10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit The Chocolatier at Hersheypark's Chocolatetown

Saturday, May 29, 2021
The Chocolatier at Hersheypark's Chocolatetown is now open! I was fortunate to receive a sneak preview of the restaurant and their delicious menu before it opened to the public. I'm going to give you ten reasons why you need to visit The Chocolatier, but honestly, you don't need a reason. I promise you it's that good!

Disclosure: I was chosen to be a part of the Hershey Sweetest Families Panel, which means I am sometimes provided with passes to Hershey events, programs and activities in order to share them with you. Please check out all of my Hershey posts on my Hershey Insider Page! I was provided with a sneak peek and samples at The Chocolatier, but all opinions are my own.

10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit The Chocolatier at Hersheypark's Chocolatetown 
(in no particular order - are you ready?)

1. The Menu

Described by the head chef as 'fun to table,' this menu features unique and delicious choices. Not only do the options try to honor the legacy of Milton Hershey by including some of his favorites like chicken and waffles, but many offerings include chocolate infusions as an added touch (like the Hershey's Cocoa Barbecue Ribs, Heath Bar Crusted Salmon, and Reese's Peanut Butter Hummus just to name a few). My pick: the chicken and waffles was divine (and I don't usually like that kind of thing). The Reese's Peanut Butter Hummus might sound odd, but it was unique and surprisingly filling. Check out the full menu here. Looking for prices? Click on the pdf on The Chocolatier menu page and the full menu with pricing will come up.

2. The Cocktails

When staying at any Hershey resort (or visiting a Hershey resort restaurant) I always recommend trying one of their signature Hershey's chocolate martinis (I mean, how can you not??). But The Chocolatier offers up even more amazing concoctions at their beautiful carrousel-themed bar, including the Jolly Rancher green apple martini, the Reese's Cupfusion Old Fashioned and the Frozen Chocolatier (which are just a sampling of many). My pick: try the Jolly Rancher Green Apple Martini for a hint of both sweet and sour!

3. The Desserts

This goes without saying, right? This is a Hersheypark restaurant, after all, so you can expect the desserts to be incredible. But the fun part is that they offer everything from wild milkshakes and giant ice cream sundaes to cakes, cookies and even fondue (that's fun-due here).  I sampled a little bit of everything (and still barely cracked the menu) but my favorite from the samples provided was the cookies n' creme cheesecake.

4. The Decor

The Chocolatier features past and present pieces from the Hersheypark ride collection, so you might be seated at a booth from the Comet (complete with ride seatbelts) or the tilt-a-whirl. See if you can spot a Carrousel horse across the bar! Venture out to the patio for an instagram-worthy photo opp beside some colorful Hersheypark bumper cars or other classic ride pieces. Even the hanging light fixtures are shaped like coasters. 

5. The Patio

Nothing screams fun like a rooftop patio complete with bar, Hershey-themed cornhole, theme park props and an awesome view of coasters, carrousel and kisses fountain! Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while you chill out and listen to the sounds of the park! Don't worry, it's not too loud - the sounds of the coasters and the screams are just distant enough to make it fun and enjoyable. 

6. The Kids Menu

Every parent and caregiver appreciates a good kids menu! The kids menu at The Chocolatier features beloved favorites like chicken tenders, but also choices like grilled salmon or pasta. All kid entrees include a beverage and a dessert. Kids can also choose their own signature mocktails, like the Laff Trakk Lemonade or a Cotton Candy Fizz. If that's not enticing enough, they can try the extra chocolatey milk topped with whipped cream.

7. The Location

The Chocolatier is located just outside of Hersheypark, in Chocolatetown. It sits above the awesome Hersheypark Supply Co, as well as Milton's Ice Cream Parlor and The Sweeterie. Even better, it's just a stone's throw from the season pass holder parking lot, as well as Hershey Stadium. You can access it from inside or outside Hersheypark. Because of its location, you get amazing views of Hersheypark coasters, carrousel and the beautiful kisses fountain. 

8. The Convenience

The Chocolatier is a full-service restaurant, so you can sit, relax, and give your order to a server instead of standing on line waiting for your food. It will be open year round, and you don't need a ticket to Hersheypark to visit. You can access the restaurant from inside the park or outside the park. 

9. The Ferris Wheel Sampler

The ferris wheel sampler was the talk of the town long before The Chocolatier opened! A selection of five appetizers (Hershey's chocolate barbecue wings, crispy mozzarella, classic chicken tenders, buffalo chicken dip and soft pretzel dippers) are served to you in an adorable little ferris wheel. Talk about a photo opp!! And just in case you're curious, no, it doesn't rotate around. 

10. The Heart 

When I heard the team at The Chocolatier speak about the restaurant, I could tell how much heart and soul they put into it. They truly want this to be a place that guests can come to and enjoy. 'It takes a village to open a restaurant and this is our village,' the general manager stated as he referred to his team. 'Everyone has a hand in it.' You'll even spot some tables that were handcrafted by the students at The Milton Hershey School. 

Things to Note:

-The Chocolatier will be open year round. Hours will adjust seasonally so always check their website for operating times. 
-This is a full service restaurant, so you can chill out and relax, letting your server take care of you!
-Televisions are mounted at both the indoor and outdoor bars, in case there's an important game or event you want to see on screen while you visit.
-Gluten-free, vegan/vegetarian and even 'hint of chocolate' are listed on the menu (look for the "C" next to items on the menu if you want a dinner choice with a chocolate touch!). Some items can be prepared vegan by request. Let food servers know of any allergies and they will work to accommodate you. 
-The Chocolatier does not take reservations. Patio is also first-come, first-served. Expect wait times on busy days or grand opening weekend (especially on bad weather days, since the patio seating can't be utilized). I assure you it's worth waiting for!

For more information, follow @HersheyparkEats on Instagram, The Chocolatier on Facebook, or visit The Chocolatier website.

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