Fun Summer Must-Haves for 2021: Games, Partyware, Books, and More

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
It’s time to get in the Summer spirit! There are so many new products on the market this year to help kick off your season! Take a look at these fun items that are sure to make your summer a little bit sweeter.

Disclosure: I received some of these items to review in exchange for an honest post, but I would never recommend anything to you if I didn't totally love it myself. Also, this post contains some affiliate links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I may earn a (very small) commission from qualifying purchases. You can read more about this on my Disclosure page

Party with Hudsonest

You can jazz up any backyard barbecue, party or simple get together with these beautiful napkins from hudsonest. They're such a nice quality and so pretty, you can place them inside of a plain plastic bowl when you serve potato chips or snacks and make it look like a million bucks! Serve them alongside simple finger foods and make your selection a whole lot classier. They come in so many different styles and colors and I am really in love with the quality. Hudsonest’s designs are limited editions with new designs offered four times a year, so there’s always something fresh to look forward to. The napkins can be purchased exclusively at, either individually, or through the hudsonest Selects subscription service. I was really impressed with the quality of them. And guess what? I have a special freebie code for you! Each shopper who inputs discount code THEJERSEYMOMMASUMMER (or uses my customized link: 
which automatically inputs my discount code for you) can get one free package of cocktail napkins of your choice when you purchase any product!  Please note that if you're using the code, you must put at least 2 products in your cart, at least one of which is a package of cocktail napkins, to get the benefit of this offer. Only one free package of cocktail napkins per purchase; the code is valid only once per customer. Regular shipping rules apply (U.S. only). But note that there is free shipping on orders of $35 or more; otherwise $7.95 for shipping. Discount code is valid now through July 5, 2021. This is not an affiliate link and I don't make any money off of your purchase- I'm just sharing 'cause I love ya. 

Avoid the Brain Drain with Smart Games

Avoid the summer slump by playing with some of these awesome educational games from Smart Games. Brain drain is real, y’all! Most parents know that their kids can really slack off in the summer when it comes to remembering what they’ve learned. These awesome brain games really keep kids on the ball. They’re a lot of fun, too! But one thing I love about these in particular are that they are geared for single players (so no arguing or family fights)! Or, work in collaboration to solve the single player puzzles. 

Apple Twist - This apple-shaped game board has five twisting levels to create different puzzles.
It includes 60 challenges and is even great for travel. Set contains twisting apple game board, 3 caterpillar puzzle pieces and a challenge booklet. Single player, ages 5 to adult.

Pirates Crossfire - Pirates Crossfire features 80 fun challenges. Players can place ships on the game board to attack or survive based on the 4 different playing modes, and must use their brain skills to find the best approach. Game includes a 3D game board, puzzle pieces with ships and sea rocks, and a booklet with 80 challenges and solutions. Recommended for ages 7 to adult, single player.

IQ Circuit - This travel-friendly game features 120 challenges. Players must fit all the double-sided, black and gold pieces on the game board to connect the dots and create circuits. Single player, recommended for ages 8 to adult. Small enough to fit in a purse or bag, and comes with a little closing top so all pieces are self-contained. 

Make it a Funko Summer

So maybe this has nothing to do with summer, but I’m super excited that Funko has released an entire Seinfeld line for the summer season. All of your favorite characters from the show are now in Funko Pop! figure form. There are also mini moments, a trivia game, awesome T-shirts and even Loungefly bags and wallets with chibi Seinfeld characters on them.

If you’re not a Seinfeld fan, never fear! Funko has so many amazing releases for Summer. Some of my favorites include: POP! Movies Deluxe Aliens Ellen Ripley with Power Loader (a Gamestop exclusive, available for pre-order with release in July), POP! Ad icons like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (available for pre-order, shipping this summer), or POP! Deluxe Alice with Flowers from the Alice in Wonderland collection (available for pre-order now, shipping this summer). 

Funko POP!s are fun to collect and display. You can keep them by your desk or in the kitchen or even take pictures of them all summer long in your favorite locations! Some people have entire Instagram accounts dedicated to their Funko POP! collection (also check out Funko's photo challenges on their social channels).

Swim at Night

Night swimming will never be the same thanks to Starlux Games. They made glow-in-the-dark fun so much easier with their Starlux Pool Party Kit. It’s always fun to do a little night swimming, and you can add some excitement with this awesome glow-in-the-dark kit. Starlux Pool Party Kit contains favorite games (such as Sharks and Minnows, Marco Polo, and more) with added glow pieces like wearable LED bracelets and relay race lights. It also comes with cards of different game ideas- when you’ve played the included suggested games, you can always come up with your own, too!

