5 Work from Home Tips for Moms

Monday, February 1, 2021
When you’re working from home it can be hard to stay on task, especially when you have children. Many parents are adapting to the 'work from home life,' and they've found clever ways to manage. Some moms (and dads) have not only been working from home, but homeschooling as well. Talk about wearing many hats! I'm no expert, but I've spoken to many moms over the past year who offered tips for working from home. So to support your new routine, here are five work from home tips for moms. 

1. Make a List 

This sounds so simple, but start by prioritizing your tasks. Grab those sticky notes or good ol' note pads and make a list! It can be helpful to draw up a task hierarchy, putting your tasks in order of importance (whether they are home, school or work tasks). Set time-frames for your tasks and try not to be overly critical with yourself if you don't get to cross much off of your list. Just be sure you're setting yourself manageable goals (for example, 'rearrange closet' while attempting to work and manage kids and school is not really an ideal task choice!).

2. Create Boundaries

If you’re working from home and your children are nearby, it’s useful to set clear boundaries. Make sure that your children are aware of when they can disturb you, (and when they can’t). Decide on the reasonable excuses for disturbing you, and communicate these to your kids. You might even want to make a little sign that you can put on your door if you're holding a ZOOM meeting or need extra quiet time. Keep a bin handy of 'busy items,' that kids can occupy themselves with if they're waiting for your attention (games and puzzles, coloring books, LEGO sets, building blocks, picture books, etc.).

3. Use a Support Network

When you're working from home, it can be helpful to have a support network. It’s going to be difficult to work uninterrupted with your kids nearby. You may want to ask friends and relatives (who are within your safe 'pod') to look after your kids on your busiest workdays. It can be hard to multitask, so a great support network can offer assistance. When you’re stuck at home with the family, you’ll likely need a little help!

4. Wake Up Early

If you’re working from home and you're also trying to manage a family, the earlier you can get started, the better. Try to wake up and begin your routine before your children get up (although this is often easier said than done). Having a little quiet time before the kids wake up might help boost your productivity levels. Even if it doesn't, it's still a good way to find peace and enjoy some coffee or quiet time before work begins. 

5. Consider Productivity Software 

It's challenging to stay productive when you’re working from home, so you might find it helpful to download one or two productivity tools. For a few starting points, try these:

  • Trello: this app is an organizational platform which can help you to design the perfect schedule. With the help of Trello, you can prioritize tasks, manage projects and perfect your regime.
  • Stay Focused: ST is a tool for time management. It monitors sites visited, active windows and all of your computer activities. The idea is that you get a visualization of all your tasks, and then use this data to improve your productivity levels.

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Above all, be kind to yourself. Working from home can be an emotional roller coaster, from managing interruptions to dealing with catastrophes. Remember, you're not alone! Many working moms are struggling on a daily basis, so this momma is here to tell you, hang in there! 

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