DIY Valentine Milk Jug Card Carrier: Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Monday, February 12, 2024
One of my favorite holidays to celebrate as a teacher was Valentine's Day. I used to have my students make adorable teddy bear card holders so that they had a place to put their cards and an easy way to bring them home. Plus, this was a project they could easily do in school (or even at home) without much mess or hassle. They look adorable all lined up and can hold a large number of valentines and trinkets. Here's an easy tutorial on how to make them. And scroll below for free pdf printables of the bear and heart patterns!

Making a Valentine Bear Card Carrier

You Will Need:

-one clean, empty gallon milk jug
-11x14 construction paper for the bear
-8 1/2 x 11 sheet of construction paper for the heart
-stapler or tape
-crayons or markers for decorating

Step 1: Wash and dry an empty gallon container (from milk, water, etc.) You don't need the cap so don't worry about saving those. My students used to bring in their own containers so we had enough for the whole class.

Step 2: Draw a line in Sharpie around the top of the milk jug so it looks like the photo below. This is where you will cut so you can have an opening for valentine cards.

Step 3: Cut around your line (if doing this for a classroom, you can cut the tops for your students or draw the lines for them to cut their own. My students used to cut them in advance at home, but that's your decision!).

Step 4: Print 2 copies of my pdf bear pattern (scroll below for printable version). Line up the two halves to make one whole bear, then trace them side by side on an 11x14 piece of colored construction paper. If you are making these for a classroom, you can make one large pattern in advance for your students so they don't have to struggle to line up the bear halves. I used to have several large bear patterns made for them on heavy oaktag paper that they could share.

Trace and cut out your bear in one large piece.

Step 5: Print and cut out heart pattern (scroll below for free pdf printable). Trace your heart pattern onto your choice of construction paper and cut out.

Step 6: You can decorate the heart with your name now, add some designs, make it nice and big so everyone knows this is your carrier!  Add a cute face to the bear. You can use construction paper, markers or crayons.

Step 7: Attach the heart to the bear's hand (paw?).  You can use staples or tape (I don't recommend glue as it will come apart too easily). Be sure to attach the heart to the very edge of the paw so it can wrap around the whole milk jug. I used to do this for my students because it was a little tricky.

Staple one paw first, then wrap the bear around the jug and attach the other side. I prefer to keep the handle side towards the back, by the bear's head, but it really doesn't matter which way it faces.

Ta da! He's complete! If you go to pick up your milk jug and you find the bear slips right off the jug, just add a few pieces of tape to the back to keep him secure, or staple him a little tighter around the jug.

Now you just have to add some valentines!

And such an easy way to carry them home! You can just pick up the whole valentine carrier by the handle.

Click here for a free pdf printable bear pattern to make your own Valentine Card Carrier!

Click here for a free pdf printable heart pattern to make your own Valentine Card Carrier!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. This is such a fun idea! We are having a party. I think I will make this with my daughter.

    1. Awesome! I hope it turns out cute! Thanks for visiting, Deanna!

  2. I am going to share this with a group of friends that I'm having a Valentine's party with. This would be great for our little ones to collect their love notes in.

    1. Aw, that's great, Stephanie!! I hope they all enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This is adorable! I love the milk jug because you don't have kids trying to cram valentines into a tiny little mailbox slot!

    1. Exactly, Krystal! And so many valentines come with trinkets or pencils these days, too. Thanks for visiting!

  4. What a super cute idea! And so much easier to hold and less chance of cards following out!

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