The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Toys, Games and Gift Ideas for All Ages

Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Searching for holiday gift ideas? I've got you covered! With over 100 gift ideas for kids, babies, tweens, and all of those challenging teens, your holiday shopping list will be finished in no time! Experts are urging us to shop early this year (and it's no joke- the buzz in the toy industry has been all about the serious shipping crisis), so get your goods early! Be sure to read my shopping tips at the end of the post, too. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Some toys and gift suggestions were sent to me as samples, but I promise you I wouldn't feature items in my guide if I didn't totally love them myself! So rest assured, these items all have The Jersey Momma stamp of approval! Also, I am an Amazon affiliate but I would like to support local businesses, too. If you can find these items in a local toy shop instead, head on over there! 

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How The Ultimate Gift Guide Works

As usual, I thought long and hard about what kind of holiday gift guide would be helpful to shoppers. I included items that I actually liked and enjoyed, not just items I received for free or was paid to feature.  I'm also well aware of what's popular and what's advertised on TV, but some of those "hot items" are not my favorites for various reasons. Don't believe every influencer or blogger you see on social media, sharing toys they received for free from companies and marketing firms. Just because they're featuring them doesn't mean they're great toys. Most influencers feature toys so they can get more free toys, plain and simple. Free advertising for companies goes a long way.  So...

Here's what you'll find in my guide:

- 9 toy suggestions in 13 different categories (that's over 100 suggestions! Woo hoo! And new this year are my Teen/Tween gift suggestions)!
- photos that you can click on to enlarge or screenshot to your phone for shopping references. 
- quick shopping links that mostly lead to Amazon, but I wholeheartedly support local business, so if you want to find these toys at your favorite local shop, go for it! 
- a Jersey Momma Favorite Pick in each category, so you know which one I absolutely loved

For more detailed toy suggestions, reviews and round-up posts, be sure to visit my Toys & Gift Guides Tab above, as well as The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2020

On with the guide! Remember, I use bold headlines for easy scrolling. Sorry about the ads in between, but a blogger's gotta make a living somehow, you know.

STEM & Building Gift Ideas 

Ideas for kids who enjoy Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or kids who just like to build! 
Jersey Momma Favorite Picks: I pretty much enjoy anything that LEGO creates, but the 3 in 1 Fish Tank is one of my new favorite sets. Since it's a 3 in 1 kit, you can make a fish tank, sea-themed easel or treasure chest with the pieces in the kit. Once again, this will be a challenging item to find for the holidays, so grab it while you can. My favorite STEM toy is the Submarings Clawsome from Lukilab, which is a modernized version of a classic toy- just add water and push the buttons to catch the rings! I love its large size and the way you can change out 4 different backgrounds to "recover the rings of Poseidon!" Fun for many ages, even adults (recommended for 4 and up). 

Plush, Character and Stuffed Animal Gift Ideas

It wouldn't be the holidays without a plushie, as far as I'm concerned! It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone needs a stuffie to love. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Magic Mixies from Moose Toys is one of the most unique interactive plush I've seen on the market this season. I also think it will be one of the hottest toys for the holidays, so be sure to get it while you can, and beware of price gouging (it should retail around $59.99-$69.99)

3. Resoftables (made from recycled water bottles!)

Playsets and Dollhouses

These sets aren't just for girls. I included sets for any gender and various age groups, too.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I adore the entire Honeybee Acres line, even the packaging. The little homes and cottages, the figure packs, the accessories- they're all SO CUTE! You can find them at Walmart.

Doll Gift Ideas

There are so many dolls on the market, it's hard to pick favorites. But all of these seemed unique to me in some way, or had a certain quality that I liked. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I love the uniqueness of the Got2Glow Fairy Finder. It's fun to play with and isn't a typical "doll." As far as beautiful dolls go- Rapunzel is to die for. She's just beautiful!

6. Cry Babies Dressy Pearly, Dotty or Coney

Crafts and Fashion Gift Ideas

These gifts are for the kids who like art or creating. Some items are fashion based, and some involve food!
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Colorforms will always have my heart, no matter what year it is! 

Board Games and Family Game Gift Ideas

Family board games, collectible games and educational games are all featured in my game gift idea round-up!
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I'm a Funko fanatic, so I can assure you that the Something Wild sets and pretty much any board game from Funko Games won't fail to disappoint. They're high quality and beautiful to look at as well as fun! I also give two thumbs up to the new game Cantaloupe, which is both educational and entertaining at the same time.

