The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Toys, Games, Books, Dolls, Crafts and More!

Saturday, November 14, 2020
If you need ideas for gifts this year (especially for the boys and girls who have everything), look no further! I've gathered over 99 gift ideas for kids (including teens/tweens), and organized them into convenient categories with numbered photos and links. The holidays will be a piece of cake! 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Some toys and gift suggestions were sent to me as samples, but I promise you I wouldn't feature items in my guide if I didn't totally love them myself! So rest assured, these items all have The Jersey Momma stamp of approval! Also, I am an Amazon affiliate but I would like to support local businesses, too. If you can find these items in a local toy shop instead, head on over there! 

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How The Ultimate Gift Guide Works

Like always, I thought long and hard about what kind of holiday gift guide would be helpful to shoppers. I included items that I actually liked and enjoyed, not just items I received for free or was paid to feature.  I'm also well aware of what's popular and what's advertised on TV, but some of those "hot items" are not my favorites for various reasons. Here's what you'll find in my guide:

- 9 toy suggestions in 12 different categories (that's over 100 suggestions! Woo hoo!) 
- photos that you can click on to enlarge or screenshot to your phone for shopping references. 
- quick shopping links that mostly lead to Amazon, but I wholeheartedly support local business, so if you want to find these toys at your favorite local shop, go for it! 
- a Jersey Momma Favorite Pick in each category, so you know which one I absolutely loved

*for more detailed descriptions of some of these items, please check out my round-up posts from The Toy Insider's Holiday of Play, and Sweet Suite at Home, 2020, OR use my Toys & Gift Guides Tab above.
*you can also check out my Gift Guides from years past.

On with the guide! Remember, I use bold headlines for easy scrolling. Sorry about the ads in between, but a blogger's gotta make a living somehow, you know.

STEM & Building Gift Ideas 

For the kids who enjoy Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or just that kiddo who likes to build! 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: SnapShips! 

1. Circuit Explorer Deluxe Base Station
9. Mechanics Gravity Track

Plush and Stuffed Animal Gift Ideas

It wouldn't be the holidays without a plushie, as far as I'm concerned! It doesn't matter how old you are, everyone needs a stuffie to love. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Ravel Tales (closely tied with Squishmallows, of course!)

1. Fur Real Mama Josie the Kangaroo
2. Doodle Bear - The Original Limited Edition (just like the one from our childhood!)
6. Ravel Tales (unravel the yarn to find a collectible stuffy and sewing crafts inside)
7. Moosh Moosh Jumbo XL (24") or regular Moosh Moosh plush (they range in size)  
8. Squishmallows Hometown Heroes line or Squishmallows (range in style and size)
9. Present Pets (these guys "unbox" themselves!)

Playsets and Dollhouses

These sets aren't just for girls. I included sets for any gender and various age groups, too.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: 5 Surprise Mini Mart (now you'll have a place to store all of those 5 Surprise mini groceries!)

Doll Gift Ideas

There are so many dolls on the market, it's hard to pick favorites. But all of these seemed unique to me in some way, or had a certain quality that I liked. 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Blume Baby Pop (I love that they make a POP when you pick 'em!)

Crafts and Fashion Gift Ideas

These gifts are for the kids who like art or creating. Some items are fashion based, and some involve food!
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Trinity & Beyond Mystery Jewelry Box (truth be told, I don't even watch their YouTube channel, but I LOVE the figurines and accessories from this line! They're adorable!)

1. Chocolate Pen 
4. Smart Lab Tiny Baking (this is actually somewhat of a STEM item, too!)

Board Games and Family Game Gift Ideas

Family board games, collectible games and educational games are all featured in my game gift idea round-up!
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Funko's Something Wild Card Games (closely tied with Back to the Future)

1. Funko Games Back to the Future Back in Time Board Game
4. Relative Insanity See What I Mean?! (Jeff Foxworthy Party Game)
6. Funkoverse Nightmare Before Christmas (interchangeable with other Funkoverse sets)
8. Funko Something Wild Card Games (other styles available)

Collectibles, Figurines and Blind Boxes

If you have a collector at home, then this gift idea category is for you! From blind bags and boxes to figurines, there is something here for everyone, even adults!
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I honestly love all of these (I'm a huge fan of collectibles and blind bags/boxes) but Tippies stole my heart!

