Are These Mistakes Stopping Your Child from Turning the Page?

Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Reading from a young age can provide any child with a wide range of known and proven benefits, including supported cognitive development and improved language skills to name just the top two. Unfortunately, while early exposure to books and reading can factor in the development of a lifelong love, many parents who have spent hours reading the same picture books over and over still find that there comes a time when their child’s reading passion dwindles. This can happen at any age and, sometimes, developmental or hormonal changes can mean a temporary shift that quickly resolves itself. However, if your child looks like they’re off books for the long haul, it might be worth considering whether these surprisingly common mistakes are to blame.

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1. Too much pressure

Teachers and parents who are well aware of the benefits that regular reading can bring will often make an effort to encourage this habit with dedicated reading time or book-based assignments. Unfortunately, even for children who love picking up the latest read in their downtime, this enforced reading focus can quickly turn a pleasure into a chore. Over time, enforced reading could even eliminate free and chosen reading time altogether. While using books within lessons is of course beneficial, we should still incorporate reading for pleasure, and allow kids to choose books that appeal to them on a personal level.

2. Reading above their skill level

Children with a passion for reading can often fixate on the idea of reading ‘adult’ or more advanced texts, and it’s natural that you’ll want to encourage this. Unfortunately, even advanced young readers may struggle to find enjoyment in adult narratives or educational texts. Getting 'stuck' on words or being confused about the plot could leave a child feeling defeated and not wanting to continue.
So it's worth recommending new levels and exposing your child to books within their abilities. It is still possible to expand their skill set this way through the use of well-chosen hi lo books that continue to expose them to more accessible in-depth topics. This ensures that reading remains fun, accessible, and a pursuit that they never feel the need to avoid. 

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3. Failing to branch out

While finding their preferred reading genre can help a child to embrace literature, always reaching for the same kinds of reading materials can cause boredom and limited titles. By comparison, exposure and access to a wide range of both fiction and nonfiction texts can keep interest strong, ensuring both the most varied education, and guaranteeing that your child never finds themselves bored by the adventures and opportunities hiding in their library

Most children have a natural creativity and desire to learn. By encouraging them and guiding them on their reading journey, we can ensure that they develop a true love of reading that lasts for years to come.

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