5 Things You Need to Check Out This Summer

Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Summer is finally here and I found some fun things you need to check out this season! From travel tips to fun and self-care, I know this is a list you'll love. I only share things that I'm totally enthusiastic about, so I assure you that these are suggestions you'll love for summer (or any time of year for that matter)! 

Disclosure: I would never tell you to try something if I didn't totally love it myself. This post contains some affiliate links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I may earn a (very small) commission from qualifying purchases. You can read more about this on my Disclosure page. 

1. Packing Cubes

I can't believe I lived my whole life without packing cubes. On our recent trip to Arizona, I used these exact packing cubes in my suitcase and I didn't even have to check my bag! I was able to fit all of my clothes in my carry-on. You just fold your items neatly and place them inside the packing cubes. Zip them up and you'll be amazed by how much space you saved. Not only that, but there's no more rummaging through your bag to look for your outfits. Everything is neatly organized in each cube (shorts/pants in one cubes, swimsuits in another, shirts in another, etc.). I plan on buying these for everyone in my family. Find them on Amazon here

2. Schwinn e-bikes

If you like bike riding but you'e not crazy about how tired you feel after pedaling, check out Schwinn's e-bikes! While electric bikes and "analog" bikes have mainly the same parts, e-bikes also have an electrical component that gives an added boost, whenever you need it. According to Schwinn, "Unlike a motor scooter, the electrical component doesn’t always completely replace the need for pedaling your bicycle. Some bikes have a throttle feature that allows you to rely entirely on the motor to propel the bike, and the main drawback to using the throttle is decreased range. Regardless of whether you use a throttle or pedal-assist system, an e-bike allows you to travel further and with more ease over obstacles (such as hills) that might have presented a challenge in the past." Schwinn's e-bikes are also pretty fun looking, if you ask me. There are styles for kids and a special models such as electric cruiser, and electric mountain. You can see the entire line at SchwinnBikes.com or check them out on Amazon

3. Hopper

Hopper is a travel app that you might not have heard of, but really need to check out. It's not just for frequent travelers. I found it especially helpful as a person who hasn't traveled since the pandemic. I felt totally out of touch with the entire airline system and how to find the best deals for tickets. Hopper can watch flights for you, let you know when the best time is to buy tickets, and help you find the best rates. They can also help you find deals on car rentals, hotels and so much more. The app is really user-friendly, too, trust me on this one. And yes, that's me with the Hopper bunny - we were enjoying a mimosa together. 

4. Facials at Massage Envy

Did you know that Massage Envy now offers facials? Neither did I!! I think this is genius, especially since it's difficult to get an appointment with my own dermatologist these days. Massage Envy now offers acne care, chemical peels, customized facials and so much more. They even have a special light treatment to help with wrinkles. Visit MassageEnvy.com to find the location near you (you can even book an appointment online). 

5. Mickey and Friends Street Beach

I'm in love with this collection on Amazon (yes, Amazon!!) called Mickey and Friends Street Beach! From the cups and the adorable plates, apparel for kids, even the surfer Mickey plush, I just love everything they have to offer. The colors give the products a kind of retro summer feel and I'm totally here for it! see the entire collection here

photo via Amazon

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