Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Monday, April 22, 2024
Earth Day is the perfect chance to honor our beautiful planet! Here are some fun and easy ways to celebrate Earth Day with your family. Many thanks to all of the bloggers who contributed to this fabulous round-up! This year, Earth Day is on April 22, 2024. 

Many thanks to the wonderfully talented and creative bloggers who allowed me to use their photos and links for this round up post. Please visit their sites for full instructions to these fun activities and recipes!

Earth Day Cookies 

Whip up a batch of these colorful and easy Earth Day cookies! It's a fun way to get your little ones excited for Earth Day. Enjoy them after some gardening or a nature walk!

Visit Views from a Step Stool for full instructions here!

Earth Day Crayons

These Earth Day crayons from The Gunny Sack are so super cute and not hard to make! Hand them out to classmates or friends and remind them to recycle their old crayons into something new!

Printable Eco-Friendly Pledge 

Sunny Day Family has created an adorable free printable for you! Print and fill out this eco-friendly pledge with your little ones, and discuss the importance of taking care of our earth!

Visit Sunny Day Family for your Eco-Friendly Pledge here! 

Create Your Own Egg Shell Garden 

One of the easiest things to do on Earth Day is plant something!  Here's a fun twist on planting from STEAMsational. Learn how to plant your own little garden inside empty egg shells!

Visit STEAMsational for full instructions on planting an egg shell garden here!

DIY Upcycled Starry Night Luminaries by Me, The Jersey Momma!

Upcycling is another fun way to show your appreciation for Mother Earth. Go through your recycling bin and see if you can find something to transform. I created these starry night luminaries by upcycling a fast food soup container! 

Find the full instructions for Upcycled Starry Night Luminaries here!

Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse 

The Go Green Playhouse is an innovative, educational outdoor playhouse filled with environmental friendly features and activities for kids. They can learn about recycling, solar power, gardening, and much more! It's made with recycled plastic and features a "living" roof where grass can grow, solar panels, recycling bins, a working water pump and more! *This is an older model from Little Tikes so it can be hard to find. You can check the Little Tikes website, too, if it is unavailable on Amazon. 

Painted Earth Rocks 

Bring out your inner artist with these cute Earth Day inspired painted rocks from Twitchetts! Go on a nature walk for your rocks and stones, and if weather permits, create your rock art outside.

Read the full instructions from Twitchetts and see their finished masterpieces here!

Dryer Lint Gardening 

Did you know that dryer lint can keep soil from leaking out of the bottom of pots? Neither did I! Capri + 3 shows us how to repurpose dryer lint to make adorable little planters.

Read the full instructions for Capri + 3's Dryer Lint Gardening here!

Hug the Earth!

The super cute plushies from Celestial Buddies are each shaped like a different planet in our solar system. You can purchase your very own Earth through my Amazon affiliate link here.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!


  1. I love this post so much. Such creative ideas here!

    1. Thank you!! I tried to share some easy, creative ones!


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