5 Ways to Send Your Child Off to College Successfully

Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Every parent knows that sending their child off to college is an emotional rollercoaster, and can be very hard to accept. But your child doesn’t just want to go - many need to experience college life to learn freedom and self-sufficiency. It can be just as hard for them to leave you, so parents should know some ways to send their children off to college successfully. There are plenty of things a parent can do to prepare a child (as well as themselves) for the next chapter in life. If you have a child who is approaching college age, here are some useful tips to remember. 

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Teach Them Essential Life Skills 

Too many kids go to college not knowing basic life skills. Whether this is basic hygiene or cooking, you can make sure they know at least the fundamentals of living by themselves. They might have a dorm mate who knows how to cook and clean, but if they don’t, there’s a risk they will not be able to look after themselves. Food is perhaps the most important element, especially if they don’t want to rely on the cafeteria forever. You can introduce your child to easy and filling recipes, such as this instant pot beef stroganoff recipe that will keep them full, and provide enough leftovers to freeze or refrigerate for later. 

Besides this, cleaning their dorm (and later their house or apartment) encourages them to keep their space tidy, and a tidy space makes it easier to maintain a tidy mind, doesn't it? 

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Encourage Them to Work Hard 

It should go without saying that parents who encourage kids to work hard at college will often find they are more successful in their academic endeavors. But remind your children that it's okay to safely have fun, too. Part of the college experience is also about socializing. Remind them to recognize their limits and know when they need a break from studying. College life is all about balance, and trying to mix equal parts studying and socializing. 

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Give Them Time to Come Out of Their Shell

Many parents worry about balancing communication when their kids go off to college. They don't want to call every day, but they also need to check in on their kids and make sure they're safe, and making friends. Your child may need time to come out of their shell. It’s best to encourage them to speak to new people when they feel ready. It can take time for kids to get to know other people and feel comfortable in new environments, so give them the chance to meet others and check up on them to see how they are doing. 

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Show Them Numbers and Services 

Your child won’t be able to call you whenever they encounter an emergency, so giving them useful numbers and introducing them to services can create a beneficial stop-gap. At college, they might get sick or could require a contractor to fix leaking sinks or showers, depending upon where they live. They have enough to worry about when adapting to a new experience, so give them a list of local businesses and services that can help in a pinch. This provides a useful safety net for them in case of a disaster and also means they will learn how to be more self-sufficient as they don’t need to run to mom and dad for all of their problems. 

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Go With Them on Move-In Day 

Even if your child goes to a college nearby, you won’t see them as often as you might like. This is why it’s so beneficial to go with them on the move-in day. Not only do you not need to rent a moving van, but you can also get in those last few precious hours and make sure they can settle in quickly. There are plenty of useful resources for parents to read in the weeks leading up to the start of college. If you are unsure how to approach move-in day, you should find enough information, especially as your child might worry you’re going to embarrass them. With the right attitude and approach, you can help them move in swiftly, take them for lunch or dinner, and head home knowing they’re safe. 

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The Next Chapter 

It’s difficult to send your child off to college, especially if they move to the other side of the country. But don't let your emotions get in the way of their future. As long as you remind them you'll be there for them whenever they need it, they'll (hopefully!) take college by storm and achieve an excellent GPA that will set them up for success in their future life and career. 

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