How to Get the Entire Family Into Fitness

Wednesday, June 9, 2021
Fitness is important for everyone. Whether you are older and want to loosen up your joints or young and want to achieve incredible fitness, everyone can benefit from exercise. Even kids should integrate fitness into their everyday routines (put down those smartphones!). Being active by running around and participating in sports is good for growth and health. Exercising as a family can be motivating and fun. If you are trying to get the entire family involved in fitness, here are some quick tips. 

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Follow a Plan

Some people fall off of the fitness bandwagon if they don't have a set plan. With a plan, it can be easier to stick to a schedule and prioritize an exercise routine on chosen days. 

Try to wake up at the same time every day and participate in an exercise activity before starting school or work. You could all go for a family walk, participate in family yoga, or play some sports. 

Following a plan and exercising together can promote bonding as well as help you all achieve your goals. Some people like to follow celebrity fitness plans to achieve their health and fitness, and many kids love wrestlers, actors and musicians, so this could be good inspiration for them. Just as an example, you could follow along with John Cena’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan to achieve a better physique and discover what he integrates into his lifestyle for better overall fitness. 

Participate in Sports

You can achieve family fun and exercise goals by participating in sports together. You could play basketball, backyard football, or pitch baseballs at the local park for you all to have fun and get fit. 

All families are different and enjoy different kinds of sports. Remember that karate and gymnastics are also sports, so switching it up can make it fun and allows family members to pick what they like to do best. Hopefully, if you allow each family member to pick a sport to play, then everyone will likely stay engaged and have fun exercising. 

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Stretch to Avoid Injury

Injuries are no fun, so don't jump right into an activity without preparation. To avoid pain and injury, be sure to stretch before and after exercise. A gentle warm-up will help loosen muscles and joints and get the blood flowing. Then, after a workout, you should perform cool-down stretches to help your muscles relax. Without stretching, your muscles can become inflamed and you can experience delayed onset muscle soreness. Avoiding injuries will mean that all family members can consistently participate in family exercise and not be discouraged by injuries and soreness.

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Get it Out of the Way

Adults are more likely to stick to a routine and participate in exercise at the set time of day. Kids can be less motivated after school or a day out. So try sticking to a routine and getting the exercise out of the way before kids want to turn to their devices or smartphones.  

Switch it Up 

Sticking to the same exercise classes or patterns can get boring, especially for younger children who like variety in their everyday routine. Switching up your exercise routine will make it fun and exciting. It will likely motivate you to be consistent with your workouts as trying something new each week will give you all a new challenge. You might even find a new exercise or sport that you love and take it up as a hobby rather than a chore. 

If you are stuck for ideas on activities, sports, or exercise classes to try with the entire family, here are some ideas:

  • Walks: Anyone can enjoy a walk. Adding a new walking route each week will give you a nice change of scenery and make the walk more motivating. 
  • Swimming: Swimming is an activity everyone can enjoy. You could swim in your local pool or in your own yard if you're fortunate enough to have a pool. Splashing around or swimming laps is a great way to stay fit and have fun with the family. 
  • Yoga/Pilates: You can enjoy gentle exercises that improve health and wellness such as yoga and pilates. These classes are more gentle and calming, which is ideal for kids, too. These classes are a great way to practice mindfulness and start your day with a clear mind. 
  • Dance: If you want to get everyone’s heart rates up and have fun with fitness, then a dance class is ideal. Everyone can enjoy dancing around, whether it is serious or just for a laugh on Tik Tok. 

No matter how you decide to incorporate fitness into your family routine, have fun! Smiling and laughing while you work out is the best way to stay fit. 

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