Easy and Fun Projects for Earth Day

Sunday, April 21, 2024
Earth Day is just around the corner (it's April 22nd!) and I have some fun and easy ideas for you to help celebrate. Earth Day is a concept we can all get behind, right? We all live on this planet and we all need to take care of it. 

Disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I may earn a (very small) commission from qualifying purchases. You can read more about this on my Disclosure page. Leaf'd Box sent me a sample box in exchange for an honest review, but as I always say, I would never recommend something to you unless I totally loved it myself.

Make an Upcycled Sun-Catcher

You won't find an Earth Day craft much easier than these upcycled sun-catchers! Head on over to your recycle bin and grab a plastic container (clamshell types work best). Cut or separate the plastic container so you have a flat canvas to work with (*note that clamshell containers can be sharp when cutting, so if you're working with little ones, be sure to do the cutting for them). Then, trace a circle onto the plastic with a black marker (I used an old Play-Doh canister lid to trace a circle). Use blue and green Sharpies to color in your circle to look like the earth. Finish your sun catcher by poking a hole in it and tying some jute or twine string to hold it (I actually used raffia ribbon). These little sun-catchers look best in a window or outside tied to a tree (although they will not withstand wind and rain so be sure to put them someplace safe!). They make great classroom projects, too! Don't want to use Sharpies? You can also use dry-erase markers (I recommend odor-free ones). Just remember that you won't get the colors as bright if you use dry-erase markers. You can also paint these with tempera paints, but they won't be as transparent, obviously.

Start a Garden with Leaf'd Box 

If you want to plant a vegetable or herb garden and you're not exactly sure where to start, you might want to look into Leaf'd Box (www.leafdbox.com). Leaf'd Box helps you start your own garden by growing the plants and providing the seeds for you. So after you pick what kind of Leaf'd Box you want to try, they'll ship the pre-grown starter plants right to you. Your box comes with ready to grow herb & veggie plants, quick-start guides and instructions, and easy how-to videos. Your box will contain:

-ClimateSmart™️ veggie selections that are tailored for the February - October growing season 
-Non-GMO varieties that are healthy, nutritious, natural, and highly productive
-Early spring, spring, summer, and fall boxes, all customized to your location

You can choose one of their Education Kits, which come in different sizes and styles, or choose from their variety of subscription services. Leaf'd Box also sells planters, soil, pest control, tools, plant food, and so much more- so you can always return to them for supplies and resources.

Leaf'd Box sent me a sample box that contained 10 healthy looking little herb and veggie plants (tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers and basil. as well as radish, spinach and beet seeds). There was a QAAR code on the box which I scanned with my phone. It gave me instant instructions on how to take care of my plants and seeds and what to do with them when I was ready. There are sets of instructional video courses available from Leaf'd Box to get you started, too. 

Create a Water Bottle Planter

I love finding unique items to plant seeds in, and it's super easy to use an empty water bottle as a mini pot for plants! Cut the bottom of an empty water bottle off. Poke some pin-sized holes in the bottom for drainage, or add some loose small stones or gravel. Top with potting soil and add a few seeds (string beans, sunflowers, forget me nots or violas are great choices to start out). Keep in mind that whatever grows in your water bottle will eventually need to be replanted, so once it gets too big for its bottle pot, transplant it somewhere safe and grow a new plant!

*I also used this project for my son's Wall-e themed birthday party years ago. This makes a fun group activity for classrooms, scouts, parties, and more. 

Make an Earth Rock for Your Garden

I absolutely love rock painting. It's soothing and fun and a great rainy day activity. Plus, you can spread them around your neighborhood like random acts of kindness! They brighten up your garden and make cute decorations in planters. All you need to make these Earth rocks are some blue and green acrylic paint, paintbrushes, rocks, and some acrylic gloss sealer like Mod Podge (you don't need this, technically, but I highly recommend it if you want to put the rocks outside and keep them looking their best). Paint your rocks to look like little versions of the earth, spray with gloss sealer, let dry and you're set!
-chunky paintbrushes

For more Earth Day fun, check out my round-up post of Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day.

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