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Saturday, October 22, 2022
The very FIRST Jersey Momma Pop-Up Event is finally happening! This is something I've always wanted to do and I was truly inspired by Emily The Travel Mom and her recent Western Weekend Wellness Getaway. I also had this Pop-Up Event on my '49 Before 50 List' for a while now. So FINALLY here are the details for my very first pop-up event. I hope you can make it! I also hope this is the first of many more to come.

Please read all event details carefully and feel free to email me with any questions. This is my first pop-up event so please be patient with me if there are any unexpected snags or if anything doesn't go as smoothly as I hope when purchasing tickets. I'm only human, people!!

When and Where

The Jersey Momma Fall Pop-Up Event will take place at The Flemington Craft Barn in Flemington, New Jersey. The ladies who own FCB are amazing and so wonderful to work with. I had other venues turn me away (truth, y'all, can ya believe it??) when I approached them with my pop-up idea, but Flemington Craft Barn was excited and very eager to help me (thanks, gals! I'm so grateful)! They will be moving locations in December so please keep an eye out for the grand opening of their new location! My Fall Pop-Up Event will take place on:

Sunday, October 23, 2022 from 10:00am-12:00pm
Flemington Craft Barn 19 Turntable Junction Flemington, NJ 08822

The event is limited to 15 participants who are 21 and over. Parking is free and there's plenty of it.

Here's a little video I made to remind you to save the date. It's very professional, no? 

What Will We Do at The Jersey Momma Pop-Up Event?

We'll laugh, I promise you! And along with that, the pop-up event offers:

ACTIVITIES! You'll have a choice of two self-care activities, one big and one small. 
Big activities include (you can choose one): Gel manicure (DIY or with help), Make Your Own Jewelry Set (2 items) , Make Your Own Body Lotion, Make Your Own Sugar Scrub 
Small activities include (you can choose one): Make Your Own Lip Balm , Hair feathers (2), Hair tinsel (2) If you're not crafty, don't worry! We'll help you! It's all about having fun.

-FOOD! We'll have some yummy snacks to nosh on courtesy of Dream Dinners Flemington. Every participant will also receive one homemade nut-free cupcake from The Pirate Cupcake of Milford. 

-DRINKS! Each guest will receive a complimentary "adult" brunch beverage courtesy of maivino (white or rose). You are also welcome to BYOB! Small water bottles will be available. Glasses will be provided.

-GIVEAWAYS! Guys, I have some awesome giveaways, not gonna lie. All participants will have a chance to win some amazing prizes. I'm not going to tell you exactly what the prizes are, but we now have some incredible sponsors on board like Hersheypark, Sesame Place, Crayola Experience, Mary & Martha and many toy companies from The Toy Insider's Sweet Suite. Dream Dinners and Maivino will also be featured in the giveaways!

-SWAG! It is my firm belief that every party should include include a 'goodie bag,' so each participant will receive a swag bag of fun items to take home. NJ Department of Tourism was gracious enough to provide some of the items in the swag bag, too!

How Much Does it Cost?

The Jersey Momma Fall Pop-Up Event costs $35.00 per person, payable by Venmo or PayPal only. If you're paying by PayPal, PLEASE choose the 'paying a friend' option to reduce fees. No other forms of payment are accepted at this time. Participants must be 21 or over due to my BYOB option (and our need for 'me time,' just sayin). 

How Do I Purchase Tickets?

TICKETS ARE CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!  If you reserved tickets and you have not responded/paid your invoice email after 24 hours, I will put these tickets back up for sale. This is the fairest option for those who might be waitlisted. Want to get on the waitlist? Email me! I can't guarantee that a spot will open up but I will put you on the waitlist just in case. 

IMPORTANT INFO HERE!! PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE PURCHASING TICKETS! It's important to note that filling out this form does not guarantee you a ticket! Once the form is received, I will email you a payment link for your ticket(s). Once payment is received, I will send you a confirmation and an event welcome letter with directions to the event and other important info. This event is limited to 15 participants, 21 and over and tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE!

And Finally....

The goal of this pop-up event is to bring like-minded people together for some fun, food and prizes. It's also a way to support local businesses as well as this awesome blog you are reading right now, The Jersey Momma. And I cannot stress this enough: if you do not have friends or anyone to bring with you, come anyway! If you have social anxiety, or you're shy or you don't know how to DIY, come anyway!!! I promise I will take care of you and make you feel wanted. 

Questions?? Please email ME (not Flemington Craft Barn, although I'm sure those lovely ladies would help you anyway) with any questions. There is an email link on my homepage. You can also message me any time through Facebook or Instagram.  

And if you're not doing so already please make sure you're following/liking my social channels for the most up to date info about the event and other cool stuff that you won't want to miss.

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If you want to know more about me, check out my About Me section or read why I started this blog. You can also check out Momma Musings for some of my more personal posts. 

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