Easy Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Summer Break

Monday, July 5, 2021
Summer Break is here, and for many parents, this can be a challenge! Keeping kids busy for hours or looking for ways to spend endless open days can be daunting. It's also difficult for working parents who are trying to balance job schedules and childcare. Here are some quick tips to help keep your kids entertained during the long summer months ahead.

image credit: L. Rivas, Unsplash

1. Make a Summer Book

What better way is there to celebrate summer than by making a book of everything that you're doing during your vacation? Take plenty of photos, write notes and at the end of the summer, collate them together and make a book with Studentreasures Publishing. Not only will you have a wonderful keepsake of your fun summer days, your kids can also take their memory book to school to share in the Fall.

2. Schedule Some Quiet Time

Physical activity and exposure to the outdoors are extremely vital for children, and they should get out and run around whenever possible. But it's also okay to permit screen time or a few quiet hours to unwind. Take a trip to your local library- even if they're just looking at the book shelves, it's a great way to relax and read during quiet time. You can even make a summer reading list to share with your kids.

3. Take a Family Vacation

Many families choose to take a vacation over the lengthy summer break, which is always a memorable experience. If you haven't made plans yet, it's never too late because there are plenty of amazing bargains available until the last minute. The time for family vacations come and go so quickly. Before you know it, kids are teenagers and they'd much rather travel with friends or be with kids their own age instead of traveling with mom and dad, so cease the opportunities when you can.

4. Plan a Day Trip or Kids Day Out 

There are so many fun day trips to plan, no matter where you live! This is the time of year for park performances, concerts, festivals, and special events, so look at community websites, newspapers, and the websites of local attractions to find out what's going on in your neighborhood.

image cred: F. McKenna, Unsplash

5. Try Fun Activities at Home

You don't have to look far to get a wealth of useful information and activity suggestions (just peek at Pinterest and you'll see!). Do a quick google search and you'll come up with a list of activities to fit your needs. Look for specific information, such as how to go on a bug hunt or how to enjoy hopscotch, or try something random like 'ways to keep kids entertained.' No matter what you choose to do, it's bound to be a summer to remember!

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