Hot New Holiday Toys from TTPM Holiday Showcase

Monday, September 16, 2019
Last week I had the great pleasure of visiting TTPM’s Holiday Showcase in New York City. I was able to see tons of hot new toys for the holiday season. Here are some of my favorite picks from the show! Get those holiday shopping lists ready!

Disclosure: truthfully, I don't always love all of the toys that I see at the shows I attend. As a parent and former teacher, I sometimes look at the toys and think, what is the point of that? or, that's not made very well, or even, that's an accident waiting to happen. So whenever I make a favorite toy list to share with you, rest assured that they really are my favorite picks from the show. I would not recommend something to you if I thought it was stupid, easily breakable, cheap, or pointless. These picks are truly some of the best that I have seen! I wouldn't steer you wrong. This post contains some Amazon affiliate links. You can read more about affiliate links on my Disclosure page.


I think my top pick from the show this year was the Blinger Deluxe Set and Color Refill Set. I have been wanting to try the Blinger at several shows that I’ve visited, but every time I attend, there is a really long line to try out Blinger! This year I finally got a chance to try out Blinger, and I absolutely loved it. Not only that, I wore the Blinger bling (in my hair) to my son's Open House at school that night. I can’t tell you how many parents stopped me to ask me what was in my hair. They all seemed intrigued and many of them told me that their daughters would love it. The hair bling lasted well into the evening and did not fall out. You can also put bling on pretty much anything- it doesn’t have to be just hair. Bling out your shoes, your bags, your notebooks!  I think it would make a great gift for birthdays or holidays (or even an adult who enjoys going out on the town and making a statement)!

TicTacToy XOXO Friends

I’ll be honest. I don’t know who TicTacToy family is. I know they are You Tubers and that they have a big following.  But what I can tell you is that these XOXO Friends toys are super cute! There are blind boxes and plush collectibles, with some sets that are exclusive to different stores. Even if you don’t follow them on YouTube you have to admit that the toys are super cute!


Spinmaster certainly knows how to make a statement with their toys. Hatchimals have been a huge hit for years, and Spinmaster never fails to disappoint with their creativity. Owleez are certainly no exception. Due in stores this October, Owleez are similar to Hatchimals in that you must bring them to life and teach them. The interactive little owl comes with its own nest and a little set of berries for food. But you need to teach it to fly! And trust me, it really does fly. It has a little propeller in there and can actually fly off from the nest. Take a look!

Foodie Roos

Foodie Roos were one of my favorite things at the TTPM show. They are little plush toys that are scented and actually feel like their food when you squish them! So if you open the little guy that looks like strawberries, when you squeeze him in your hand, he smells and feels like he is stuffed with strawberries! The lemonade one jiggles like lemonade! They come in little food containers that open up into a mini playsets. They are not completely blind boxes, but do have an element of surprise since you can get one of three characters in each container (they are listed on the box - two different styles for each, or a mystery/rare character). You can find them at your local Claire's and other retail stores nationwide.

Not to be missed is the Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa. It's back!! This was a huge hit in the past but was discontinued. It's back and better than ever. What kid wouldn’t want to stick their feet in there for a massage and beaded foot bath? I wanted to stick my foot in there myself, but I didn’t think that was very sanitary to do at a show. Oh well! Orbeez Ultimate Soothing Spa is coming soon.

CraZArt Nickelodeon Slime

Newsflash, I am not a huge fan of slime.😬 I know, I know, everyone loves it and it's so popular with kids. It usually grosses me out! But the truth is, I was not grossed out at all by CraZArt Nickelodeon Slime Kits. From their blueberry pie slime to their cupcake slime, I loved the scent and the feel of them. Not wet or sticky at all and they kind of look like food. I know some naysayers out there might not like the food similarity, but older kids will know not to eat it. At least, we hope!

Ms. Monopoly

Monopoly is a classic game that never seems to go out of style. Hasbro has created many different versions of the game over the years but nothing usually compares to the original, in my opinion. But now Ms. Monopoly has entered the scene and I am ready to change my mind! Ms. Monopoly is the "first game where women make more than men," according to the tag line. I love the community chest cards and all of the little icons you can choose as players. It would be fun for Girls Night or a sleepover, too. I'm also well aware that this game has ruffled some feathers. Some feel it's sexist to create a game like this at all. To that I's just a board game. Go with it.


