10 Epic New Jersey Bakeries You Need to Visit

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Epic is a word that seems to get people's attention these days. Bakery is a word that gets mine. So I thought I'd put the two together to bring you a post about some of the best, most epic bakeries in New Jersey. Now, I know this is New Jersey, so that means we have a ton of amazing bakeries out there. This is just a small sampling of what our state has to offer. If you want to tell me about your favorite in the comments, please do!!

1.  The Pirate Cupcake - Milford, NJ

Okay, so I might be biased on this one, since the genius behind The Pirate Cupcake just so happens to be my sister. But, man, I have tried so many cupcakes in my lifetime, and hers still 'take the cake' as far as I'm concerned. Another great thing about her business is that it's NUT FREE. Yep, the pirate herself has a severe nut allergy so you can rest assured that you won't find nuts in any of her treats. And, to add to the utter coolness of all of this, The Pirate Cupcake owns a Pirate Cupcake TRUCK (affectionately known as 'Clyde') that can be hired for events or parties. You can also find Clyde at many food truck festivals throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Chocolate deliciousness from The Pirate Cupcake
"Clyde,' The Pirate Cupcake truck, with Jersey Momma's Boy on board!

What's Epic About The Pirate Cupcake:  Nut-free and makes amazing cupcakes and other fantastic treats. Be sure to try her handmade fruit popsicles and ice cream cookie sandwiches, too! The coolest truck ever, truly one of a kind.

2. Sweet Melissa Patisserie - Annandale, NJ

Sweet Melissa just won NJ.com's choice for the state's best bakery. If you've never been there, swing by and try them for breakfast. Order the cinnabun pancakes and I promise you won't be disappointed!

What's Epic About Sweet Melissa Patisserie:  When you're in need of a beautiful french pastry or macaron, definitely hit up Sweet Melissa's! Their baked goods are divine, but their breakfast and lunch menu is also incredible.

3.  The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe - Chester, NJ

I've been visiting the town of Chester since I was a little kid. There are so many fun things to do there and cute places to eat. One of my favorite additions to the town is The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe, located right on Main Street in Chester.  I was so excited when they were featured on Cupcake Wars (and won!). They were one of the very first bakeries I took The Jersey Momma's Boy to when he was a toddler. I still remember the mint chocolate chip cupcake he chose. He carried it home himself in his own little bag. You'll find a friendly staff and a great selection of flavors here. I also love that they are right next to a little parking lot, so it's an easy in and out if you want to just run in and grab some quick treats.

photo from the Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe: https://www.facebook.com/TheSweetSpotBakeShoppe/

What's Epic About The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe: Don't miss the Cupcake Wars winning flavored cupcake, or my personal favorite, the Neopolitan.

4.  Cocoluxe Fine Pastries - Peapack, NJ

Cocoluxe is a quaint little shop right on Main Street in Peapack (have you noticed a Main Street trend going on here for bakeries?). They carry a unique selection of fine fruit pastries, french pastries and more.

Chocolate Mice from Cocoluxe Pastries in Peapack

What's Epic About Cocoluxe: The chocolate mice! Need I say more? I also like their walnut brownies, which are round and baked in a little paper wrapper like a cupcake.

5.  The Gingered Peach - Lawrenceville, NJ

Let me just say that The Gingered Peach is one of the cutest little bakeries you ever did see. That aside, they also have some of the most delicious baked goodies around. My friends rave about their goat cheese brownie (who knew, right?), but I also hear their infamous caramel crack is hard to resist.  You can visit them on Gordon Avenue in Lawrenceville.

Photo from www.TheGingeredPeach.com

What's Epic About The Gingered Peach:  There are some awesomely unique items on their menu, and I reckon you should give them all a try. But don't miss their croissants and scones, either!

6.  The Flaky Tart - Atlantic Highlands, NJ

The Flaky Tart comes highly recommended by one of my very favorite cookie bakers, Sweet Dani B. Located on First Avenue in the cute little Victorian town of Atlantic Highlands, they are widely known for their pastries and other delicious goodies. Everyone needs baked goods when they're at the shore, so if you're in the area, pay them a visit! What you might especially love is how beautiful their desserts are. I mean, almost too pretty to eat!  Almost, I said.  ;)

S'mores tart from https://www.facebook.com/flakytart/timeline

What's Epic About The Flaky Tart:  The beauty of their cakes and pastries can't be beat! Check out their unique tarts and cakes- especially that s'mores tart.

7.  Calandra's - Fairfield, NJ

If you're from New Jersey, chances are you've already heard of Calandra's. They are known far and wide for their incredible breads (which are best eaten warm, in my opinion). I also love them for their Italian cookies, tri-color pastries and their mountainous cupcakes. You know the ones I mean! They have several locations around the state, including Fairfield, Newark and Caldwell.

