8 Gift-Giving Tips: What Do You Get for the Person Who Has Everything?

Thursday, December 31, 2020
Have you ever tried to give a gift to someone but failed spectacularly? Maybe you thought hard about a gift but your recipient wound up hating it. Or maybe you crumbled under the pressure of picking a gift and ended up getting something completely lame. Never fear, The Jersey Momma has some new ideas for you!

Disclosure: this article is a collaborative guest post. It's dedicated to gift givers everywhere who struggle to find that perfect something. 😉

Whatever your gifting situation is, you're not alone! I assure you that I still struggle with gift buying at times, even for the people I know and love best. So if you’re concerned about your ability to give good gifts, here are a couple of tips that might help.

Edible Gifts Rock!

Okay, okay, maybe this isn't true for everyone. But the majority of people love good edible gifts, and there are so many unique ones on the market today. Goldbelly, Hershey's, Harry & David and FairyTale Brownies are some of my faves. Gift cards to a nice restaurant or even homemade baked goods can make anyone's day, too (but be aware of any food allergies).

Check out this edible gift box assortment from Busby's Family Kitchen!

Ask for Help

Don't be ashamed to ask around for help or advice. I've seen many Facebook posts where parents ask other parents about gifts for kids. You can also ask mutual friends for advice. In the end it shows that you took some initiative to find the gift, and, hey, that's gotta count for something, right? 

Gift an Experience

Experience gifts are so rewarding! Look into local venues or short trip ideas. Think about the age of your recipient and what they enjoy doing. Tickets to zoos, theme parks or museums are always fun. Unique experiences like hatchet throwing (we love our local Stumpy's Hatchet House), painting, or escape rooms are all popular choices.

Experience gifts - like a gift card to Stumpy's Hatchet House - are always a hit

Use a Gift Guide

If you’re looking for ideas for holiday gifts, you may want to check out a gift guide for more ideas. Gift guides are usually up-to-date with unique presents that have been newly released for the season. New video games, games consoles, toys, movies, or even unique gadgets can all be found in gift guides. Check out my entire collection of gift guides here (this is my forte, trust me). 

Make Your Own Gift 

If you’re pretty handy with DIY craft skills, then why not make a gift?  If you have the skills, knit a sweater or some socks, or check out my post of easy handmade gift ideas. Handmade suncatchers, memory stones or even votive holders are cute gifts and not too difficult to make. 

Email a Gift Card

If you know what your recipient likes but aren’t sure on specific gift ideas, why not try a gift card? There are pros and cons to gift card giving so make sure you read up on the specifics. If you're long distance, you can even send a gift card via email along with a funny message, image or video. You can find tons of colorful gift cards on Amazon, and some even come with animated email messages.

Personalize It!

A quick and easy way to give a nice gift is to personalize something. These days you can personalize just about anything online, such as shirts, sweaters, cups, or even bags and photo frames. You can make it even more special by personalizing something as sentimental as an engagement ring if the gift is for the love of your life. A customized diamond ring gives your gift new meaning; the receiver will be glad you did. There's no limitation on what can be custom-made. All you need is the concept; the professionals will handle the rest. A personalized gift instantly makes it more sentimental and thoughtful, don't you think?

Wish Lists

When all else fails, consider a wish list. Amazon has the option of creating and sharing wish lists, so then you'll know exactly what to buy for your loved one. There are even entire websites devoted to wish lists, such as Gift Hero and Giftster (I haven't tried either of these yet, so let me know how it goes if you do!). If you think there's no surprises in gift lists, think again. My husband and I like to put tons of items on our lists, so we never really know what we'll get for each other in the end. 

Even if you think you’ve picked out the perfect gift, the delivery can have a huge impact on the end result. Make sure you smile when you give your gift and be confident that your recipient will like it. I have a terrible habit of handing over gifts and saying, 'I'm not sure if you'll like this...' so don't set yourself up for gift giving failure! 

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