Branchburg Sports Complex: Laser Tag, Arcade, Parties, and So Much More! Let's Visit!

Friday, January 4, 2019
Have you ever played laser tag at Branchburg Sports Complex? How about soccer or flag football? If you have, then you know what a fun place it is. It's no secret that Branchburg Sports Complex is one of my favorite local businesses. If you're looking for a review or wondering what's inside, I'm here to tell you all about why I love Branchburg Sports Complex and what you can do there. It's so much more than just 'sports!'

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What is Branchburg Sports Complex?

First, let me just preface this by saying you do not have to love sports to enjoy Branchburg Sports Complex. I am by no means a sports fanatic, and I really only run when chased. But I love fun and excitement and a place to gather with friends. BSC is all of these things and fun for people who love sports. Get what I'm saying? Here is an official blurb from the Branchburg Sports Complex website, explaining who and what they are:

"Branchburg Sports Complex strives to be the ultimate sports and family entertainment center in New Jersey. Our goal is to provide quality sports instruction, exciting family-friendly activities, memorable parties, corporate outings and special events, in a clean, safe environment. We are focused on supporting the local community and providing a unique recreation experience for people of all ages.

Branchburg Sports Complex is New Jersey’s premiere sports and family entertainment center! Featuring 78,000 square feet of action packed sports and activities and four indoor turf fields, BSC is one of the area’s largest and most exciting indoor recreation destinations!

With sports leagues and camps, four batting cages, a 3,100 square foot Training Center, a multi-level PlayMaze, arcade with redemption center and a 9,000 square foot interactive fantasy-themed laser tag arena, BSC provides fun and excitement for the whole family!"

Where is Branchburg Sports Complex Located?

Branchburg Sports Complex is located inside a giant warehouse on Readington Road in Branchburg, New Jersey. If you're unfamiliar with the area, it's a little less than ten minutes from Bridgewater Commons Mall. It's easily accessible from Rt. 22, Rt. 78 and Rt. 287.

Fun fact: this warehouse was a perfect choice for a sports complex because there are no columns running through the center of it, allowing for big, open fields indoors. How cool is that?

What Can I Do at Branchburg Sports Complex?

Oh my goodness, where do I start? Seriously, there's so much to do, and many local families will tell you that Branchburg Sports Complex is a lifesaver around here because there's always something going on to entertain pretty much any age group (including adults!). Read below for more!

Laser Tag

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen photos of me at the BSC Laser Tag arena often. That's because it's a favorite choice among kids for birthday parties. The laser tag arena is state of the art and you can read more about it here.

Branchburg Sports Complex's laser tag is a 9000 square foot, four-level interactive laser tag arena, with giant robots and glowing plants throughout. There are slopes up and down and corners to hide and tag from. Experts show you a training video and offer support throughout your game, so you never have to worry about going in unprepared.

Fun Fact: There are two GIANT robots in the laser tag arena. If you tag their target with your laser, they'll emit steam!

Fun fact: two teams typically play Laser Tag together, so the vests are usually set to red and blue. But the laser tag vests actually light up in a variety of different colors! 

Are you nervous about letting your child play laser tag? Don't be! There's also an observation deck inside the arena where onlookers can watch the action below. You can even tag some of the participants if you choose- there are phasers available on the observation deck for the onlookers! When my son was younger and nervous about venturing off into the dark, it always helped him to know that he could look up and see me watching from above.

BSC’s laser tag arena is available for drop-in play, birthday parties, private parties/rentals, corporate events and team buildings. Their laser tag center is able to accommodate up to 80 players per mission. 80!! Wowee!!


When the PlayMaze was first built, I was so grateful. Seriously, there are not many places for kids as young as 3 to play safely indoors. The BSC PlayMaze is a custom designed play unit for children ages 3–12. The PlayMaze is multi-level, with 82 different elements including slides, tunnels and bridges. Kids can find their way to the top and slide down a super spiral slide, or crawl their way through the 'Alligator Squeeze.' The BSC PlayMaze is also equipped with a parent viewing section which allows parents to keep a watchful eye while kids play. The PlayMaze is available for drop-in times (call ahead or check their website for maze hours and availability). You can also have a PlayMaze birthday party or group outing!

Can I also just say, from one parent to another, that this play maze is clean. I have been to some play mazes where you notice a band-aid stuck inside the tube, or clumps of dust gathered under its corners. This is not the case at BSC and they really seem to pride themselves on cleanliness.

Fun Fact: the PlayMaze is inspected by the same people who inspect amusement park rides. There is a safety inspection notice posted right at the PlayMaze entrance. 


The Branchburg Sports Complex arcade is one of my favorite places. It's also a favorite for birthday parties, since most parties usually have arcade time afterwards (i.e., attend a laser tag party and you usually get some arcade play time afterwards!). They are always adding new games and swapping old ones out, so you never get bored. BSC games used to give out paper tickets to exchange for prizes, but they recently switched over to a digital system, so you no longer have to worry about gathering all of those paper tickets or feeding them into those ticket machines that always got jammed! You can read more about the arcade and what games they have available here.

BSC's prize redemption center is constantly changing and they offer new prizes all the time. They have a good selection of fun items!

Fun Fact: the old paper ticket system used to cause a lot of problems. The ticket machine would actually shred those tickets when you fed them into it, which often jammed and created a fine dust that would build up. Branchburg Sports Complex went through thousands of paper tickets a year, so the new electronic system is a change for the better!

