4 Quick Tips for Organizing Your iTunes Collection

Saturday, July 3, 2021
Whether you use it to stay productive at work, for holding your own private dance party, or simply because you love having something to listen to as the day goes by, an iTunes music collection can be beneficial and fun. But it can also be tough to find your favorite tracks as those collections grow bigger, so here are a few ways to tidy up your tunes.

photo credit: B. Mars, Unsplash

Use Proper Tags

Whether you've purchased songs on iTunes, uploaded from CDs or downloaded mp3s online, you might find that your files follow a huge range of formats. That means some songs might not have the listed album, artist or song tags that they should. Never fear! There are apps that can help you quickly correct this, finding and correcting missing tags from your library. With the right tags, it’s easier to search for the songs you’re looking for.

Remove Unavailable Tracks 

There might be plenty of tracks that you have long deleted but are still showing up on iTunes. If you have those songs on playlists, they will still show up there but skip through when you try to play them. There are tools that can help you remove any songs that are missing but still visible on your iTunes. These same tools will tell you what the tracks are so that if you actually want them after all, you can go and find them again once they’re identified.

Clean Up Your Library

Are there tracks you haven’t listened to in a long time because they don’t fit your tastes anymore? You shouldn’t be afraid to delete (or at least move to the Cloud) any tracks you don’t want anymore. Duplicates can clutter the library up, but there are tools to help you find duplicate files with ease so that you can delete them. Duplicates happen often when iTunes collections are synced to the Cloud or across multiple devices.

photo credit: CDX, unsplash

Create Playlists

Curating your own tracks to create a playlist is always a fun way to make better use of an extensive music collection. If you’re not keen on creating your own, you could get iTunes to do it for you. There are features like Smart Playlists as well as Genius Playlists that can automate the creation process for you. The latter feature only requires you to select one song that fits your vibe and it will use information gathered from listeners around the world to put it together with other songs that match it.

Now it should be easier to find that one song you were looking for,  access playlists that match your vibe and even cut down on wasted space so you can make room for more music, right? Well, do a little happy dance, because you're certainly iTunes ready!

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