Have Some Fun in the Sand

I love, love, love this Ice Cream Shop sand bucket from Playmobil! It’s made to look like a little ice cream stand. There’s a Playmobil character inside along with pieces to help you make your very own sand sculpted ice cream treats! You’ll find that same amazing Playmobil quality in this bucket. It’s perfect for the beach, the pool, or even as a little display piece in your backyard garden (okay, so Playmobil doesn't recommend it as a display piece, that was just my idea). If ice cream is not your style, check out Playmobil 1.2.3 Knight's Castle Sand Bucket instead. They make great end-of-school year gifts for your children, too!

Pamper Your Tired Beach Feet

I know warm fuzzy slippers aren't usually synonymous with Summer fun, but let me tell you, Pabooj slippers are a MUST for tired, aching feet. I was sent a sample and I was skeptical at first (if you've read anything about me here at The Jersey Momma you might remember me talking about my foot surgery last November and how many issues I've had after my torn ligament). These slippers molded right to my feet and felt soooo good on my neglected tootsies. I usually wear expensive Vionic slippers around the house and I swear these are a close comparison (they're so well made, they are almost like slipper-shoes). Every pair of Pabooj  includes a custom built arch insole inserted underneath sheepskin fur with a suede outer finish. They're embroidered with the cute Pabooj "p" logo and come in an adorable drawstring canvas bag (which makes them a great gift idea, too). Pabooj is a small, woman-owned business based out of New York, too, and they were kind enough to give us a promo code for purchase! Use JERSEY20 at checkout for 20% off your Pabooj purchase at How cool is that?! 

(*and yes I wore these by the pool- they felt amazing on my feet after walking on the concrete!)

Grow Something Yummy

I received a sample of this fun kit from Hape called Growing Gardeners Greenhouse, and it's perfect for summer! This eco-friendly greenhouse is a great way for kids to learn about growing their own garden. Made from sustainable bamboo and BIO plastic from sugar cane, you just plant seeds of your choice in the little greenhouse and watch it flourish. It's such a cute idea for kids to garden and be eco-friendly at the same time. When the plants grow big enough you can even transfer them into a regular garden so they continue to thrive. Recommended for ages 3 and up. You can purchase it on Amazon here

Take Care of Your Doggy with Skout's Honor

Don't forget about your furry friends this summer! Skout's Honor makes amazing products for dogs. Skout's Honor's Flea and Tick Shampoo and Dog & Home Spray contains some of nature's most potent pest-fighting ingredients to kill fleas and ticks on contact (including their larvae and eggs). Plus, it repels mosquitoes. Ticks are such a HUGE problem where I live and I have been so happy with Skout's Honor because I can't stand the flea and tick sprays that are full of chemicals. It smells nice, too, kind of like peppermint and the woods. Find the home kit here.

Return to the 80's with Andrew McCarthy

I had the great pleasure of chatting with 80's star, actor and author Andrew McCarthy, thanks to The MOMS Network and their awesome virtual event to help promote Andrew's new book, Brat: an 80's Story. I found Andrew McCarthy to be very down to earth, and it was fun listening to him talk about his kids, his everyday life, and what it was like to write a book about his past. Andrew is actually an acclaimed travel writer and has many books on the market that are worth checking out. But Brat is receiving rave reviews for its honesty and quality, so why not grab a copy and check it out this summer?
You can find Andrew's book on Amazon or in most bookstores nationwide.

Gallop into Reading with Soul Riders

The popular adventure game Star Stable has an amazing book series for kids ages 9-14 (girls in particular but I always like to say that anyone can read them!). Follow the tales of four friends who discover their magic powers and learn how brave and strong they can be. This trilogy by Helena Dahlgren tells the heroic tale of four young girls who have been chosen by destiny to save the world from the ancient demon Garnok and his band of dangerous Dark Riders. Each girl has a magical bond to her horse, making them "soul riders." Not only did I love the characters and storylines in these fantasy books, I also loved the beautiful cover illustrations. Readers can learn more about the characters and play the Star Stable game online as a follow-up to the book series, too.The trilogy includes Jorvik Calling, The Legend Awakens and Darkness Calling. Books are paperback and are roughly 190-200+ pages each.  

The Star Stable game was developed by Star Stable Entertainment, a Swedish company founded in 2011. Besides Star Stable Online, they create apps, music and stories for girls of all ages. Find out more and help protect the magical island of Jorvik at

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