4 Great Ways to Be More Adventurous in the Kitchen

Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Even if you love to eat, you might end up making the same meals each week. While this creates a comfortable sense of familiarity, it also means you end up going through the motions. You eat your meal because it tastes good, but the experience becomes robotic and monotonous. Becoming more adventurous in the kitchen is an excellent way to fall back in love with cooking, so here are a few helpful tips to try. 

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Start With Something Small 

When opting to be more adventurous and spice up your food in the kitchen, people often make the same mistake: they try to go too big, too soon. While no one can blame you for trying, it could also be a recipe for disaster (see what I did there?). You don’t want to plan a huge, complicated meal only to get it all wrong because you’re not used to different timings or measurements. If you want to avoid disappointment, start with something small. A straightforward side dish is ideal for beginners and you can build your skills from there. 

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Give Yourself a Weekly Challenge 

If you feel like you always make the same meals, why not add a little twist to the cooking process? Enjoy your time in the kitchen with some fun challenges that can improve your cooking and introduce you to a variety of new dishes. These challenges will drag you out of your comfort zone, especially if you choose themed dishes each week. You might spend a lot of time making traditional local meals, but looking beyond your immediate skill set is a good idea. You can try a week of Mexican food and then try Thai or Indian the week after. The great thing about these options is that the cuisine is so diverse that you’ll always find something you might like. 

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Opt for Organic 

The supermarket has become essential for anyone who loves to cook. But organic food from local markets could take your meals to the next level and introduce you to more adventurous options. Again, you're better off starting small and keeping things simple, but even roasting mushrooms in the oven that you purchased from a market will be ten times better than supermarket options. These organic foods are better for your family and more sustainable, so you can feel good about helping the environment while chowing down. 

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Try Things You Think You Don’t Like

Everyone has food they don’t like, which usually stems from bad memories when they were younger as the food was over or undercooked or not seasoned properly. Now that you’re older, you can explore how to prepare this food properly, and you might find that it is as delicious as everyone else says. 
There are potentially hundreds of great foods that you’re missing out on, all because you remember steamed vegetables as a standard roast side. If you tried roasted veggies with a little salt and pepper, you could find out just how mouth-watering everyday broccoli or carrots can be. 

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A Taste Adventure 

Cooking should be exciting, and you’ll quickly discover seemingly complicated meals are just as simple as your tried-and-tested favorites. If you and your family feel like your weekly meals have become a little boring, consider how these ideas could transform your approach to family dinner time and maybe even introduce you to a brand new cuisine. 

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