Top Activities to Do with Your Children

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
'What should we do this weekend?' It's a common question I hear from many families and parents. Deciding what to do with your children can be difficult. Sometimes it feels like you've exhausted all of your ideas, or maybe it’s raining outside and your rainy day plans are getting boring and redundant. Trying to come up with inexpensive, fun plans for a family isn't as easy as it sounds! So let's take a look at nine different activities that you can do with your children. All of them are cost-effective and won’t require much planning. 

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Weather permitting, outdoor swimming is always a popular option. Not only is swimming great for physical activity, it's also fun and kids usually love it. Memberships at pools and lakes are good investments, but the gorgeous Jersey Shore is another convenient spot to take a dip (and play in the sand). You can set up backyard swimming pools (pop-up pools are all the rage these days) or water sprinklers, too. Don't forget your towels, a change of clothes, pool (or sand) toys, and a good brush to easily detangle hair

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Let the great bake-off begin! Gather your young bakers, divide them into teams and hold a fun bake-off. You can try no-bake treats or make something elaborate. Not only is baking a great way to have fun, it will also teach your children some valuable lessons in the kitchen. If a baking competition sounds like trouble to you, then opt for something simpler. Cupcakes, cookie decorating, basic brownies or rice krispy treats are always popular choices. Looking for something less sugary? You could always try this simple vanilla muffins recipe if you are stuck for ideas (it's one of my favorites!). 

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Make a Fort Together 

Hit up the linen closet and find some old blankets and comforters. They make great forts! Drape them between chairs or tables for the ultimate indoor play area. You can even have a competition and see who can make the best blanket fort in the house. Add some sleeping bags and get creative- you'd be surprised what you can use to 'furnish' a blanket fort! If blanket forts sound like too much work, grab some pillows and have the ultimate pillow fight smackdown instead!

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Hide and Seek 

A good, simple game that every child likes to play is hide and seek! Think back to when you were a kid- how much did you enjoy running around the house trying to find a secret spot that no one could find you in? It’s a fun game on rainy days, and one you can play multiple times with new hiding spots. For a challenging twist (and if your kids aren't too scared), you can play hide and seek in the dark, using flashlights as guides or even glow sticks. As a mom, I always liked trying to hide in places that doubled as a rest spot (the closet with a pillow, under the blankets on the bed, stretched out on the sofa, etc.)

Family Walk 

Taking a walk is a great way to bring your family together and get some fresh air. If it's muddy, grab  your boots and don't be afraid to splash around! Consider visiting a place you haven’t been before, or even a walk in the woods. If you feel comfortable, invite some friends along (at a safe social distance) and make a day out of it. Pack a picnic lunch with your favorite treats and snacks. If you do some research, you can find guides and suggestions for the best places to walk in your area. Maybe you have a national park nearby that you hadn’t even thought of. 

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Bike Ride

Bike rides are a great way to explore areas that you may not be able to reach by walking or in the car. If your children aren’t old enough to ride bikes independently yet, you can get training wheels for their bikes, making it a little easier for them. If you're an adult trying to lose weight or get more active, then you'll burn plenty of calories! Biking helps improve fine motor skills in children, as well as hand-eye coordination. Local parks, playgrounds, schools, and reservoirs often offer smooth bike paths away from traffic.

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Fruit Picking 

If it’s the right season, why not visit a local farm and pick your own fruits or vegetables together? It’s a great way to encourage your kids to get their 5 a day, too! When you arrive back home, you can use your fresh fruits and veggies to make dinner together. If the weather is nice you can even have a picnic with your pickings! Orchards and farms often have plenty of space, giving kids the perfect opportunity to run around and get active with you. 

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Movie Night

Turn your living room into a movie theater! Bring down your pillows, blankets and comforters and make the room as cozy as possible. Let your children pick the movie as a treat, and spread out some goodies to enjoy together. Order pizza or take-out for an easy dinner idea. If you want to watch multiple films, try out a streaming service like Netflix or Disney Plus. Movie Nights are fun any day of the week, rain or shine. In warmer weather you can even set up movies outdoors or rent an outdoor screen for movies under the stars. 


Lace up your bowling shoes and get your competitive spirit going with a trip to your local bowling alley. It's a fun activity to do as a family, and even little ones can play with gutter guards. Many bowling alleys also offer food and drink choices, so you can make a full evening of it! Check your local bowling alley for special events, too. Some offer glow bowling, themed nights or special events for children and teens. Don't forget to keep score and practice those math skills while you're at it! 

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Just remember that whatever you are doing, you're doing it together. Your kids will always remember the time you spend together, no matter what you do. Good fun doesn't have to cost a fortune (hide and seek is free, after all), and the memories you make will always be priceless.

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