Time-Saving Kids Snack Ideas For Busy Moms and Dads

Thursday, October 6, 2022
As a busy parent, you may not always have time on your hands. Preparing quick and healthy meals for your kids can be time-consuming, as well as finding healthy, quick snacks. But there are some tasty, time-saving snacks you can explore without breaking the bank or interfering with your busy schedule. It’s worth noting that 28% of households with kids are snacking more frequently, so remember that moderation is key, and snacks don't have to be substitutes for healthy meals. Save your healthy meal planning for the weekend, and use some of these quick snack ideas during the week. 

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Cheese Sticks 

Homemade cheese sticks are easy to prepare and also easy on your pocket! You don’t need much to get started, just some eggs, string cheese, bread crumbs, and vegetable oil. After coating your cheese with the egg and bread crumbs, you can pop them into the oven after lining your baking sheet with parchment paper. Your kids can dig in after the cheese sticks cool down in five minutes. You can also  freeze your breaded cheese sticks and deep fry or bake them when you’re ready. 

photo via Unsplash, C. Bustrillos

Turkey Pot Pie

Believe it or not, hearty meals can be prepared and used in smaller portions for snacks. Turkey pot pie can actually be a great snack for you and your kids. You can make some homemade turkey pot pie using leftover turkey from your freezer. Doing this makes preparation much easier and less stressful. Aside from being a tasty option, it’s also highly nutritional and can serve as both a snack and a light meal. You can even add some favorite vegetables to help make it a balanced snack for your children. 


Popcorn is one of the quickest snacks you can prepare for your kids. If you want to do it from scratch so you can use it in batches, purchase some fresh corn at the market. You only need half a cup of corn, a little salt, and some vegetable oil per serving. You can then complete the snack using your microwave in minutes. You can use also use your stovetop instead of your microwave. You can choose healthier oil options such as extra virgin oil or avocado, manage your kids’ portion sizes so they don’t overindulge, and avoid using too much butter. 

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Here's another quick snack you can consider as a busy parent: cereal. Cereal isn't just limited to breakfast. Some cereals are fiber-rich and low in sugar which are also healthy for your kids. You can try various kinds of cereal with natural fibers from wheat, rice, oats, and more. Cereal is also an easy self-serve snack for kids. It doesn't have to be consumed with milk- dry cereal is just as yummy!

Every kid loves tasty, quick snacks, and with the options listed above, you can save time while ensuring your kids enjoy healthy snacks, too. 

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