12 Cool Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens: Great Gifts for Ages 10 and Up

Tuesday, December 19, 2023
Teens and tweens can be so hard to shop for, can't they? Ask them what they want for the holidays and they usually tell you 'I don't know' or 'a new phone.' It's either everything or nothing! So I've whipped up a quick list of twelve cool items that I think teens and tweens will love. They're perfect for stocking stuffers, too!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Some (not all!)of these suggestions were sent to me as samples, but I promise you I wouldn't feature items in my guide if I didn't totally love them myself. So rest assured, these items all have The Jersey Momma stamp of approval! Also, I am an Amazon affiliate but I would like to support local businesses, too. If you can find these items in a local shop instead, head on over there! Sorry about the ads running through the post, but a blogger's gotta make a livin' if you know what I mean.

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1. My Audio Pet - These come in a variety of animal styles - don't let the cuteness fool you! My Audio Pets are cool! Not only is it a bluetooth compatible mp3 player (it can play songs from any of your devices like a mini speaker), you can also use it to take a hands-free photo with your phone. Use more than one Audio Pet together for even better sound amplification. If these are hard to find or you don't like the character selection, you can also check out Bitty Boomers instead.
2. Peeps Carbon Klean - these come in a variety of different colors and they're perfect for cleaning glasses!
3. Snapsies by Funko (available at Target and Target.com)  Snapsies are geared towards kids ages 6-11 but I think they're perfect for tweens. Snapsies characters allow kids to mix-and-match their figures. The characters (with their snap and match pieces) are sold in a closed ball container, giving it a surprise element, too. They're a fun way to jazz up a remote learning station!

4. Lucky Cat Heating Pad - cute animals and food shapes that you can heat up in the microwave for stress relief or scent therapy! If they don't have the cat there are other fun designs to choose from.
5. S'nack by S'well - fun containers to hold all kinds of snacks. The latest designs are a little different than the one pictured here. Now they have handles and come in solid marble colors.
6. Never Have I Ever (family edition) - a fun game for teens to play with their family or just with their friends. For ages 8 and up.

7. Fidget Pop-Its- they're just like popping bubble wrap over and over again. Great stress relief or fidget tool
8. Wreck This Journal encourages its author to scribble and rip pages as well as write. Trust me, teens and tweens love it. I know some adults who could use it, too.
9. Fujifilm Instax Mini  - okay, so it's not exactly a stocking stuffer (unless you have a bigger stocking). It's an "old school" way to take photos, and it even has its own film (similar to the Polaroid cameras of the past). The best deal is actually the Instax Mini Bundle.

10. Pop Sockets - Pop Sockets come in a variety of colors and styles and are perfect for gripping your phone. Some contain lip balm, some sparkle, some spin. Check out the entire Pop Sockets page for the full selection!
11. Funko Pop Tarts Card Game - Pop Tarts in a card game form! Simple card game that's fun with friends or family. Bonus is the cute packaging that actually looks like a box of Pop Tarts. For ages 13 and up.
12. Nee Doh Balls - looks and smells like bubble gum! It's a stress relieving squishy ball made by Schylling. If gumball isn't available, check out the regular Nee Doh balls - there are so many to choose from!

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