Pixar Putt: A Pop-Up Open Air Mini Golf Experience in New York City

Monday, August 9, 2021
We were invited to check out the brand new open air mini golf pop-up experience Pixar Putt at Battery Park Pier in New York City and I’ve got the scoop for you! Don’t go until you read all of my tips and advice for visiting. You've got a friend in me and I'll tell you if this unique event is worth the trip (see what I did there?).

Disclosure: I was invited to visit Pixar Putt and I was provided with tickets to attend. But what do I always say, people? I would never tell you to visit a venue that I didn't totally love myself. 

What is Pixar Putt?

Pixar Putt is the ultimate pop-up, open-air mini-golf experience made up of 18 fun holes inspired by the stories, characters, and icons from some of Pixar's most beloved films (including Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Coco, A Bug's Life, Wall-E, and Inside Out, just to name a few). My favorite holes were Luca ("Silencio, Bruno!" and Up)!

This outdoor experience is happening now through October 31, 2021 at Battery Park Pier A in New York City. What is a pop-up experience? Well, that means it’s a traveling event that just 'popped up' for a temporary stay, and won’t be here forever. As soon as it’s finished visiting New York City, Pixar Putt will most likely pack up and move somewhere else, so come and visit while you can! 

What Can I Do and See at Pixar Putt?

Pixar Putt consists of 18 miniature golf holes, each one based around a different Pixar movie. Almost every one of our favorite Pixar movies was represented here! The fun, colorful displays also featured music piped in from the films. It was so cute to pick out our favorites and find the holes of the movies we loved best. Some of the holes are interactive- meaning parts move or lights flash- but not many. Mostly it was just fun seeing the props from our favorite movies being represented in miniature golf form. There are great photo opps here (so many Instagram-worthy shots!).

How Do I Get Tickets to Pixar Putt?

Tickets for Pixar Putt are only available digitally, by reservation. In order to keep everyone socially distant and maintain proper safety protocols, reservations must be made online for a time slot. You can reserve your tickets at www.pixarputt.com

Pixar Putt After Dark (Ages 18+)

If you are a Pixar fan and you don’t feel like dealing with families and kids (or maybe you're looking for a girls' night out or date night) rest assured there is a special time slot reserved just for you! Pixar Putt After Dark is available for ages 18 and up, Fridays from 7pm-10pm. They don’t sell alcoholic beverages here, but there are local venues that do, so you can enjoy an evening of miniature golf and then head out to your favorite restaurant or bar on the pier. Check the Pixar Putt website for ticket  availability.

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-It took our family of three about an hour and a half to two hours to get through the entire 18 hole miniature golf course, so make sure you allot enough time to finish all of the holes. You do not have to do all 18 holes in order, and attendants will help disperse you to other holes if it gets bottled up.

-Pixar Putt is super cool for Pixar and Disney fans! There are plenty of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities and fun props for kids who enjoy the films. We did wish some of the props were a little more interactive (it would've been awesome if lights blinked or props moved when you got a ball in a hole) but they still were fun to see. Some holes did have moving parts or buttons/pedals to push. 

-Although this is 18 holes, it is condensed into one area and not a very large venue (so you don't have to do much walking). You do have to be able to step up and onto the displays (which isn't difficult, but needs to be mentioned in case this is a challenge for some).

-If you are coming here from a distance such as New Jersey like we did, I recommend making a day of this and planning to visit other locations in the city. If you come here just for Pixar Putt you’re going to need other things to do afterwards, trust me. 

-Because this is a pop-up event and it's Pixar, the tickets are a bit pricey. But for super fans and Pixar/Disney lovers, this is something you'll want to experience. You'll also save money by purchasing a family pack of tickets, which covers 2 adults and 2 children.

-Weekday tickets are less expensive. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are going to be a bit pricier. Weekends book up quicker than the weekday slots, so be sure to plan in advance.

-There were hand sanitizer stations posted throughout Pixar Putt. Golf clubs and balls were also sanitized after use to make sure everything was clean!

-Although there were a decent amount of people there when we visited on a Sunday morning, we did not feel unsafe or that people were too close to one another. It was nice to be at an outdoor event for once!

-Battery Park is a beautiful place to visit! Be sure to take a walk along the pier or plan a boat trip out to Ellis Island. There were restaurants along the water but most of them did not open till 5 pm. There were some food vendor carts scattered here and there and plenty of beautiful paths, flowers, trees (shade!), and all kinds of beautiful statues to explore. We were amazed by how many butterflies were flying over our heads while we were playing Pixar Putt! Even more than my own backyard in New Jersey!

-We opted to drive into the city and parked in a nearby parking garage. Check the PixarPutt website for recommended directions and ways to get to them within the city.

-Pixar Putt is recommended for ages 3 and up, but in all honesty, it was a challenging course! We opted to not really keep score because some of the holes were tough (they provide you with a score card and pencil). That definitely made it a lot more fun, instead of competitive for us (but to each their own!). There are times where you have to wait for the person in front of you to finish the hole (like any miniature golf course) so if your child is impatient, this might not be the right venue for them.

-If the heat bothers you, know that there are big umbrellas set up throughout Pixar Putt to provide some shade for the visitors. But visiting later in the evening or early morning will be better on a hot day if the sun is too much for you.

-There was no Pixar Putt merchandise for sale when we visited. I don't know if this will change as the days go by, but it would've been nice to buy an exclusive Pixar Putt NYC t-shirt or something.

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August 1st-October 31st, 2021


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