Why Hersheypark? Park Enthusiasts Reveal What Makes Hersheypark So Special

Wednesday, September 1, 2021
The other day I was perusing through a Hersheypark Facebook group and I saw someone ask, 'What is the allure of Hersheypark?' She had never visited, and wanted to know what was so special about it. Well, I can give you a million reasons why we love Hersheypark and pretty much all of Hershey, PA, but I thought I would ask some of the Sweetest Families Panel members (past and present) and Hersheypark season pass holders for their answers instead. One thing all of us have in common is a love for Hersheypark and everything it has to offer!
Disclosure: I was chosen to be a part of the Hershey Sweetest Families Panel, which means I am sometimes provided with passes to Hershey events, programs and activities in order to share them with you. 

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Hersheypark for Special Needs

Nickida Stephens, Sweetest Families alumni, Nicki's Random Musings

"There are so many great things to love about Hersheypark, but for us, it was the joy our son with Autism found one day in the park. It was the place we learned that travel with a special needs kid was possible. The staff is always amazing, and the accessibility program is perfect for families like mine. As a big family, we love that there's something for everyone. The park isn't broken down with all the kiddie rides just in one section. Since they are spaced out all around the park my husband and I can easily split up with the kids while staying in the same areas. Family favorites like the Monorail, Dry Gulch Railroad, and the Carousel are always on our list when we visit. These are the rides we can't miss and always plan to ride together. It's truly the Sweetest Place on Earth."

*Jersey Momma note: for more info about Hersheypark's Accessibility for special needs, click here.

image cred: N. Stephens

Hersheypark Nostalgia for All Ages

Meredith Spidel, Sweetest Families panelist, Mom of the Year

"I love that Hersheypark is such a win for all ages, and it's so neat to see it grow and change year by year. My dad remembers what it was like in the 50s, and still enjoys visiting today! And what a treat I can now share this special place with my own kids!"

*Jersey Momma note: for more info about Hersheypark's history, read this!

image cred: M. Spidel, Mom of the Year

Hersheypark Keeps Improving

Susan M, Hersheypark season pass holder

"I love that Hersheypark continues to grow and improve. The addition of Chocolatetown and the new Candymonium coaster were really exciting. As much as I loved the old tudor entryway, the new entrance to Hersheypark is so much cleaner and more modern. Each year they add something special or make it better, too. We were super excited when they added Reese's Cupfusion and Laff Trak, a few years ago. It's always exciting to see how they change it up every year."

*Jersey Momma note: you can read more about Chocolatetown here and Candymonium here.

Hersheypark Clean

Danielle B., season pass holder

"Theme parks can be dirty- there are so many people coming in and out of them that it's expected to see garbage around and stuff. But I've always loved how clean Hersheypark is, and now Chocolatetown, too. There are always people cleaning and sweeping up around the park."

*Jersey Momma note: for more info about Hersheypark's safety and cleanliness, check out this information.

Hersheypark Sweet Treats

Robert E, season pass holder

"I swear I live for the food at Hersheypark! lol I love the King Shakes and exclusive foods they show on Instagram. The shakes are different for each season and there are usually special flavors of hot chocolate at Christmastime. There are mini donuts, funnel cakes, giant pretzels, and all kinds of special desserts that you can only get at Hersheypark. Sometimes I'll go just for the food!"

*Jersey Momma tip: for more pics of Hersheypark's awesome food offerings, including the delicious items at The Chocolatier, check out Hersheypark Eats on Instagram!

photos via Hersheypark

Hersheypark for Milton's Legacy

John C., Hersheypark season pass holder

"What makes a theme park really special, I think,  is when there's a story behind it. The history of Milton Hershey is really interesting, and his legacy lives on in Hersheypark and pretty much all of the Hershey landmarks and tourist spots. He wanted people to enjoy his town and his park for decades to come, and Hersheypark has continued to honor his legacy and his beliefs."

*Jersey Momma note: for more info about Milton Hershey's history and legacy, visit The Hershey Story Museum in Hershey, PA!

Holiday Magic at Hersheypark

Jessica Lopa, Sweetest Families Panelist, Mommy University

"We love everything about celebrating Christmas in the sweetest place on Earth. Each holiday season the excitement and the adventures get even sweeter and more magical. It’s partly because my kids are getting older so we are able to stay out later and experience more together as a family. It’s also because Hershey is always surprising us with new experiences such as new rides, shows and games. Each holiday season Hersheypark offers a new adventure and opportunities to make amazing new memories."

photo via Mommy University 

Hersheypark Happy

And what do I love best about Hersheypark? So many things! I love its proximity to New Jersey, so for those families looking to take a day trip or weekend getaway, it's perfect. I love the history it holds for my family- my husband and I visited as children and now we bring our own child here. We have been to the park and the Hotel Hershey so many times that it feels like a second home to us. The park's long time motto, 'Hersheypark Happy' and nickname 'The Sweetest Place on Earth,' really ring true. And I feel like it's a trip for everyone, not just families. Couples, singles, teens, tweens, grandparents- there is truly something for everyone here.  

*Jersey Momma tip: take a photo every year that you visit Hersheypark- you'll be amazed to see how your children grow!

For more information about Hersheypark or to plan your own visit, check out my Hershey Insider Page or visit www.Hersheypark.com

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