Polly Pocket Season 3: Magic Locket Adventures Now Streaming on Netflix!

Monday, January 10, 2022
Great news, Polly Pocket fans! 13 episodes of the latest season of Polly Pocket are streaming now on Netflix! Mattel Television and WildBrain’s Polly Pocket Season 3: Magic Locket Adventures is now on Netflix in the U.S. The show takes fans to new heights in brand new episodes of the beloved animated television series.  Read on for more details about this new season!

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About Polly Pocket Season 3: Magic Locket Adventures

The tiny heroine with a magical locket and amazing shrinking powers, Polly Pocket, leaves the amusement park behind for the exciting allure of new adventures in the newest collection of episodes of Mattel Television and WildBrain’s animated series, Polly Pocket Season 3: Magic Locket Adventures. The new season debuted on Netflix in the U.S. on January 9th, and these all-new episodes find Polly with friends Shani and Lila embarking on adventures both big and small as they see everything the world outside of Littleton has to offer.  

Polly and friends take the tiny fun to magical heights and the adventures to new destinations! From fighting pollution at a local lake to getting sucked into a video game to helping out at a very special synchronized swimming event, Polly is ready to dive into the deep end. There's nothing Polly, Shani and Lila can't accomplish with a little creativity, determination, and the magic of tiny power! 

When to Watch

All 13 episodes of Polly Pocket Season 3: Magic Locket Adventures are now streaming on  
Netflix in the U.S. Polly Pocket Season 2: Rainbow Funland Adventures is also available on Netflix in the U.S. now. 

Themes of Polly Pocket Season 3

Polly Pocket is such a beloved classic- even adults remember her from their own childhood days. This series is not only beautifully animated and colorful, but it also has wonderful themes for kids, especially girls. In addition to celebrating Polly Pocket’s core purpose of the littlest person making the biggest change, Polly Pocket Season 3: Magic Locket Adventures explores the following themes: 

-Polly’s tiny world is full of big surprises 
-Girls can be capable, courageous and tenacious  
-Supportive, young female friendships  

Polly Pocket Dolls and Playsets

To complement the series, Mattel has released a line of dolls and playsets tied to Polly Pocket: Magic Locket Adventures (you might recognize some from The Jersey Momma Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide):

More Polly Pocket Fun

For even more Polly Pocket, visit the Polly Pocket YouTube channel for exclusive content, character features, music videos, and more! Polly Pocket & Friends: Theme Park Adventures is an ongoing web-exclusive series where Polly and her friends experience never-ending adventures. Tune in for new updates! 

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