1. Official Wacky Packages Minis (like the originals but in miniature form!)
2. Glo Pals (these light up in the tub- great for anxious kids! But also can be a play figure)
7. Worlds Smallest Action Figures (Ninja Turtle pictured but they have others)
8. Tippies (currently only available at Target, near the checkout)
9. Trinity & Beyond figures - Series 1 (you can find some on Amazon but most are available at Target)

Gifts for Gamers, You Tubers and Tech Enthusiasts

These gift ideas are for gamers and kids who love You Tube, 
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Super Impulse Hello Kitty Pacman Mini Arcade

1. Tiny Arcade Hello Kitty Pacman (other Tiny Arcade games available, too)
2. Tonies (a digital listening experience for kids)
3. MyFirst Voice Karaoke Bluetooth Mic (available through Oaxis)
4. Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Special Edition (FYI this bundle does NOT include the game!)
5. Arcade Classics: Space Invaders Retro Game (other styles available)
9. Minecraft Dungeons XBox One (also available for Switch and PC)

Gifts for Health and Wellness

In this day and age, even kids can use some health and wellness gifts. Whether they're relaxing in a homemade 'spa,' or learning to brush their teeth in a fun way, these ideas are sure to keep kids happy and healthy!
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Brite Brush (brushing your teeth has never been so fun! They need to make these for adults!)

1. Brite Brush (Game Brush and Baby Shark designs available)
2. Avocado Heating Pad (other styles available)

Outdoor and Sports Gift Ideas

Get moving! These picks are for use outdoors or even for some physical activity inside. Some can be played with both indoors and outdoors.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: Atomic Power Popper (even The Jersey Grandma enjoyed playing with these!), I also think the mini bumper car is amazing. 

5. Kid Zone Ride-On Bumper Car (this is a legit mini bumper car! You most likely would need 2)

Gifts for Book Lovers

These are some of my favorite new books for 2020. They vary in age range, so be sure to check them out to determine if they're right for your child. I separated them by Non-Fiction and Fiction choices, too! Look for many of these titles to be reviewed in detail in my upcoming November Book Picks Post.
Jersey Momma Favorite Pick: I love all of these, honest truth! But if I had to pick one Non-Fiction favorite, the Bugs and Birds of the World Guides are beautiful. I love the illustrations and the giant size. It's the kind of book that nature loving kids can peruse through for hours. For Fiction, the My Golden Ticket book from Wonderbly is adorable. It's personalized and especially perfect for fans of Willy Wonka.

1. Birds of the World by Cesar Della Pietra and Bugs of the World by Francesco Tomasinelli (hardcover, beautifully illustrated)
3. Girls Who Build by Katie Hughes (oversized paperback with DIY building projects)
4. National Geographic Pounce! and Fetch! Cat & Dog Training Guides for Kids
5. National Geographic Space Encyclopedia (gorgeous over-sized hardcover)
6. Kids Almanac 2021 (quality paperback- this book is a favorite in our house, great for tweens)
7. National Geographic Kids Nerdlet: Animals (small paperback filled with animal facts)
9. Really Stupid Stories for Really Smart Kids by Alan Katz (hardcover, 20 funny short stories for kids)

1. Back to the Future Classic Illustrated Storybook by Kim Smith 
3. Cat Kid Comic Club by Dav Pilkey (pre-order, available Dec. 1st)
7. My Golden Ticket (personalized book available through Wonderbly. It's BEAUTIFUL!)
9. Margaret's Unicorn by Briony May Smith 

Well, what do you think? Are you all set for the holidays now? No matter what, it's bound to be a holly, jolly season! Remember to stick close to your family and be grateful for the ones you love. I am grateful for anyone who took the time to read this. Thank you SO much, and Happy Holidays! 

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