4 Tips for Enjoying a Fun Weekend with Your Kids

Tuesday, July 5, 2022
It is fun to connect and spend quality time with your family, but juggling work, kids, and lifestyle demands isn't always easy. Family life is changing, and a study has shown that American families don't  spend as much quality time together as they used to. Fortunately, the weekend offers a chance to break the routine and spend quality time with your family, especially your little ones. These tips might help! 

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Plan Ahead

It can be hard to enjoy a meaningful weekend if you don't spend some time and effort planning it. While it is okay to keep things spontaneous and not plan every detail, have a fair idea of how you expect the weekend to unfold. Anything less could result in another long 48 hours of boredom. Look at what's on your family's calendar towards the weekend and include other activities aside from those involving screens. Screen time could easily be the go-to since it doesn't require much effort. However, it's unhealthy to spend the entire weekend online or playing video games. Including more engaging, fun, and even educational activities will be great for everyone.

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Accept That You Can't Control Everything

It is okay to have some expectations for your weekend. However, setting them too high can be unnecessarily stressful when you fail to achieve them. So rather than focusing on the frustrating aspect of spending time with the kids, experts suggest practicing acceptance. Accept that you cannot control every aspect of the weekend and that some things may not go according to plan. The key is to know how to keep going regardless of what happens. 

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Have a Family Meal Plan

Instead of the regular Monday to Friday meals, how about making an interesting theme meal for the weekend? The kitchen is always the heart of the home, where memories are made. Additionally, family recipes tie people and their loved ones together. The weekend can be an excellent time to add a new recipe to the family tradition. For example, a stew is a perfect weekend meal, so you can try out this beef stew in the crock pot if you’re considering something with plenty of fresh vegetables. If you and your kids haven't enjoyed many meal times together in the last few weeks, take advantage of the coming weekend to plan a thick and hearty dinner to bring everyone together. It is also a great opportunity to teach kids how to cook.

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Discuss the To-Do List

It is normal for people to have completely different expectations for the weekend. Unfortunately, this could lead to some inconvenience since you may have to re-adjust your weekend plans. The best approach is to discuss your to-do list with your kids. Avoid committing everything to memory or keeping to yourself when you can inform everyone what to expect. Communicating your expectations can also avert surprises and keep everyone on the same page for a meaningful weekend. 

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