Valentine's Day Gift Guide: 6 Unique and Personal Gifts for Any Age

Monday, February 8, 2021
Love is in the air, and so are my Valentine's Day gift ideas! I've created a no-fuss Valentine's Day Gift Guide to help you find gifts for kids and loved ones of all ages. Even better, many of the gifts can be be personalized or customized. How cool is that?

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links (I'll always let you know if it's an affiliate link!), but I wouldn't recommend something to you unless I totally loved it myself. That being said, I also believe in shopping local. So if you think you can find some of these items in your favorite mom and pop shop, please go support them, too!

These gifts are great for any old time of year, so be sure to Pin these ideas for later!

1. Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame

You might have read my review on the blog of the Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame. I was given one as a sample to review and I just totally fell in love with it. It makes an AMAZING gift because you can share photos between frames. So if you have a frame and you gift one to a relative, you can share your photos from your frame to theirs. How cool is that?? You can also open the frame and set it all up with photos for the person you intend to gift this to, so they don't even have to do it themselves. I read a post about a girl who loaded all of her mom's baby photos and black and white pictures (that she had previously stored in her phone) onto the frame. It's especially good for people who don't use social media or who don't want to share their personal photos online. There's even a remote control and a motion sensor. You can mount it on the wall or leave it free standing, and you can even order prints or photo gifts right through the app. There are no memory sticks or memory cards, either! Fnd the Nixplay Photo Frame on Amazon or visit Prices start at $79.99 on the Nixplay site!

2. Funkoverse from Funko

You don't have to be a collector of Funko POP! (like I am - I sure do love those things!) to enjoy the new Funkoverse games from Funko. Recommended for ages 10 and up, the Funkoverse games come in different sizes and styles (they can contain 2 exclusive playable Funko POP! characters or 4; for 2 or 2-4 players). Game themes include many favorite characters:

-DC 4 pack and 2 pack (Batma, Batgirl, Joker and Harley Quinn, Robin and Catwoman)
-Harry Potter 4 pack and 2 pack (Harry, Voldemort, Hermione, Bellatrix, Draco and Ron)
-Golden Girls 2 pack (Rose and Blanche)
-Rick and Morty 2 pack (Rick and Morty)

Funkoverse is a strategy game. You can play it as a stand-alone game or mix your game with other Funkoverse characters. Each game includes two playable maps as well as exclusive Funkoverse Pop! Game figures. Stay tuned for my full review of the game, where I show you some video of how to play and what the boards/maps each look like. But if you have lovers of strategy games at home (especially games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pokemon) then they'll love this one! Plus, POP! collectors will also appreciate the exclusive characters.  Funkoverse prices start at $14.99 on Amazon

3. Squishmallows

Will I ever not recommend Kellytoy's Squishmallows as a gift? No, probably not. Everyone loves Squishmallows, and if they say they don't, they're lying! They just haven't experienced the joy of the squish yet. Try them as pillows, lap desks, night time buddies, anxiety relief- I don't care what age you are, there's a Squishmallows for you! They range in size from clip-on all the way up to 24". But be forewarned: it's very hard to purchase just one. Eventually you become a member of the Squishmallows Squad without even trying! You can read more about Squishmallows right here on the blog. Squishmallows prices on Amazon vary, but at your local retailer starting around $3.99 for clip-ons.

4. Personalized Crayola Crayon Boxes and Art Cases

You can't go wrong with a gift from Crayola, as far as I'm concerned, and no matter who you are buying for, Crayola's Customized Crayon Boxes are pretty darned cool. You can choose and personalize the box design (or choose an art case) as well as the colors you want to put inside it! From now through January 31, 2020, you can get 10% off $30 or more if you use promo code SNOWFLAKES. Find the sale through my affiliate link here. And nope, you can't get the personalized stuff on Amazon! So there. Customized items vary in price. Check their website for accurate pricing. 

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5. Rock Love Jewelry

If you have a Disney or Star Wars fan at home, you need to check out the amazing jewelry pieces from Rock Love. She doesn't only create Disney themed work, but her Disney items are my absolute favorite. They're not cheap, but remember they are all hand-crafted and unlike anything on the market out there! Even the boxes they come in are unique. Pieces sell out quickly (she has a pre-order going on now for The Child necklaces from The Mandalorian!). Prices vary, check website. 

photos from RockLove on Instagram

6. Customized Ghirardelli Chocolates

When I was a teacher, one of my awesome students gifted a box of Ghirardelli chocolates to me and my life hasn't been the same since! Their online store makes it really easy to pick your favorites- you can create a custom box or bag with your favorite flavors of squares or hearts. I highly recommend their dark chocolate squares with strawberry filling or their praline filled sweethearts. And from now till January 31, 2020, you can get 10% off an order of $50 or more. Use my affiliate link here and enter promo code JANUARY10. Prices vary, with gifts starting as low as $4.95.

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BONUS IDEA: Sugoi Mart - Japanese Goodies 

Mr. Jersey Momma took a business trip to Japan a few years ago, and ever since then I've been kind of obsessed with the fun candies he brought back and some of the food he tried (I especially love their funky flavors of Kit Kats!). Sugoi Mart sent me some Japanese goods to try out, including gummi candies and dark chocolate Kit Kats with origami packaging. These fun treats are  a new alternative for Valentine's Day, so definitely check them out:
You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Looking for more fun Valentine's Day ideas? Check out my tips for throwing an impromptu Valentine's Day party, or make your own Milk Jug Valentine's Day Card Holder Bear! You can even create your own Ladybug Lovebug Lollipops or OREO Penguins for Valentine's Day and they are super easy. Trust me!

And if these ideas don't inspire you enough, check out some more Amazon affiliate choices below:

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