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Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Toy Fair New York 2020 is only a few weeks away, so I'm flashing back to last year's show for a quick reminder! Check out all of the amazing toys and goodies featured in 2019, and stay tuned for all of the fun finds this year. Watch my social channels and the blog for TFNY coverage beginning in February!

Happy TFNY! I love sharing what's unveiled at Toy Fair New York and what we can look forward to for the holiday season. If you're wondering what's new from some of your favorite brands this year, check out what I found and let me know what you think. Some of these toys look amazing!! More posts to come!

I designed this post for easy reading so you can scroll through or 'browse' to find what you're looking for. And just to disclose here, this is not a sponsored post! No one paid me to write this, and although some booths provided me with samples, this did not influence my writing or my choice of who to feature.

1. LEGO - Hidden Side, Toy Story 4 and More

It's always exciting to see what LEGO has in store for its customers. This year there are tons of new kits based on our favorite movies, games and shows. There are several new sets based on The LEGO Movie 2...

And then there are sets from Toy Story 4 (so new, they don't even have the art for the box yet!)...

And sets for the new Jurassic Park LEGO TV series, coming soon...

We can't forget Star Wars, and since this is the 20th anniversary of LEGO's affiliation with Star Wars, they have some mini figures to commemorate it...

There's an entire series based on Overwatch coming, too...

But the biggest news from LEGO is their HIDDEN SIDE series. Here's a blurb from their press release: "LEGO Hidden Side includes a series of eight 'haunted' building sets full of awesome functionality and secret surprises that, on their own, provide the build and role play fun of any LEGO play theme. Activating the bespoke AR app developed together with the theme brings the models to life, revealing a hidden world of interactive mysteries and challenges to solve. When combined, the two worlds make each other even more compelling and fun. LEGO Hidden Side building sets deliver everything kids love and expect from a LEGO building experience – the challenge of the build, a detailed model with functionality, and minifigure characters set in a story-driven universe. Each model can be built as it appears by day – a school house, bus, or graveyard, for example – and has transforming functionality to become the haunted version of itself."  This was really amazing to see live and in-person. I have seen apps incorporated into toys before, but never anything quite like this. I think it's going to be a huge hit (because even without the app, the kits are really cool. They 'transform' from normal to haunted).

2.  Jazwares - Roblox, Peppa Pig, Angry Birds 

Jazwares had so many fun and innovative toys that were brand new, I couldn't even take photos of them! But here are a few that I was permitted to share with you, including their awesome Peppa Pig Transforming Camper:

And Roblox fans will appreciate the new play-sets of one of their favorite games, JailBreak:

3. Moose Toys - DoughMis, Treasure X and Fortnite Collectibles

Moose Toys was one of my favorite booths this year! New in the Pikmi Pop line is the DoughMis (think Pikmi Pop transformed into plush donuts)! They come in different sizes (original, 'jelly filled' and jumbo!) with mini trinkets and that delicious pikmi scent, of course!

The Treasure X line has expanded to feature dragons now, as well as a carry case for your favorite Treasure X characters. Prepare for ultimate grossness as the Treasure X Aliens arrive, too. You'll be able to 'dissect' your own alien, straight from the slime. The case has a spot to store your slime in when you're done, too (oh, and the slime can also ooze from the eye sockets of the alien body!).

Moose also has an entire new line of Fortnite collectibles, from mini figures to MightyBeanz!

4. Crayola - Glitter Dots and More

Crayola never fails to disappoint! Check out their new Glitter Dots, which take the mess out of glitter. These little glitter balls contain everything you need for fun crafting! They're easy to decorate with and no glitter mess!! You literally just press them into your suncatcher or picture (there are different crafting kits to choose from, or you can buy the glitter dots on their own in different color packs).

Crayola's Color Chemistry Arctic Lab is already on my must-buy list for the holidays, and includes fun, colorful experiments with an arctic theme.

I also loved their line of new bike helmets and scooters, coming soon.

Crayola also carries a Silly Putty line, which will soon be catering to the adult market! Check out their Silly Putty scented gift sets. Great for stress relief!! They smell amazing, too.

5. Squishmallows - Sequins and Hug Mees

I love Squishmallows (from Kellytoy), and they are so popular that I plan to write a whole separate blog post about what they have to offer this year. But for now, two things to highlight are their line of sequined Squishmallows, featuring colorful mermaid sequins on familiar Squishmallows bodies. Hug Mees kind of look like Squishmallows with little arms and legs. They're just as soft and squishy as the 'mallows! They come in various sizes and animal breeds, too.

6. Bonkers Toys - Ryan's World, FGTeeV

You Tube fans will love all of the fun new additions to the Ryan's World collection from Bonkers Toys, including plenty of figurines, blind boxes and surprise eggs.

Bonkers will also offer a line of toys based on the popular You Tube channel, FGTeeV.

7. Big Mouth - Giant Lawn Sprinklers

Big Mouth Inc. created quite an internet sensation last summer with the introduction of their GIGANTIC unicorn lawn sprinkler. This year they're offering up more styles, including a blue monster, a giant purple gorilla, a dinosaur, a pink elephant and a demogorgon from Stranger Things (although I don't know if they plan on selling that one)! How cool is that?

8. PlayMonster - My Fairy Garden, Marbleocity and My Singing Monsters

I've always loved the My Fairy Garden kits from PlayMonster. Now the sets come with little bridges so you can connect your houses. Some have fun features like solar panels to make little windmills go, or bee and ladybug houses.

Their Marbleocity kits are also really cool and would make great gifts. Their mini kits had a color element to them, too.

My Singing Monsters bring a popular app to life, with figures that work together to create their own little harmony. They were really amazing to see all together when the entire set was singing!

9. Kess Toys - Drop Dots Balls and Ice Hoops

Kess is well known for their awesome hula hoops and balls. This year, their Ice Hoops stole the show at Toy Fair New York! They also come in a light-up version which is motion sensored, so movement causes them to light up.

Their Drop Dot Balls are also noteworthy, and are great for sensory enhancement with their fun "prickly" exteriors! They're actually not prickly at all but super soft, and really bouncy, too!

10. Gund Plush and Sesame Street Toys

Who doesn't love Gund, right? They are a classic brand that everyone knows and cherishes. This year I fell in love with their Toothpick plush, like the lion, fennec fox and lemur pictured below: These are due to hit stores in June. See the tag? ;) And if you want one, always, always look for the official Gund tags. All of us are pretty good about spotting fakes out there. It's pretty easy to tell them apart. Gund is known for high quality, so if you don't see that and don't see a Gund tag, don't buy it!

Their unicorn collection also stole my heart. Every plushie is more fun with a unicorn horn, right?

Gund is also helping to celebrate Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary, with tons of plush and cute collectible items. I love those little blind boxes!

Please keep in mind that many of the toys in this post are new to the market. That means you might not be able to find them in the stores yet, but they're coming soon! Some may be available now.

Be sure to check out my follow-up Toy Fair New York posts, including 10 Fun Finds from TFNY, coming soon!

My Amazon affiliate links below contain some of the items mentioned in this post.


  1. Oh I love seeing everything I missed! You are my Toy source! Next year I might have to live there for four days!

  2. Love the peek at all you got to see at TFNY! I can totally see baby Kai carrying around one of those Gund toothpick plushies....so sweet!

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