly growing in popularity.

photo via Unsplash, A. Winger

Why is Self-Storage Useful?

So why is self-storage useful? What are the benefits of investing in self-storage as a household? Here are a few reasons why a household may want to invest in a self-storage unit this year.

It can avoid getting rid of beloved household items.

There are many household items that a family won’t want to get rid of, even if some of them hold very little value. For some, it can be sentimental items that hold special memories or items they hope to use  again down the line. With some household items, it may be that they are simply too big to fit in the home and need to be relocated to another place.

Acts as a time capsule for the children as they grow.

For children, it can be great to have a variety of childhood items that are saved and brought back out to look back on in later life. From their first outfit out of the hospital to their favorite toys, these can all be put into storage and act as a time capsule for the children to have once they’ve grown up.

Declutters the home.

Homes can get easily get cluttered, and clutter can lead to unhappiness and stress. To help keep your  home in a clean and organized state, a self-storage unit can be great for decluttering. It can also be refreshing to use self-storage every so often when the home naturally gets cluttered again. Cluttered house = cluttered mind, so consider investing in a self-storage unit to free yourself of all that 'stuff!' 

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