10 Non-Active Activities for Kids Who Don't Enjoy Exercise

Monday, July 10, 2023
While being active may not be everyone's cup of tea, that doesn't mean kids can't still have fun! These 10 non-active activities are designed specifically to keep kids who don't love exercising entertained.  Whether it's educational or creative; this list offers something for all kids' tastes. Read on and discover some fantastic ideas that don't require being physically active, but still foster learning and development.

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Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts can be an engaging activity that provides children with hours of creative play without needing to get active. Arts and crafts offer endless possibilities, from painting and drawing, to making decorations or jewelry from everyday items. You can purchase craft kits in most stores that contain everything needed to start crafting; plus there's no need for much space or materials in order to make something extraordinary. Additionally, this form of self-expression provides children an outlet to express themselves creatively.

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Board Games & Activities

Playing board games and activities can provide hours of enjoyment while simultaneously teaching key life lessons such as strategy and problem-solving abilities. From classics such as Monopoly and Clue to newer offerings on the market - or DIY options such as creating a scavenger hunt or making your own board game, to even classic activities like crossword puzzles or word searches! - board gaming offers hours of enjoyment while teaching valuable life skills!


Gardening is a wonderful outdoor activity to help introduce children to nature and its wonders. Depending on their age, children can help with planting and weeding or simply explore the garden by identifying different plants. Gardening can be an opportunity to educate your child about nutrition, too. While planting vegetables, they can chart plant growth and harvest items to prepare and eat. Children can experiment by planting color combinations of flowers, adding an element of creativity to the learning process. By taking care of what they plant, they're also learning important lessons about responsibility.  

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Baking can be an engaging, creative activity for children without requiring physical activity. Plus, it teaches important lessons about nutrition, kitchen safety, and meal prep, all while having fun! You can start off with simple recipes like smoothies or cookies before gradually working up to more complex dishes. Don't forget about cleaning up afterwards, since that can be just as rewarding and beneficial.

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Reading not only educates children, but also fosters creativity when they lose themselves in the pages of a favorite book. Encourage your child's literacy skills by creating a cozy reading corner in your home or taking trips together to the library. Summer reading activities like this one may help motivate your children. Start read-alouds together so your little ones can practice their reading skills, too.

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Writing can be an excellent way for children to express themselves creatively without being physically active. Encourage your child to write stories, poems, letters to friends and family- whatever sparks their imagination! Self-expression helps kids manage emotions and describe how they're feeling. Writing can  refine language skills while honing focus. Try to  encourage drawing/coloring alongside writing, as this will foster creativity and more means of expression. Don't worry about proper spelling and grammar- just let the creative juices flow!

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