New Squishmallows from Toy Fair New York 2020: Kellytoy Squishmallow Booth Tour TFNY

Saturday, February 22, 2020
Squishmallows fans, rejoice! I got a sneak peek of the 2020 line of new Squishmallows coming soon from Kellytoy! These photos are all from Toy Fair New York. I do not know release dates/names/sizes but will update as soon as I hear anything.

Disclosure: These photos were taken at the Squishmallows booth at Toy Fair New York 2020. Please do not remove my watermark or steal photos! I share them here because I am a loyal Squishmallows fan and collector, too, so I know the sheer joy in seeing the new styles.

Holiday Lines

Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine styles below!

I'm including this photo (below), too, because the Valentine line is on the left. The others are miscellaneous squish that I loved!

Mystery Squad (Bagged)

There is a new "bagged" version of the Mystery Squad coming soon! They come in 5" and 7" and they are scented. Recommended for ages 3 and up due to the bag.

Micromallows Mystery Squad

Micromallows Mystery Squad in 8 styles - pegasus, caticorn, butterfly, dragon, lion, cat, fawn, and zebra. Adorable and about 2.5"

Regular Mystery Capsules are still available, too (below).

Ryan's World

Ryan is everywhere, so why not Squishmallows, too?

Assorted New Styles

I don't have exact specifications of sizes and/or names- sorry! These are just some general photos of new characters coming soon.

I was told the fruit in the top right is a cherry! Although I said she looks like a plum.

Other New Designs and Additions

These are similar to Stackables except they have arms and legs. They are supposed to be named Cuddlers.

Monogrammed? There wasn't much info about these.

Also coming soon are tons of new styles of clip-ons, neck pillows, Hug-Mees, and I was told I could hint that there *might* be a turkey released in time for Thanksgiving! We'll have to wait and see on that one.

More to Come- Check Back Soon! 

Check back again soon, as I will be updating this post with more photos and videos!


  1. i love the crab she is holding in the last image!

  2. How do you get the really small ones that don't have a keychain?

    1. Do you mean the MicroMallows? Certain stores sell them- Target, Indigo- they can be hard to find!

  3. do you know whre they sell the rainbow caticorns? i really want one but i cant find them ANYWHERE... :(

    1. I really don't, I'm sorry! Squishmallows in general are hard to find where I live. The stores that have them only seem to stock a few and they sell out immediately!


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