6 Fun Rainy Day Activities

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Being stuck in the house on a wet and rainy day is no fun. While nothing is stopping you from wearing your raincoats and going out in the wet weather, not everyone wants to or enjoys being in the cold rain. Finding some fun rainy-day activities can help you stave off boredom and keep those young hands and minds active and occupied. So let's take a look at six fun rainy-day activities for kids that make staying home less boring.

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Floor Art

This doesn't mean letting your child color on your carpet or wooden flooring with paint, but simply placing paper all across the floor for them to draw on. Let them create roads and towns for their toy cars or dolls, allow them free drawing, and create a glorious masterpiece that is too big for the fridge. Grab some floor covering; plastic sheets will probably work best to protect your floor. Then lay all the paper, paints, crayons, and supplies needed to help them create something and keep them busy for a while.

Some good ideas for creating floor art include:

-Running toy cars through paint and driving them across the paper
-Making footprint pathways
-Playing with different textiles or objects to see what kind of patterns they create when dipped in paint
-Adding embellishments
-Drawing a forest or animals

Free Play

There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your child become bored and using their imagination to keep themselves occupied. In fact, this type of play is often encouraged in children of all ages to help them discover their imagination and keep it alive. Structured play takes away all of the potential and creativity from play. Play should be fun and engaging for your child, and free play allows this. So stop at the first "I'm bored" and let them figure it out. This is easier for older children, but for younger ones, you might need to have a selection of toys handy for them to play with however they see fit; from the Best Montessori Toys for 3 Year Olds to playing with dolls, action figures, or musical instruments. Give them the tools, but let them decide how they want to play with them.

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Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts can be anything and everything. Grab your dedicated supplies or round up a selection of odd items from around the house to help them get creative and see what they can do. They can learn a new skill like knitting (if they're old enough) or experiment with making puppets on household rubber gloves for example. The more unusual the craft, the more fun they could have.

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Dress Up

Let them dress up in your clothing, use household items to create costumes, or anything else you have on hand. Dressing up is a great way to spark the imagination and allow kids to get into the role of the character they're creating. If they're a little bit older, why not help them design outfits? You can introduce kids to upcycling clothing, act out a scene from their favorite movie, or turn themselves into their favorite music artist. For younger kids, let them wear random items in a safe way, of course, and become different characters or animals and immerse yourself in their world to bring it to life.

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Sensory Play Tray

Ideal for younger kids, all you need to do is find a tray or a tub big enough and fill it with different items. It can be filled with rice, flour, sand, or cornflakes. You can have wet and dry sections, and you can add in different textures such as aluminum foil, velvet, wool, or sponges. Then add in things like scoops, spoons, and sticks to help them explore the tray and bring a fun sensory experience to life.

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Make A Den

Making a fort or den is a classic idea that never gets old. You can make a den with anything, anywhere in your home. From the simple sheet-over dining chairs set up to something more elaborate, get to work with your kids! You can create the perfect den with lighting, cushions, books, activities, and more to brighten your rainy day. Kids can play, relax, have snacks, or watch a movie. It's entirely up to you what you do! A den can provide hours of entertainment- from the setup to spending the day inside- what's not to love?

Keeping kids occupied at home on a rainy day isn't always easy, but these fun tips will turn frowns upside down and keep your entire household happy. 

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