Spring Cleaning with AGent + Sustainable Nesting System

Wednesday, March 2, 2022
Do you ever worry about the cleaning products you use? Sometimes I wonder what on earth is in them and if they're healthy for our environment. So when Moms Meet asked if I wanted to try out a brand called AGent + Cleaner and Protectants, which was created with the environment in mind, I jumped at the chance. Read on to see how this environmentally-friendly set of cleaning products matched up in my not-so-clean house!

Disclosure: I received this product for free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. This post may contain affiliate links. And, as always, I would never recommend something to you if I didn't totally love it myself!

About AGent +

AGent+ (APS) was founded in 2011 by a Wisconsin couple looking for a new and better cleaning product. AGent+ contains water-based formulations that utilize natural citrus oils and isopropyl alcohol to clean, but also contain copper and silver to protect cleaning surfaces. By combining copper and silver, APS was able to create an environmentally safe cleaner that protects surfaces for up to 3 days after physically cleaning. You can read more details about how it works here. One of the biggest advantages of AGent+ is the many uses for them. They're recommended for:
  • inside the car (spray to remove bacteria, fungus and odors)
  • around the house (spray on porous surfaces like sofas, rugs, stuffed animals, pet beds, etc.
  • cleaning and protecting hard surfaces (countertops, door handles, light switches, changing tables, railings, etc)

What I Tried

I sampled the AGent+ Multi-Surface Sustainable Nesting Kit and the AGent+ Hard Surface Sustainable Nesting Kit. This included the cleaning agent, empty gallon jugs, funnels and spray bottles. Instructions were very clear and it was super easy to mix up the solution (and I had my doubts, believe me!). Once mixed, the solutions were an usual (but pretty!) blue and purple color. The smells were pleasant- nothing perfumey and nothing toxic smelling either. They kind of have a natural, citrusy smell. 

How it Worked for Me

I have to admit, I was unsure whether or not this would work as well as my harsher cleaning products.  As much as I wanted to believe it could, I was skeptical. Here's what I tried it out on:

-car dashboard (multi-surface cleaner)
-bathroom counter (hard surface cleaner)
-kitchen range top (hard surface cleaner)
-washing machine - outer portion (hard surface cleaner)
-pet bed (multi-surface cleaner)
-high traffic/touch surfaces (light switches, door handles, kitchen countertop throughout the house)

So here's the verdict (drum roll, please!)....I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked and how nice it smelled (that matters, believe me). I especially liked the outcome on the range, which tends to always look greasy/dirty no matter how many times I clean it. My car also has a really nice 'new car smell' from using the AGent+ multi-surface cleaner, which I love.  I also want to add that I love the sustainable packaging- the jugs can easily be reused. 

AGent+ Promo Code

Want to try AGent + for yourself? Moms Meet has a special offer I can share with you. You can save 10% on your first order, plus get an additional coupon for a FREE Nesting Refill. Use promo code MomsFreeRefill at https://agentplusprotects.me/   Offer expires 7/21/22. 

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