Collectibles, Figurines and Blind Boxes

If you have a collector at home, then this gift idea category is for you! From blind bags and boxes to figurines, there is something here for everyone, even adults!
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: As a Funko collector myself, I am always going to say that POP vinyl is my favorite collectible. However, I have to give mad props to My Squishy Dumplings, since they're so adorable and they even released exclusive gold and peach versions at Target!

9. Jurassic World Captivz Clash Edition  (available 12/1) 

Gifts for Gamers, You Tubers and Tech Enthusiasts

These gift ideas are for gamers and kids who love You Tube, video games and technology in general.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I won My Audio Pets in an Instagram contest and I actually use it all the time. Not only can you easily connect your music through the bluetooth as a speaker, but you can also use it to take selfies through your phone! It comes with a little eyelet so you can carry it around or attach it to a backpack or bag.

5. XBox Design Lab (design your own controllers)

Gifts for Teens and Tweens

It's always a challenge to shop for teens and tweens. Hopefully, these ideas will help! Also check out my 12 Cool Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I absolutely love Pabooj slippers. Not only are they comfy and cute, but they come in a cool drawstring bag. I personally have TWO pairs and they are worth every penny! I also love the Calm puzzle and think it's such a unique idea to pair it with a calming app. 

2. Rubik's Charaction Cubes (different characters available)

Outdoor and Sports Gift Ideas

Get moving! These picks are for use outdoors or even for some physical activity inside. Some can be played with both indoors and outdoors.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: We have the Slackers zipline in our backyard and it's a big hit. Easily my favorite pick. If you're looking to purchase a zipline kit I would specifically look for the Slackers brand. I can't stand behind any others! I also really love the unique games made by Starlux, so be sure to check out Vikings of the Northern Lights (#5), too!

6. Kid Trax Pop-Up Play Tents (USPS, house, forest)

Gifts for Book Lovers

These are some of my favorite new books for 2020. They vary in age range, so be sure to check them out to determine if they're right for your child. I separated them by Non-Fiction and Fiction choices, too! Look for many of these titles to be reviewed in detail in my upcoming November Book Picks Post.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs is PERFECT for kids who love to cook (or even adults who aren't very good at it! lol But truly I love all of these choices.

7. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs by America's Test Kitchen Kids

National Geographic Kids has so many amazing titles available that I decided to list them separately for this gift guide, too. The smaller Brain Candy and Life Hack books also make great stocking stuffers. Each one is high quality with beautiful photos and chock full o' facts and info. They make great gifts paired with other items, too (like the African Animals book paired with a stuffed lion, or the First Big Book of Rocks and a gem/mineral set).

Cars, Trucks and Playsets

As a kid, I loved my Hot Wheels cars and my Matchbox playsets! So I'm excited to include some car and truck recommendations this year. Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I really love all of these picks, but the Lumitek RC Drift King car was a pleasant surprise for me- I thought it was TOTALLY COOL!  

Babies, Toddlers and Preschool

I think babies, toddlers and preschoolers are the easiest to buy gifts for. Let's face it, they love everything and pretty much all of the toys on the market are adorable. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: the Choppin Fun Learning Pot is so fun and cute. It's like your little one has their very own insta pot!

Tips for Toy Shopping This Year

-I can't stress it enough - SHOP EARLY. If you see it, buy it. Don't wait. People have been chuckling at me when I say this (I saw those laughing emojis on my Facebook posts!) but you'll see. Things are going to get really hairy as we get closer to Christmas and Hanukkah. Then I can say The Jersey Momma told you so!

-Beware of price gouging! Know how much a toy costs before you go out in search for it. Many thrid party sellers are looking to take advantage of the shipping crisis by snatching up most-wanted toys and reselling for insane prices. Don't participate! 

-Check all of your sources. Don't just rely on Amazon! Some toys are exclusive to Target and Walmart, or even Costco. Search multiple sources, especially your local mom and pop shops! Learning Express, Walgreens, Fat Brain Toys, Rite Aid and even Shop Rite all carry good selections of toys.

-Buy from the manufacturer. Some toy companies actually sell their items directly from their own sites or their own e-shops. This is true for Playmonster, Calico Critters (Epoch Toys), Cats vs. Pickles and many others!

-Take advantage of pre-ordering! I know it stinks, but get the order in while you can- the earlier the better. 

-Reach out to friends and family in other states for help. Different states have different stock, so it's possible someone else can find what you're looking for and ship it to you (but beware, USPS recommended send-by date, regular first class mail is 12/17)

So there you have it! I poured a lot of heart and soul into this gift guide so I hope you find it helpful. Got a question about any of the toys on this list? Drop me an email, I'd be happy to help!

And, as always, I am grateful to everyone who took the time to read this. Thank you SO much and Happy Holidays! 

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