Photo from Calandra's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/calandrarestaurant/timeline

What's Epic About Calandra's: Their bread is the stuff of legends. It's made fresh on the hour, and most of the time, if you buy a loaf of bread here (any kind) it won't make it home without you pulling a chunk out of it while you're driving!

8. Palazzone 1960 - Wayne, NJ

You will never believe this, but Mr. Jersey Momma actually introduced me to this amazing place called Palazzone 1960 (I know, right?) in Wayne. He often occasionally (hint, hint, Mr. J.M!) brings home these incredible pastries called lobster tails. I am not usually a fan of flaky pastries, but these are like nothing I've tried before. Is it the pastry? Is it the cream inside? I don't know, but they make an impressive statement when you bring them to a party or event, I assure you! You can find them on Rt. 23 in Wayne, so get out there, people.

Photo from Palazzone 1960: https://www.facebook.com/Palazzone1960/timeline

What's Epic About Palazzone 1960:  Well, clearly I'm a fan of their incredible pastries, but they also have an extensive Italian coffee menu and a restaurant serving delicious paninis and more.

9. Grateful Bites - Flemington, NJ

Ah, Grateful Bites. Now this place is something special. Located on Rt. 12 in Flemington, Grateful Bites is operated by a non-profit called Ability-2-Work, which provides job sampling, training and employment to the differently-abled. It's not often I can say that my dessert addiction supports a good cause, but here you go!

Photo from Grateful Bites https://www.facebook.com/GratefulBites/timeline

What's Epic About Grateful Bites: Their entire mission is epic, no? Be sure to try any one of their signature cakes. The designs on their special order cakes are outstanding. You can scroll through their Facebook page to see some amazing samples of their work.

10. Sweet Avenue Bakeshop - Rutherford, NJ

Sweet Avenue Bakeshop is located on Park Avenue in Rutherford. It's a tiny little shop, but the beauty is in their cupcakes! Sweet Avenue is entirely vegan. Yes, 100% vegan- as in no dairy, no eggs! And I swear to you on my Jersey Momma life that you would never know they are vegan when you taste them. Unique flavors and adorable to look at, they are hands-down the best vegan treats I have ever tried.

Photo from Sweet Avenue Bakeshop: https://www.facebook.com/sweetave

What's Epic About Sweet Avenue Bakeshop: Vegan, dairy-free, egg-free (and they even offer up some gluten-free and soy-free items, too), they still taste amazing. My favorite flavor is the Jet Black. I don't know what the sprinkles are made of, but I love them.

Not to Be Forgotten

This is Jersey, folks, so I couldn't possibly mention every fabulous bakery in our state or I'd be here all day. I know there are even more amazing bakeries out there that I didn't list here, so here's a few more that I didn't get a chance to mention in detail.

Christie's Bakeshop - Clinton, NJ: Try their s'mores bar or their Yo-ho bars, and listen to some awesome 80's tunes while you eat! Spot, The Jersey Doggy, is a HUGE fan of their homemade dog biscuits.

Packanack Bakery - Wayne, NJ:  It's tough to find a better crumb cake than Packanack Bakery's in Wayne! Guests have been visiting this establishment for generations. It's a Jersey classic!

Sorrento's - East Hanover, NJ:  I've been told they have a chocolate mousse ganache cake that is heavenly, as well as their cheese danishes. They also double as a delicious deli.  

Hacklebarney Farm Cider Mill & Bakery - Chester, NJ: Open seasonally (Labor Day through December), this bakery is housed inside a cider mill. Cider donuts, apple pies and other Fall treats fill this little room with a heavenly scent. It was the first car trip I took with my beloved dog, Milo, and one of our favorite stops with The Jersey Momma's Boy. Be forewarned! During the busy Fall season, the line to get these amazing donuts might actually extend out of the building!

Cider donuts galore at Hacklebarney Cider Mill in Chester. The Jersey Momma with her Boy and his Grammy!

Do you have a favorite New Jersey bakery? Give them a shout-out in the comments section below!


  1. So glad you listed Gingered Peach. Besides having amazing baked goods and excellent, the spirit and friendliness of the place makes it irresistible.

    1. I agree! I talked to a lot of people before I wrote this post and many of them said the same thing about The Gingered Peach. I think that's part of what makes these bakeries so "epic." Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Confections of a RockStar in Asbury Park. Kimmie's baking is out of this world, but she brings her two loves together, the bakery has a musical theme, and her wall is signed by all the celebrities that have walked through her door! A must-visit if cruising the Jersey Shore!

  2. Scone Pony in Spring Lake puts all others to shame. I have been to the bakeries listed as EPIC I rate eateries and such on Trip Advisor, hands down Scone Pony is the best of the best ! You need to expand your palate past North and some Central Jersey .

    1. I had three southern New Jersey bakeries in this post but one closed. So now there are two (Lawrenceville IS south, in my opinion- the age old NJ battle). That being said, you're right, I would love to do an entire southern NJ bakery road trip! That would be fun. I'd definitely hit up Scone Pony, so thanks for the suggestion.

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