TOD Squad

Bravo to Branchburg Sports Complex for creating TOD Squad!! TOD Squad is a special program for toddlers ages 1-4. Children get to play, climb, bounce, and explore, all in a safe, fun environment.  Activities include special toddler bounce houses, soft play equipment, PlayMaze, sports balls, toddler toys and more. Parents are asked to stay and play with their child (but really you're just observing while your little one plays!). Toddlers who are too young and cannot walk yet are also welcome to play on the floor with their parent’s supervision.

BSC holds special holiday events and parties for the Tod Squad, too. They offer Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day parties, just to name a few. All special events feature fun holiday activities, special giveaways, prizes, and raffles in addition to all of the regular Tod Squad fun. You can read more about TOD Squad here.

Sports Classes and More

It would be impossible to list all of the classes offered at BSC here on my blog, so head on over to their website and click on their SPORTS tab. You will see all of the courses they offer, along with rates and schedules. Just to give you an idea, here are just some of the classes they offer:

-Lil' Athletes (18mos-7 years) baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, multi-sports
-Baseball and Softball

My kiddo attended the Lil' Kickers Soccer program for many years. It was one of his favorite activities and I loved the fact that he could run around, get his exercise, make new friends, and have fun with great instructors, no matter what the season was. Lil' Kickers will always be one of my fondest memories about my son's younger days and I highly recommend the program to any parent I meet.

Fun Fact: BSC's Flag Football is officially licensed with the NFL and includes official reversible NFL jersey, official NFL belt and flags, as well as games with trained referees.

Fun Fact: Branchburg Sports Complex has high quality, pro-turf fields indoors. The turf is microbial resistant and a service even comes to turn over the turf and clean it, so rest assured you're not playing in a dirty field. And there's no goose poop! 


BSC’s Training Center is a 3100 square foot, state of the art sports room. They have a pristine court area for Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis and an indoor turf space for Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Field Hockey and even Golf.

Their Training Center is a year round option for small groups and individual practices. They also offer in-house training, batting cages and more.

Fun Fact: Branchburg Sports Complex has windows covered in louvre blinds high above their indoor turf fields. This enables them to be opened and let in fresh air for circulation. No icky, sweaty smell here!

Birthday Parties

I can't tell you how many birthday parties I have been to over the years at Branchburg Sports Complex. One summer alone I think we were there at least ten times! That's because they truly offer some awesome party choices, from arcade parties to laser tag. They are affordable, fun, and no-hassle for parents. If you're interested in having a party at BSC, click here for more info, including pricing and printable brochures. That's us gearing up for a laser tag birthday party below. The Jersey Momma's Boy is in orange! Can you spot him?

Special Events, Camps and More

Branchburg Sports Complex isn't just for kids. They offer team building events, corporate outings, special events, field trips, fundraisers, and more. Look for the Parties and Events tab on their website for more info.

There are summer day camps for kids at BSC, as well as "school's out" camps, for days when your child might have off of school but you certainly don't have off of work! BSC offers Parents Nights Out, too, in case you're looking to plan a date night or have an appointment to attend. There are also sports camps and clinics, and Leader in Training courses for older kids.


When they first opened back in 2010, Branchburg Sports Complex had a very small concession area, which was mostly self-serve. This has evolved over the years and now they offer a variety of foods, including hot dogs, chicken fingers, snacks, drinks, coffee, tea, and more. Television screens are positioned in the seating areas so parents can enjoy watching sports games themselves when they want to!

Commitment to Safety

Branchburg Sports Complex is equipped with three AED emergency machines throughout the building. All full-time staff are first-aid trained and epi-pen trained, too. They have 24-7 camera surveillance and comply with all proper inspections. They maintain a peanut free/nut free facility and work hard to keep their environment safe for kids with allergies. And like I mentioned before, they are committed to cleanliness, as you will notice when you walk around the complex.

A Personal Note from The Jersey Momma

I was fortunate enough to get a personal tour of Branchburg Sports Complex from the owner, Mark, and Lisa, their Marketing Manager. I was impressed by their dedication and commitment to the whole establishment. Mark is a father himself and understands the concerns and needs of other parents. He worked extremely hard (and still does) to build a sports complex that is safe, entertaining, educational, and literally a 'family hub.' After meeting him, I can tell that he has a real love for his community and takes pride in being an important part of the township. Branchburg Sports Complex has an excellent reputation, in my opinion, and this is part of the reason why.

I also appreciated the BSC's love and support of their local community. They maintain partnerships with other local businesses and really support one another. You'll notice partnership banners and local advertisements throughout the complex. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with Mark and Lisa, to hear about the history of Branchburg Sports Complex, and to tour behind the scenes in order to bring you this post. I can honestly tell you that Branchburg Sports Complex gets the Jersey Momma Seal of Approval! I can't say enough good things about it.

Find out more about Branchburg Sports Complex! Visit their website and follow them on social media. I also highly suggest signing up for their emails so you know when all of the coolest events are happening.

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  1. We love BSC. Moved here from Tucson, AZ 2 years ago and love how big and amazing an indoor space like this is for kiddos! Wish they had one for the hot summers back there.

  2. We’ve held a laser tag party, and attended many birthday parties there. The kids always have a great time. I also like that you can go to the morning play maze hours, and then come back later for the afternoon hours. It’s great for younger kids with a lot of energy to burn but who need a little midday break.

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