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Wednesday, January 15, 2020
If you're looking for the best digital photo frame and you do a quick online search for photo frame reviews, you'll find tons of choices on the market. No worries, I'm here to help and I can honestly tell you that I've found one of the best smart digital photo frames ever! It's the Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame, and I've organized this review into 5 simple points for easy reading.

Disclosure: Nixplay provided me with a sample frame to review, but this in no way influenced my opinion. I tell it like it is, people! If I didn't like it, I wouldn't even be writing this. I am also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. 

What is Nixplay Smart Photo Frame?

Nixplay's Smart Photo Frame is actually America's #1 selling digital photo frame, with over 2 million units sold. They come in different sizes and models, which you can compare here, or visit the Nixplay website to see them all.  I'm not an employee of theirs or anything, so if you want more details about sizes, styles and extra features, check out this page on the Nixplay website and see which frame is right for you.

And I'll be honest here, I was skeptical at first. Many digital photo frames are just - meh - as far as quality and ease of use go. There are usually memory sticks or cords that you have to plug into your phone. And after that the photos are often a pain to transfer into the frame. Nixplay is NOT like that at all. I was honestly amazed.

I know your time is precious, and who wants to read a 20 page review? So here are 5 pinpointed reasons why I think you'll totally love Nixplay Smart Photo Frame, too.

1. No Memory Sticks!

This was HUGE for me. There is nothing to plug into the frame from your phone, no memory cards, no memory sticks. All I needed to do was download the Nixplay cloud app and connect the frame to my WiFi (which was actually super easy - instructions were very clear and done step by step right on the frame using a small remote control). Once your WiFi is synched to the frame, you can start adding photos right from your phone or from your photo storage (I actually loaded mine directly from Google Photos). It has capability with most photo storage programs, including Instagram, Google Photos and even Alexa, just to name a few.

2. Easy to Use App and Functionality

I'm not a fan of adding tons of apps to my phone- it seems like everyone wants you to download an app these days and my phone only has so much storage space! But this one is important and you'll definitely use it. I love changing up my photo playlists and being able to get photos right from my phone for the frame. The app is very simple to use and adding the photos is a snap.

3. Sharing and Printing Capabilities

Yup, you heard that right. You can share photos from frame to frame! So that means if you gift a frame to a family member, you can share your Nixplay photos right to their frame and vice versa! Isn't that incredible?! Think about that: "Hey, mom, wait till you see our pictures from the zoo today! Oh wait, I'll send them to your Nixplay frame, hold on." And bam! Mom has those pics right in her own living room! This is wonderful for people who don't use social media sites or who prefer not to share famly photos online.

To top it off, if you want to order prints or photo gifts right from your frame, you can do it. The Nixplay frame is partnered with Fuji Film.

4. Amazing Image Quality

The photos displayed on the Nixplay frame were crystal clear. They have pretty transitions from photo to photo, too, not just fade outs. It's like watching your own personal slide show. On a particularly dreary day, I love to play our 'Turks and Caicos' photo playlist. It's like bringing a little bit of sunshine right into our living room!

5. Remote Control and Motion Sensor

It seems like such a small thing but I love the little remote control feature. I can use this to choose new photo playlists, change settings, change the photos, turn the frame off/on. I also love the fact that you can set the frame to motion sensor mode, so that it will go off/on without you even having to do anything (note that the model I have is the 10.1 inch photo frame and not all of the models offer the same kind of motion sensor, so be sure to compare models if this is something you are interested in).

Bonus: Wall Mountable or Free Standing

If you prefer to have your frame on the wall, Nixplay Smart Frame comes with wall mounting capability. If you prefer to keep it on a table or desk, there is a bendable cord behind it that makes the frame hard to knock over or tip over like a regular photo frame.It pretty much stands on its own without that typical little fold out flap that most regular frames have.

For more info, check out Nixplay online (visit their website for the best prices, deals and sales):

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