Flashback to 10 Fun Finds from Toy Fair New York TFNY 2019

Monday, January 13, 2020
Toy Fair New York 2020 is only a few weeks away! So here's a little flashback post to some of the amazing toys and goodies I found at TFNY 2019. Stay tuned for this year's show coverage, beginning in February!

Toy Fair New York (TFNY) is such an exciting weekend. I look forward to it every year! It's a great opportunity to see all of the hottest new toys for the year, as well as learn about some new brands and companies that I might not have had a chance to see otherwise. Hopefully you read my post, What's New from Your Favorite Brands at Toy Fair New York to see what's up and coming in the toy industry.  But this post is going to focus on some unique finds and smaller brands that I would love for you to learn about!

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post! Some companies may have provided me with sample products (but some did not). This post is really about sharing my honest thoughts and opinions with you.

1. Great Pretenders

My pal over at Kid Congeniality pulled me into the Great Pretenders booth and I'm so glad she did! They had the most beautiful dress-up items and accessories for girls and boys! High quality, gorgeous items! I particularly loved their Disney inspired dresses and their color-in collection ('colour' on their site because they are based in Canada!).

2.  Yummy World and Kid Robot

I've always been a fan of KidRobot and their Yummy World line! This year they have new plush like animal crackers and fiery cheese puffs. The juice pouch and breakfast pastry guy also made my heart skip a beat! But their awesome vinyl blind boxes were one of my favorites- the Fraggle Rock characters, Hello Sanrio, Gourmet Snacks and Attack of the Donuts just to name a few! Also new this year are the BAGS!! Donut and Ice Cream Sandwich bag (the donut can be worn as a backpack) can be found on the KidRobot website. Get em while you can!

3. Choo-Choo Shoes

If you have a little train fan in your house, then Choo-Choo Shoes are a must have! Not only do they look like little train engines, but they actually make a choo-choo sound and light up when your child steps (jump, and the shoes whistle like a train; stomp, and they chug)! The sound feature can be turned on or off, so don't worry, you don't have to hear the choo-chooing all day. They also come in pink!

4. Zuru - Bunch o Balloons Party Pump 

I honestly have to say the Bunch o Balloons Party Pump from Zuru is one of the coolest items I saw at Toy Fair New York. It can inflate 40 balloons in 40 seconds! No ribbon tying, no struggling with knots. It was super easy to use (and I was skeptical, believe me). Plus, you can use it to inflate other items like pool tubes and air mattresses. There's even an adapter for helium! They say it will retail for around $14.99 at Walmart in a few months, or you can buy a party bundle online for $29.99.

5. 4D Cityscape Puzzles

These 4D puzzles from 4D Cityscape were actually like works of art! If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you'll truly appreciate them. But they also have city puzzles too. I was totally impressed with their New York City puzzle (Amazon affiliate link). I think they'd make a great gift for someone special, and would look incredible hung on the wall!

6. Squishables

Don't you love the faces of these adorable Squishables?? The avocado is their best seller, and the center 'pit' is actually removable! I loved their Tooth Fairy pillow, and their 'Undercoverables' that come with outfits you can change.

7. Aliquantum Brands (Rilakkuma and More)

Aliquantum has brought some awesome Japanese brands here to the U.S and I love them all. The lovable bear Rilakkuma (who has a series coming to Netflix soon) is probably the most recognizable. But AfroKen (the dog with the rainbow afro) was a favorite of mine in the early 1990's. He's back!  I loved everything in their line from Amuse as well as the Sumikkogurashi plushies, too. My local Barnes and Noble carries a lot of their products, but you can also find them online at Jellybeet.com Use code NYTF2019 for 20% off your purchase (that's NOT an affiliate code, I'm just sharing a discount with you)! Expires 5-5-2019.

8. Pix Perfect 

Pix Perfect sent me this amazing kit to try out (mine is still in the works), but it's so unique and fun that I had to share it here (it's almost like a Lite Brite for the new generation!). Their pics on social media during Toy Fair New York were really awesome! I will update this post with my own pics when my project is complete, but in the meantime, check out the video below to see how it works.


9. Loungefly Bags and Wallets 

There is nothing like a Loungefly bag, especially for fans of pop culture. They make great gifts for tweens or adults, and they have every theme you can imagine, from Disney characters to movie favorites. Check out some of the Toy Fair debuts below. The Lilo and Stitch ones- couldn't ya just die??

10. Princess Paradise

Princess Paradise had such GORGEOUS costumes for kids and adults, I had to share them here! From licensed characters (like Star Wars, Marvel and DC) to holiday outfits, there was a little something for everyone. I LOVED their Feed Me line (which might not be available yet, just stay tuned- it's coming). The concept is that kids can wear them trick-or-treating or on an Easter egg hunt. The front of the costume has a little pouch for candies and goodies! If you can't find their costumes online, they do sell some on Amazon.

Be sure to read my past posts about Toy Fair New York. Each one contains great gift ideas and fun toys that are still relevant today!

You can also check out some of these featured items in my Amazon affiliate links below!

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