I am a proud 80's gamer girl, so Arcade1Up has always been a favorite of mine. They are known for making mini arcade-style games for your home (with classic titles like PacMan, DigDug and Space Invaders, just to name a few). And now they have table top versions which are equally as cool. Wouldn’t you love to have one of these in your house? They don’t take up too much room and they play just like an original arcade game. I can totally attest to this because I tried them all.  🤣 You can find them at retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Target this season. The tabletop versions retail for around $199, while the stand alone arcade versions are roughly $299.

Klutz Books and DIY Craft Kits

When I visited the Klutz booth at TTPM, they asked me, 'are you familiar with klutz?' And I answered, 'of course! Klutz is the best!' I have loved Klutz products for years now. Their DIY books for kids are adorable, and adults can use them with just as much fun. This Mini Grocery Store one was my favorite. The step-by-step instructions in the book were super easy and it included all of the materials you would need to make these cute little foodies. Great for winter or a rainy day also makes a nice birthday gift, right? This set is coming soon, but you can purchase the Mini Bake Shop currently for sale on Amazon.

LEGO Gingerbread House & Friends Central Perk Set

LEGO doesn’t need any promotion from me, but I have to tell you about these cool sets. Their upcoming holiday gingerbread house is one to save your bucks for! I definitely want to get this one for the holidays. Even if you're an adult, it would make a great table top decoration or something to put out every Christmas. You can’t beat the detail and the cuteness of it all! Available to LEGO VIP members beginning September 18th, and for sale everywhere starting October 1st.

And how about the LEGO Friends Central Perk set?  If you are a fan of the show, this is a must have! There is even a little Gunther figurine from Central Perk. This set was so popular that it immediately sold out on, but I am told that they are going to be restocking soon.

Hairdorables Shortcuts and Dudeables

I have talked about Hairdorables before, I know, but this year they have DUDEables and Hairdorables Shortcuts (coming soon). Both offer blind box/surprise packaging, with the same Hairdorables cute faces. The Hairdorables Shortcuts are supposed to be the 'little sisters' of the Hairdorables dolls, and are slightly smaller than the original.

Cry Babies Kristal Gets Sick and Feels Better Doll

Cry Babies Kristal Gets Sick and Feels Better is a unique doll because she actually cries. I'll admit, it's a little unnerving to see tears actually coming from her eyes! When you remove the pacifier, Kristal will start crying real tears and makes realistic baby noises. If she starts to cough, she has a cold. Use the thermometer to check if she has a fever. Kids can use a wet washcloth to maker her feel better, or give her pretend medicine. Poor Kristal!

Dino Smashers 

These Dino Smashers from Zuru were loads of fun, especially if you're a dinosaur lover! The EPIC DINO EGG (coming soon) contains over 25 surprises ranging from slime to ??? (I can't give it away now, can I?). The mini Dino Smashers are sold in multi-packs, too, and kids can have fun smashing them to reveal prizes inside. There's even a Dino Smashers Smash Rex Playset (coming soon)!

Little Live Pets Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set

I first saw the Little Live Pets Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set at Toy Fair New York. It's adorable and very interactive, offering different modes and glowing horn to tell you how he is feeling. You can play doctor and help heal this little cutie, using all of the special accessories included.

Lucky Fortune Bracelets - BFF Set and Collector Case

Who doesn't love a good fortune cookie? Well, you can't eat these but you can crack them open to reveal a little bracelet with your own special fortune! I love the Lucky Fortune BFF set, which offers two cookies (one for you and one for a pal).You ca also get the new Lucky Fortune Collector's Case (coming soon) so you'll always have a place to store your awesome Lucky Fortune bracelets ('cause ya can't have just ONE, you know!).

New Hex Bugs

Hex Bugs have always been super fun to play with, and I loved the new colors and styles coming soon which include small colorful beetles, micro ants and scorpions. I also liked that they were a little larger in size, so they wouldn't get lost under my refrigerator!

Be sure to check out my other fun TTPM finds through the Amazon affiliate links below.

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