New & Noteworthy Toys from TFNY 2020: Toy Fair New York Round-Up

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Toy Fair New York 2020 featured some of the most amazing toys for the upcoming year. I highlighted 20 of my favorites in last week's round-up post, but I thought I'd share a few more fun finds from TFNY! Check out some of these amazing new toys, and start making those wishlists for upcoming holidays, birthdays and events!

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Ollyball Glow Party

The Ollyball weighs less than an ounce and absorbs shock with its patented KrunchCOR construction. That means kids can play ball safely indoors in any weather, day or night, without worrying about breaking things. The Ollyball can also be colored-in with markers and crayons. The newest version, the Ollyball Glow Party, comes with special markers that make it glow in the dark. Ollyball Girl Power is also available on Amazon. It's a fun activity for sleepovers and class parties, right?

My pal KidCongeniality says these are great for NYC apartments!

Silly Putty Cloud Putty

I know there are tons of slimes and fluffs available on the market these days but I really loved this version called Silly Putty Cloud Putty (from Crayola) . It has no smell and the more you play with it, the softer it gets. Plus, it doesn't dry out! It's packaged in a little cloud container for storage, too.

Aquabeads Gift Sets

I've always loved Aquabeads and it was fun to see all of the different kits available now. The Aquabeads Frozen 2 gift sets were super cute as well as the Trolls World Tour Play Set (coming soon - you can pre-order now on Amazon). The Frozen 2 set includes over 600 jewel and solid beads, and the new flip tray allows you to make more than one creation at a time.

Calico Critters Holiday Playhouses

Calico Critters Halloween Playhouse and Gingerbread Playhouse are adorable to display for the holidays. Each set comes with Calico Critters characters and accessories. I like the idea of these because you can display them during the holidays and even add more Calico Critters to them if you're a collector!

Foodie Surprise Yolkies from Redwood Ventures

Okay, so maybe edible candy egg yolk is not your snack of choice, but the little collectible character inside each Foodie Surprise Yolkies is adorable! There will be 12 mystery figures to collect in all, and look for holiday Yolkies coming soon, too! Each one can fit in the palm of your hand and you can mix and match their little outfits. And let's face it, I know a kid or two who would love to eat some candy slime, don't you? 😉

Schleich - Power of Imagination

Toy photographer Mitchel Wu is simply amazing, and his photo collaborations with Schleich were incredible to see (Mitchel was in the Toy Fair ribbon cutting ceremony and he even did a photo demo with Schleich so visitors could see how he works). His photos were inspired by the ideas of children, and featured Schleich's amazing characters in funny scenes (such as snake birthday parties and T-Rex headed to school). Schleich is celebrating 85 years of promoting imaginative play, and for that I am grateful! Their figurines are such high quality, kids are bound to have them for years. Mitchell Wu gives the new generation something fun to think about when it comes to "how" to play with your toys. Look for Schleich's  red tyrannosaurus rex in my upcoming Easter Gift Guide! I also love their rainbow unicorns and winged pegasus mares.

LEGO Collaborations

I love these new LEGO collaborations! Chronicle Books is releasing a fun LEGO Brick Notebook/DiaryLEGO Note Bricks (paper that looks like LEGO bricks- also available in orange) and LEGO brick erasers (due out soon, you can pre-order now), as well as this challenging LEGO Brick Paint Party puzzle (coming soon). There is a book about using LEGO to create still life art (Still Life with Bricks by Lydia Ortiz, available for pre-order) and a box of pretty LEGO still life postcards, too.  Look for fun LEGO shirts and kids wear, as well as LEGO luggage. all in 2020!

Hapinest Terrarium Nightlight Kit and DIY Dog Treat Set

Hapinest was featured in the front lobby of TFNY last year, and that's where it originally caught my eye. I love their creative ideas and attention to detail. My favorite was this terrarium night light and this fun Make and Take Dog Treat Set! Wouldn't that set go perfectly with my Easy Two Ingredient Dog Treats recipe? Just sayin'. 😉


They're soft foam blocks, they're magnets, they're bath toys - they're all of the above! Blockaroos are so versatile, you can build with them, play in the water, or simply connect the sets together to make new creations. The best part is that you can wash them in the dishwasher!! How awesome is that? The easy click-together building helps promote fine motor skills, STEM, color/shape recognition, and so much more.

Gund Hello Kitty Team USA

Hello Kitty is all set for the 2020 Olympics thanks to Gund!! Coming soon, this collection features Kitty in her best Team USA wear. There's even a little neck pillow you can use for traveling or watching the Olympics at home! Available soon - check your local retailer or Gund online.

Cats vs. Pickles

Cats vs. Pickles is a line of funny collectible plush characters from Cepia. They're based off the idea that cats are terrified of pickles (have you ever seen those internet videos of cats freaking out over cucumbers or squash?). These guys are so adorable and they're little beanbags that you can hold in the palm of your hand. The pickles are my favorite! Watch the Cats vs. Pickles videos or download the app for even more Cats vs. Pickles fun. Plush coming 2020.

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And here are some other fun suggestions from my Amazon affiliate links (hand picked by me, of course!)...

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