The Jersey Momma Fall Pop-Up Event: Flashback to Fun

Saturday, October 29, 2022
The very first Jersey Momma Pop-Up Event is officially down in the books, and a good time was had by all! If you've been following me on social media (which you ARE, right??), then you know I've been talking about this event and planning it for months (you can see the original invite and event page here). Here's the lowdown so you can see what the event was like (and make plans to be at the next one!!) 

As I told my guests at The Jersey Momma Fall Pop-Up, I started The Jersey Momma site just about ten years ago in hopes of making a connection with people. I wanted my website to be a trusted resource for others. I created it to help people, especially parents who were looking for honest reviews of travel, toys, crafts, recipes, books, and so much more. And now, especially after the pandemic, I want The Jersey Momma to evolve. I came up with an idea to bring like-minded people (especially women) together to enjoy each other's company, good food and drinks, and fun activities. I thought I could involve local businesses through sponsorships, so we could mutually support each other (word of mouth is an amazing form of advertising!!). And thus, The Jersey Momma Pop-Up Event was born! Here's what my very first event included.

Our adorable and fun venue was Flemington Craft Barn, run by two fabulous sisters named Sarah and Morgan. I am grateful to them for hosting my first event and for believing in my ideas, carefully helping to bring them to life! They will be moving locations in November, and I can't wait to see what they'll dream up in their new venue!

Flemington Craft Barn allowed guests to choose from a selection of fun self-care options, including DIY sugar scrubs, body lotions, and lip balms. Guests could also choose to have a manicure or add foil/feathers to their hair. 

We had an awesome array of treats and food to nosh on, thanks to Dream Dinners Flemington, The Pirate Cupcake and Purdy Lil' Acres. Dream Dinners served delicious Pumpkin Praline Trifle and Harvest Chicken Power Bowls. One of my guests, Lorie, is a member of the Dream Dinners team so she helped set up all of the food and I am so grateful! Dream Dinners was kind enough to offer my guests a little bonus: mention "Jersey Momma" when ordering and receive a free easy pan meal (it's not a promo code so just be sure to mention it when ordering or drop them an email). 

The Pirate Cupcake provided us with a variety of cupcake flavors, including double chocolate, OREO pumpkin, OREO red velvet and cinnamon toast. All of The Pirate Cupcake's treats are nut-free!

Purdy Lil' Acres provided amazingly delicious cookie butter chocolate chip cookies! They were a huge hit. Many of my guests were big fans of Purdy Lil' Acres so they were excited to see her cookies make an appearance at the event. 

We enjoyed wine from maivino, one of my favorite women-owned small businesses. I order from mai vino often (they deliver!!) and I love their packaging and flavor. "It's mai time" is one of my favorite phrases to say around here. Not only did mai vino provide us with wine to drink at the event, but also with more to give away as prizes! Congrats to Diana and Jackie! I hope you'll all check out mai vino for your next party, gathering, picnic or just to keep in the fridge (its unique packaging helps it stay fresh  for 30 days and reduces its carbon footprint). 

And these adorable scratch and sniff stickers from Everything Smells helped to make our mini water bottles a little extra special!

We had a variety of sponsors who provided amazing prizes and swag bag items for us. New Jersey Department of Tourism gave us copies of their travel guides- including NJ Lighthouse Guide, History Guide, Fun & Facts Guide, and their official travel magazine. I'm always encouraging people to get out there and visit our home state, and these guides will help us do just that!

My friend Misty donated a beautiful selection of prizes from Mary & Martha, so be sure to check out her site because they have some amazing faith-based gift ideas, home decor and so much more. I also gave away a selection of toy samples from various companies featured at The Toy Insider's Sweet Suite, and a fun Halloween craft and activity pack with items I found at Target, Michaels and more.

Hersheypark, Sesame Place and Crayola Experience (Easton) all donated family packs of tickets for our prize winners. Congrats to Brittany, Rose and Ella who will all be taking some family trips soon!

I never want anyone to go home empty-handed, so everyone got a swag bag of items to take home. They included items that I picked out with love- from Fall-scented hand soaps to cozy autumn socks! 

And finally, I just want to say that I am The Jersey Momma because people believed in me: my husband who always supports my creative endeavors (and endless photos and piles of "stuff" all over the house), my parents who gave me the best life ever and made me the happy and grateful person that I am today, my sister who always inspires me to be my true self, my bestie Michele who just "gets me," my in-laws who always cheer me on, and finally, my sweet son, who is the absolute essence of The Jersey Momma. There would be no me without all of you. Cheers to the next event and new beginnings! ❤️

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