Tooth Fairy Financial: New Ideas for Tooth Fairy Fun!

Monday, September 9, 2019
I love sharing fun finds with my readers, especially when they happen to be from New Jersey-based businesses. Tooth Fairy Financial is one of the cutest ideas I have seen yet! You know how it is, right? The Tooth Fairy is busy. And sometimes she's tired. And let's be honest, sometimes she completely forgets to visit at all, right? 😉 Well, Tooth Fairy Financial might just provide you with the Tooth Fairy assistance you've been dreaming of. Read on and you'll see!

Disclosure: I was gifted a free Tooth Fairy Financial Kit in order to bring you my review, but this in no way influenced my opinion. I totally love it!!

What is Tooth Fairy Financial?

Tooth Fairy Financial helps to make the Tooth Fairy's job easy, educational and fun. It's as simple as that! It was created by a New Jersey woman with a big imagination, and she sells her Tooth Fairy Financial kits on Etsy. Here's a little blurb right from Tooth Fairy Financial's Etsy shop so you can see what they're all about:

"Each Tooth Fairy Financial kit contains a world map and 20 foreign coins that are individually packaged. Each kit contains different coins, based on what is pulled out of the 'treasure chest' the day it is created, but 20 different countries will be represented...Let the Tooth Fairy give your kids the gift of a geography and world culture lesson, and spark an interest in coin collecting! These kits also make fun birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, and Easter egg fillers."

What Does a Tooth Fairy Financial Kit Contain?

Each Tooth Fairy Financial Kit comes with a beautiful, high quality Rand McNally Wall Map and a collection of  20 foreign coins (individually packaged and labeled). You can mount the map on a corkboard or just leave it folded up (use some cute stickers for each Tooth Fairy visit).

Do you already have a map at home and just want to buy the Tooth Fairy travel coins? You can do that, too! Tooth Fairy Financial sells just a kit of coins and you can find that here.

How Does This Make the Tooth Fairy's Job Easier?

Think about it. The Tooth Fairy no longer has to have dollar bills, special coins or gifts ready. She no longer has to scramble to find something to put in that tooth fairy pillow at the last minute. She no longer has to leave a twenty dollar bill for ONE TOOTH because that's all she has on hand!

Not only that, but because the kit comes with so many different coins, the Tooth Fairy's job is made in the shade. The next tooth that pops out? She's READY! She just has to grab a coin (from any country) and the receiver can add it to his/her collection and chart it on the map! How fun is that?

Room for a Personal Touch

I also love the Tooth Fairy Financial kit because it leaves room for the Tooth Fairy to add her personal touch. For example, check out this little note she could leave with her foreign coin:

Where Can I Find Tooth Fairy Financial?

Visit their Etsy shop to purchase your kit or extra coins, or follow them on social media!

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