6 Tips to Make Family Air Travel Stress-Free

Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Many families enjoy traveling outside their home country, and research indicates that international travel is slowly returning to its normal pre-pandemic levels. But air travel can be stressful, especially when children are involved. It helps to plan air travel with your family in advance, since preparation can alleviate worry and stress. One of the best things about travelling with children is having fun in a range of different destinations, knowing you’re making memories with them. But without the help of a 
left luggage facility, you might find it tough to manage the kids' gear and your belongings all at once. Making travel stress-free is the ultimate goal, right? A left luggage facility may help. From what to pack, where to sit and how to manage the journey, here are six more great tips to help you have a  comfortable trip during the break with your family.

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1. Choose Seats Wisely

Booking your flight ahead of time allows you to choose the seat that suits your family preference. It's important to ensure that all family members, including toddlers and babies, are comfortable on the flight. To avoid holding your baby throughout an entire long-haul flight, check with the airline to understand whether you're permitted to carry and install a car seat on board their aircraft. If permitted, it could be worth buying an extra seat for your baby. You can check out some online tips for using your car seat on a plane to ensure you use it safely and correctly.

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2. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Your choice of clothing should be considered before going on trips. Dress in layers to prepare for the temperature changes on the plane if you're going on a long flight. You can also consider wearing stretchy clothing such as sweat pants and loose shirts. For young kids, you should take along a warm sweater that's easy to take on and off just in case the temperature on the plane varies. If it's an evening flight, kids can even wear their pajamas. Don't forget a comfortable pair of footwear that you can easily slip on and off during your flight. Kids can wear Crocs, slippers (if you plan to carry them) or slip-on sneakers. 

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Planes have lower humidity levels, making it easy to get dehydrated. To combat this, it's helpful to pack water bottles for your family when boarding your flight. Most airports will not allow you to bring your own water bottles through security, so purchase them once you get to your gate. Sufficient water intake during the flight itself will help you stay hydrated. Be sure that your children drink enough water, too. Aim to intake a small bottle of water every hour while on the plane. The frequent bathroom breaks will allow you to stretch your legs and walk around as exercise. Try to avoid caffeinated or high sugar beverages like coffee and soda.

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4. Protect Your Immune System

Catching a cold on a flight is quite common and isn't always caused by poor ventilation. The combination of excessive germs and your body's ability to deal with them is likely to be another cause. People confined in the same environment for long hours may have touched what you touched or might have sneezed in the environment. To avoid getting sick, pack disposable wipes and sanitizers. Use them to wipe down arm rests and tray tables, and be sure to clean your hands before you eat or drink. Avoid touching your face and help your kids do the same! 

5. Pack Healthy Food

While you're waiting for your plane, go grab some snacks from the airport shops! Packing tasty and nutritious foods for your family, especially babies and toddlers, can be a lifesaver once onboard your flight. If your kids are old enough, let them pick out some snacks to purchase so they'll be excited about having a bite to eat later. Not all airlines provide the food that your family will want to eat, so remember to keep your bases covered! Dry cereals, chips, granola bars, and beef jerky are all good options. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the airline’s policy to ensure that you aren't bringing prohibited foods on board the plane. 

6. Bring Entertainment 

Make sure your electronic devices are fully charged. If you plan to watch your favorite movies with your family, download your entertainment before you board your flight. Get some fun travel games and toys for children to play with during the flight. You might not have wifi in-flight, so don't rely on phone apps or games for entertainment. Books, magazines and puzzle books are also fun alternatives for long flights.

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Being comfortable while traveling on a plane with your family can be very challenging, especially during long flights. And not preparing enough for your flight might make your trip unpleasant. But with a little prep and planning, you can alleviate some of the stresses that come along with air travel. Try to make the most out of your trip so your family will always look forward to traveling on a plane, especially babies and toddlers. Hopefully, the journey will be worth it when you enjoy a fun vacation together!

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